Monday March 24, 2008


Dear universe,

okay, okay, you've made your point, you can make it snow whenever the hell you want.

But as I was walking home today, did you really need to drop the 5-minute-weather change on me?

Let's review what happened.

Me: *walking home from grocery shopping, lalalala*
Snowflake: *floats down slowly*
Me: ...?
Other snowflake: *floats down slowly*
Me: Umm...
Truckload of snowflakes: *descend en masse*
Me: OI!

That? That was just malicious.

Especially considering that it stopped the moment I walked in the door. :|

Sunday March 23, 2008

And a followup

Dear universe: it's "White Christmas", not "White Easter". Not that it isn't pretty, and I certainly appreciate the view from outside my window, but... hello? Spring? Ring any bells?

Saturday March 22, 2008

What the...

We interrupt the silence on this weblog to bring you a weather update.

It's supposedly the first day of spring.

The weather is currently alternating clear, sunny skies and heavy snow.

What the hell, universe?