Friday September 21, 2007

Daily quests and you

So I recently got my Netherdrake (./cheer). This makes me exalted with three out of three factions with which players acquire rep through daily quests, and leaves me free to choose which dailies to do to maximize my income per day.

As this has been an interesting exercise to figure out, I thought I'd share my observations here.

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It just figures

So the guild situation finally came to an end. It had been brewing a long, long time, and while I can't say I'm sorry that it's finally over... ugh.

To make a long story short: I got into the guild as a feral druid, and they've always known I wanted to stay feral (tank / dps, offhealing without respeccing if necessary). I took a break from World of Warcraft for a few months, came back, was still in the guild, all was well and good... except while I was away, they happened to implement rules saying that every "healer" class (priest / paladin / shaman / druid) had to be healing-specced unless allowed otherwise.

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Wednesday September 19, 2007

Of blue and purple gear

It seems this weblog is quite likely to turn into a mostly World of Warcraft related weblog. My real life, at the moment, isn't really that interesting, and there isn't that much to talk about; on the other hand, if you listen to the people I know, you'll be told I talk about WoW far too much.

And I guess I do. But I enjoy the game, and the class I play, and the theorycrafting aspect of the game - so why wouldn't I enjoy talking about it as well?

So I'm giving up and creating a World of Warcraft category, as doubtlessly, this is only one of many WoW-related posts to come.

Carrying on...

I would consider my main character - a level 70 feral druid - quite well-geared, for the gear sources I have access to. The officers in the guild I'm in (all but one of them, who's on my side and doing his best to try and point out to them exactly how stupid they're being) seem to disagree, questioning why I don't have more epics. They also appear to think that player skill isn't worth much in terms of who is "allowed" to be feralspec, and that I should just respec healing so the people they've told they can't spec feral won't whine.

Lovely attitude, isn't it? Would almost think this was a level 60, pre-BC raiding guild wanting all their druids to spec healing because feral isn't "viable". If this carries on, I might have to find myself another guild - but while I'm in it, I'll be doing my damnedest to change their mind.

The extended entry has - mostly for my own reference, just so I can bring coherent examples to them should they whine about my lack of purples to my face instead of forgetting the names of items and scrambling for Wowhead - a list of equipment I have for each slot, both in bearform and in catform, and whether there's an accessible purple upgrade for it or not. I don't know how interesting this could be for somebody who's not in my situation, but I can't be the only one with a stupid guild...


And they even have a feral druid in the officer council. I'd be surprised he's not telling them off for being stupid, but I have a strong suspicion he's one of the sources of the stupidity. Sigh.

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Friday September 14, 2007

I live!

Right. A working computer and a working internet connection should do wonders for my will to post.

Here's hoping.