Monday October 29, 2007

Guild go boom

Dear Guild Leader Self-absorbed idiot,

in what universe, exactly, is "oh noes, let's /gdisband" an appropriate reaction to the fact that the second-best raiding guild on the server has the same amount of bosses killed as this guild does, and therefore they might overtake the guild and kill Illidan first?

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Tuesday October 23, 2007

Quick recap of the last few weeks

Yes, I know I don't post much. Shush!

First of all, a couple of images:

Now if only I hadn't died halfway through the fight...

Pretty bronze dragons like me!

After missing the Tempest Keep attunement run (due to my boyfriend's computer croaking a few hours before it was scheduled, and me lending him my laptop so at least he could go), I finally got attuned to at least Mount Hyjal (and now just need to kill Rage Winterchill for Black Temple attunement).

Granted, I'd be happier if this hadn't come at the expense of progression for the guild (the only reason we went to Tempest Keep instead of them going to Black Temple to kill Reliquary of Souls was they were short on rogues for the evening)... eh.

Also, though I don't have a screenshot (I forgot to take one, for once, heh), I managed to get my hands on a Sinister Squashling a few days ago. And my boyfriend got his today, too. Whee. (We're both a bit obsessed with collecting vanity pets. Just a tiiiiiny bit obsessed. *cough*)

I do sympathize, though, with the guildie who wants The Horseman's Helm for his warrior alt and still hasn't seen it drop even once after several days and a couple hundred runs of the place.

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Saturday July 21, 2007

So about that Harry Potter book...

Word of warning before I begin: spoilers for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" abound throughout this post. I'll hide them in the extended entry, so nobody (assuming anybody is actually reading this already, which is a big assumption :P) can get accidentally spoiled - just don't click through to the full entry unless you've read the book or don't care about spoilers.

This also gets really rambly towards the end. I tried to keep it coherent, but there's just too much that annoys me, and I've had way too little sleep last night, for me to fully succeed.

That said...

I don't really know how to put in words what I think of the book now that I've read it. "It was a huge disappointment" doesn't really feel right, because you have to have high expectations of something to be disappointed by it, and I knew it was quite unlikely that J.K. Rowling would manage to rescue her writing and plotting abilities from the downward plunge they've been doing for a while now. "Not worth the hype" is probably a better way to describe how I feel: for being the end of the Harry Potter series, this book, although decent in its own merit, falls flat in several respects. Hell, it almost reads like fanfiction in some parts.

One of the things I dislike the most, overall, is that after I turned the last page I was pretty much left thinking "" - that through the 607 pages of this book, J.K. Rowling hadn't even managed to do what should be the chief aim of any fiction author: to make the reader care about the characters and what happens to them.

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