Guild go boom

Dear Guild Leader Self-absorbed idiot,

in what universe, exactly, is "oh noes, let's /gdisband" an appropriate reaction to the fact that the second-best raiding guild on the server has the same amount of bosses killed as this guild does, and therefore they might overtake the guild and kill Illidan first?

If you can't be bothered raiding anymore, if you can't be bothered leading the guild anymore, if you got oh-so-upset that the guild might not get the server first on Illidari Council, the right thing to do would be to step down and hand the guild over to the multiple people who would be willing to continue raiding anyway.

Instead, you decide you "want to go out a hero" and "want to end this while we still have some respect", have a quick talk to half the officer council and two or so members over lunchtime, decide you should /gdisband, and announce it both on the guild forums and on the unofficial server forums without bothering to even consult all of the officers, nevermind all the other people who are in the guild.

And then, when people are upset, angry and disappointed because they literally found out the guild was disbanding when they logged in the game and they got whispered by half the server asking what the hell was going on, your reaction, instead of "uh, oops", runs more along the lines of "you don't get it, you don't understand what the guild was all about, you're part of what brought it down".

You shout that the guild doesn't care enough about progress, that the guild has become too casual, that people just don't have the drive to do what is right and that they keep putting other (read: real life) things before raiding. And you furthermore yell about attendance, about people not showing up for raids, and so on.

And yes, this is a problem. But being somebody who regularly misses two raid days out of six (and more in the specific, the raid days at the end of the raiding week when the guild actually needs you to be there, because the encounters being fought require your specific class to be present in abundance) to be with his fiancée; and furthermore, being somebody who has categorically refused, when asked, to actually be present at the raid days in question for a week or two, because "real life is more important"... well, you lose all the right to complain when other people do the same.

And finally, when trial members - some of which transferred servers to join your guild two days before you decided it was going to disband - are upset and angry, the right response is most definitely not "shut up, you're new, you know nothing of this guild, this doesn't concern you".

Because uh, yes, this does concern all members of the guild.

And furthermore, claims that "oh, it was decided a month ago that we would disband if we couldn't solve our attendance issues, you just didn't know about that" are just about the wrongest possible thing imaginable.

So you already had attendance issues, and you already had plans to disband, and instead of having the balls to either say "okay, we'll keep going no matter what" or to disband immediately, you decide to keep recruiting, and get people to transfer from their old servers (where they have friends, know people, have things to do) to a new one just to join your guild, only to disband it?

In other words, you decide to use people and then, when they find out they've been used and complain, ditch them with a "oh this doesn't concern you"?

Congratulations on being a selfish jerk. Further congratulations on destroying the guild, as a good chunk of the people who would've wanted to carry on /gquit on the spot when they found out, and the long arguments took care of the rest.


Much loathing,

the Druid who could've sworn the recruitment post said "Mature raiding guild 5/5 Hyjal 6/9 Black Temple recruiting", not "Come join <Dick And His Fantastic Dramallama Rancheros>".

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