Monday January 14, 2008

New Year's resolution: post more


What have I been up to?

Well, for one this blog has clearly been recognized as one of the "it" places to go for World of Warcraft information, because it's started getting goldselling spam. :P

It's a good thing that only comments with an approved email address get auto-published, and everything else gets filtered and doesn't show up unless I manually publish it, no?

What else... well, the biggest thing is I've been 3-manning old-world content with my boyfriend and a guildie of his. We cleared the entirety of Molten Core and killed Razorgore in Blackwing Lair, among other things. (And yes, I'm aware of the irony in linking to my posts on a LiveJournal community from my weblog - but I'm lazy, what can I say? ^^)

For a while after we did it, it was entertaining to watch it being spread across the internet - WoWInsider picked it up, for one, as well as MMO-Champion.

Even more entertaining was to watch people's reactions - they ran the gamut from "Congratulations" (thanks!"), to "This has been done on a private server, the people don't show up on the US WoW Armory" (have to love people who don't realize EU servers exist), to "This isn't really an achievement because Onyxia can be two-manned" (when Onyxia is nowhere near MC in fight complexity - but whatever floats their boat), to five billion comments along the lines of "Can you upload your UI?" (I listed what addons I'm using in the comments to my first post - I refuse to cater to the lazy any further than that, it's not like I use some esoteric addon configuration, I run things mostly out-of-the-box), and even to "There's five names showing up in the screenshots, not three, you lied" (it's fine, l2read).

Have to love it when the idiots come out of the woodwork.

Other than that... not much. I've been levelling a hunter off and on (engineering ftw), running Zul'Aman with my boyfriend's guild (timed run ftw: three bear mounts - one of which went to my boyfriend - and counting, we'll have to take a screenshot somewhere fancy when all 10 of us have one), and that's about it.

And for those wondering about the outcome of the previous post - no, I didn't get my lobster. And of course, Mr. Pinchy has been hiding from me ever since. Ah well.

Friday September 14, 2007

I live!

Right. A working computer and a working internet connection should do wonders for my will to post.

Here's hoping.

Friday August 24, 2007

Still alive

Not been around much because, yeah, no working computer to call my own.

Also been rubbish at answering emails - apologies about that; will reply as soon as I can.

This post, though, is made in a bit of a hurry to mention two things:

1. I'm back in Italy right now for a holiday with the family, and I'm going to the seaside, which means I won't have internet for a week (and so won't be replying to emails for a week and a few days longer; I get back to the UK on the afternoon / evening of the 4th of September, so don't really expect any reply before the 5th at the earliest)

2. Went to the computer store where I'd bought my laptop (and therefore where I'd handed it back in for repairing under warranty when the screen started going blue on me) this afternoon; the laptop was there, all repaired.

I have a computer again! \o/

Friday July 20, 2007

Speaking of the new layout...

While I like the new layout, I'm not entirely sure it's perfect. It's readable and looks good on my end, and everything (comments and whatnot) appears to work; but that doesn't mean everything is 100% sure to work, especially given how damnably rusty I am with HTML and CSS (nevermind MovableType template tags).

So, if you find something wrong - a broken link, text that's too small to read, anything - by all means drop me an email or a comment. Getting feedback is wonderful.

Hello world

Desire to actually do something with my website: check.
Fresh install of blogging software: check.
New layout: check.

Er. Hello internet, I'm back?