Still alive

Not been around much because, yeah, no working computer to call my own.

Also been rubbish at answering emails - apologies about that; will reply as soon as I can.

This post, though, is made in a bit of a hurry to mention two things:

1. I'm back in Italy right now for a holiday with the family, and I'm going to the seaside, which means I won't have internet for a week (and so won't be replying to emails for a week and a few days longer; I get back to the UK on the afternoon / evening of the 4th of September, so don't really expect any reply before the 5th at the earliest)

2. Went to the computer store where I'd bought my laptop (and therefore where I'd handed it back in for repairing under warranty when the screen started going blue on me) this afternoon; the laptop was there, all repaired.

I have a computer again! \o/

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