Almost forgot to mention. ^^

I've been running Magister's Terrace (both heroic and non-heroic) to death (exalted with Shattered Sun Offensive ftw). Seen the mount drop once, on the first day (didn't win it though, and neither did my boyfriend - grrr!), seen (and won) the 20-slotter bag (just one more to go... *twitch*), seen (and won) the Orb of the Sin'dorei (although I'm grumpy that shapeshifts cancel it... surely it wouldn't be that hard to code it so I can shapeshift in and out and still be a blood elf?), got all the items I could've possibly wanted (as well as the fairly useless healing trinket and the enchant pattern), lost the roll on more rare leatherworking and enchanting patterns (BOE world drops that have been added as BOP from Kael'thas) than I care to count, and seen (and won) the phoenix hatchling.

I have to say, having a baby phoenix following me around almost makes up for me fishing up a second Mr. Pinchy and not getting a Magical Crawdad this time around either. (Or the fact that somebody in my guild got a baby crocolisk off their very first fishing quest.)

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