Eredar Twins down!

At the long last, we found a strategy that worked.

No, I wasn't there for the kill (though I was there for a decent chunk of the attempts; story of my life - still haven't seen a Felmyst kill even though we've been killing her for three resets now), but I was watching and it was awesome. Now to repeat the feat next reset, eh?

(And I just repeatedly typoed "Eredar Twins" as "Eredar Twinks". The mental image of the two ladies in a battleground slaughtering everybody is just too much.)

On the upside, we did end up go to Black Temple afterwards (after skipping it last reset to work on the Eredar Twins some more), and although the random number generator was a bastard to me (no ring from Supremus, no trinket from Bloodboil, no necklace from Reliquary and no goddamned boots from trash - I have the feeling I'll get the necklace from Brutallus and boots from Felmyst before I see either of the latter two), I did finally get my Tier6 chestpiece.

Which when socketed with 3x 15sta gems, is a whole 60sta upgrade over the badge chest I've been tanking Mr. "Hardest hitting boss in the game" Brutallus in for a bunch of resets now.

(Last reset I tanked Brutallus without having a warlock's imp's stamina buff in my group... I never got summarily three-shot by the stomp + mainhand hit + offhand hit combination, but there were a few close calls I'd rather hadn't been there.)

I might be getting up to having a decent health pool yet. :P

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