Further adventures in Sunwell!

Ended up tanking Felmyst for all but the first three of our learning attempts. Fun times. We're doing pretty good at learning to stay the hell away from the green stuff, too. And the only times I got splattered (as opposed to the whole raid wiping during a flying phase) was when too many healers were dead, and that one time I stupidly backed out of healing range (one of the melee got Encapsulate, and my brain went "ack! damage bad! move away!" - which, in retrospect, turned out to be a bad idea).

Most priceless wipe today has to be the one where one of the mages avoided deep breath #2 with the rest of the raid, then ran into it via moving too far north in preparation for deep breath #3, got mind controlled, and promptly turned and Dragon's Breathed the raid, leading to everybody else getting caught in deep breath #3.

Tomorrow's a free day; we're going back in on Sunday. I don't know if I'll be picked for the raid again (I was surprised I was picked for today's, nevermind that they actually had me tank the boss for almost the entirety of it). Either way, I'm happy.

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