World of Warcraft linkdump

Just a linkdump. You can probably ignore this unless you play WoW, and even if you play it as something other than a druid. ;)

General information

Amanna's Gem Research Center
A series of links to wowhead filtered lists, to make it easy to search for socketable gems based on which stats / colors are needed.

Enchantments by slot
Pretty much what the title says: lists available enchants for each equipment slot.

Druid information

Ranked feral gear lists
A series of lists ranking feral gear by different categories: burst catform dps, sustained catform dps, bear mitigation and bear high-gear mitigation. (The latter two differ by the base assumptions; the former assumes the druid has mid-level gear, while the latter assumes high-end gear and raid tanking, and hence values different stats.) To call this "ridiculously useful" would be quite the underestimation, though you do need a decent clue of what a feral druid needs in general (whether for dps or for tanking), otherwise you risk shooting yourself in the foot.
There also is a forum related to it.

Druid wiki
A wiki containing quite a lot of useful druid-related information.

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I see you have been infected with WoW too! I have a horde Tankadin on Shadowmoon trying for Void Reaver tommorrow.


I went around to check your blog to see if you'd updated, and what do I find? :P
Welcome back on the interwebs (even if I'm a bit late...) ;)

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