Computer still dead. Not the RAM (if I perform a RAMectomy, it still doesn't boot), not the HD (it doesn't boot from CD either). Gah.

That explains why I've not been posting much, by the way. The only working computer I have access to belongs to boyfriend, so I can't really use it very much - and when I do have the use of it, I tend to do more important things (like check my email, on which I'm terribly behind in terms of responding... if you're waiting for an email from me be patient, I'll get to it!)... and when I don't, I rarely feel like spending the time I have available for recreation making a blog post - would rather play a game. (Though lately I've not been feeling like playing my current online game of choice - Lord of the Rings Online - because there's absolutely nothing to do there... I'll most likely go back to World of Warcraft, which had plenty of things still for me to do before I left it, not to mention the ones that got added in the meanwhile, and not to mention the new expansion which just got announced. It's a real pity, LotRO has huge potential to be a great game... it's just unrealized right now, and I can see nothing changing with the next patch - and the game will probably die from lack of subscribers before the potential is realized. But that's a longer rant for another post.)

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