Daily quests and you

So I recently got my Netherdrake (./cheer). This makes me exalted with three out of three factions with which players acquire rep through daily quests, and leaves me free to choose which dailies to do to maximize my income per day.

As this has been an interesting exercise to figure out, I thought I'd share my observations here.

Let's start from a convenient list of daily quests - let's say the one on Wowhead. This excludes the PVP quests, but includes the profession-related ones which I'm not going to mention in this post (as I have no way of knowing how efficient they are, as my two professions are Enchanting and Leatherworking).

From it, I've extrapolated a second list - ordering the quests from most to least convenient to do and adding my observations on each. I hope this is useful for somebody other than me.

  1. Picking up the pieces...
    This one is an absolute no-brainer for the top of the list, as it's the only daily quest with a larger than normal gold reward - 18g28s. It is also very easy to do, provided you hunt for cargo outside of the crowded areas most players head for (in other words, downstairs in the mine, where the oozes and worms are, instead of where the flayers and ravagers are located).
  2. Bomb Them Again!
    Quick and easy to do unless the area is extremely crowded. Added side benefit: this quest (along with the three others located in Blade's Edge) rewards 15 Apexis Shards in addition to the 11g99s monetary reward. These can be used to purchase items (either the Ogri'la Tabard if you are exalted and patient, or flasks at a crystalforge if you are not) which can then be sold to vendors for cash, at a return of 23s per 10 shards. It's not much, but it all adds up. I would no longer recommend spending Apexis Shards on vendor items, since in patch 2.3, they're going to be used as currency for Crystal Healing Potion and Crystal Mana Potion - which are, in essence, free Super Healing / Mana Potions.
  3. Fires Over Skettis
    The other bombing run, also quick and easy to do. Hint: don't stay in one location, bomb eggs you see as you fly around the area looking for the Skyguard Prisoner (see below).
  4. Banish More Demons
    This would be higher, if not for the fact that it's a huge pain to complete when the area is crowded. It has the chance of yielding a Darkrune; this can then be used to start an event with a chance to drop some really nice items (which often sell well on the AH if you can't use them yourself). The target mobs also have a chance of dropping Aldor reputation items; this is rare enough an occurrence, however, to not make it a huge plus. (It's rare enough I'd entirely forgotten they could, until I got a Fel Armament off one. Heh.)
  5. Escape from Skettis
    The only reason I've stuck this one this far up is I find the extra reward (two healing or mana potions) very nice (despite the fact that the quest now gives 9g10s), and I can usually find the NPC very quickly now since I've learned where the three spawn points are located. YMMV - if you can't find him fast, it's probably not worth the trouble. (He always spawns on a lone tree, which is connected to a second tree by a bridge; this second tree has a bridge to the ground. The map on the NPC page on Wowhead gives a pretty good idea of the location.) Hint: if you find the NPC, but he's already being escorted, just wait nearby for the escort to finish - you have a 1/3 chance of him respawning right where you are.
  6. Wrangle More Aether Rays!
    Relatively quick to complete. If the area immediately surrounding Ogri'la is crowded, try flying to the Bash'ir Landing area: the rays also spawn there. The only issue I have completing this quest is accidentally killing the ray sometimes, while attempting to tame it. (There is such a thing as too much DPS, in some cases.)
  7. Disrupting the Twilight Portal
    This would be higher, except it's a pain in terms of time spent travelling - you pick it up at the eastern edge of Shadowmoon Valley, fly your way to the western edge of Nagrand, kill the target mobs and fly back to turn it in. Still, it's a fairly good earner, as the mobs you are ordered to kill drop Aldor reputation items - I have made about 150g extra in a week or so just from Marks of Sargeras and Fel Armaments that dropped while killing the target mobs.
  8. Dragons are the Least of Our Problems
    Yep, we're starting to get to the painful ones. This quest is annoying to complete, as while the flayers are everywhere, the ravagers are few and far inbetween - and if the mines are crowded, they tend to get tagged as soon as they spawn. It's this high on the list because of the fact that the mobs you're killing drop Netherwing Crystals for another quest; every few days, depending on your luck with crystal drops, you get a "freebie" thanks to having stacked up enough of them to turn in.
  9. The Not-So-Friendly Skies...
    You might prefer doing this to the one above, simply because the Dragonmaw Transporters, unlike the mobs in the mines, are infinite (no respawn timers), so - as long as the good rocks aren't camped and you are lucky with the drop rate - you can potentially kill this very quickly. It's a toss-up, really, they're both equally painful in their own way.
  10. A Slow Death
    If you get unlucky with the drop rate, collecting the Fel Glands for this quest can take you well over an hour. Be careful when feeding the peons - some camps can get bugged, and you'll have to go back and farm an extra gland in that case. Still, the peon camps are always there, and you will have no issue finding twelve to poison...
  11. The Booterang: A Cure For The Common Worthless Peon
    This one is good fun, but it can take a long, long while to find the twenty lazy peons, depending on how many other people are doing it at the same time as you are (even just one or two can slow you down immensely). This is why it's this low down the list - I tend to avoid it unless I think I'm alone doing it (good sign: a few lazy peons in the camps right outside the base as you fly in).
  12. Netherwing Crystals
    If you try and complete this one every day, it'll be a bit of a headache - the crystal droprate can be extremely annoying. What this quest is good for, though, is as a no effort, once every few days turn-in as you get crystals while doing the kill-quest in the mines.
  13. The Relic's Emanation
    Easy, quick, and there's an addon that makes it even easier (though I personally find it less fiddly to just use the numpad and whisper numbers to myself). Why is this so low? It's getting nerfed in the upcoming patch to yield less gold (and more Ogri'la reputation) as a reward, presumably going down to the 7g59s of the last quest in the list, yielding 9g10s. It'll most likely be still good to do if you're in a hurry and want to get at least some gold, as it involves no danger as long as you pay attention, but there'll be better ones come the patch. Milk it while you can.
  14. The Deadliest Trap Ever Laid (Aldor / Scryer)
    Not only is this a lousy gold earner (7g59s), but it's also hard to do complete without dying at least once, which means repair costs. Avoid avoid avoid.

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