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Well, what do you know? I'm actually awake and coherent in the morning. Will wonders never cease? (Have had issues sleeping decently for the last handful of days... kept waking up, having nightmares, etc, and very little sleep - and fragmented at that - does not do nice things to one's brain.)

As for the guild situation... let me put it with an image:

The creepy thing is the tentacles in her hair keep moving after she dies...

And the funny thing is - this isn't even a Serpentshrine / Tempest Keep guild I've joined. They've cleared Mount Hyjal completely, and are on 6/9 bosses in Black Temple. Last night's run was basically a Karathress - Vashj "oh hi new trials, here, have attunements" run.

Here's hoping I (and my boyfriend, for that matter) pass trial. *crosses fingers*

(Boyfriend found the guild. If we pass trial, I don't think he'll ever let me forget that because of him I basically went from a guild that had cleared Karazhan and had a poke or two at Gruul to a Black Temple / Hyjal guild. Heh.)

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Congratulations :) We have just downed Void Reaver, will be a while before we get up to Hyjal.

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