Fun with random droprate

How to make one's boyfriend whine about his luck: help him farm Primal Shadow.

The following conversation ensued...

Him: "Bah, lousy droprate... no motes so far."
Me: (jokingly) "Maybe it's your fault. You might be jinxing it. I have four motes on me that dropped before you got here."
Him: "Well, fine, I'm moving to the other place. Woudn't want to ruin your luck." (moves away)
Me: (immediately, upon the next kill) "Look, a mote!"
Him: "..."
Me: (a few minutes later, three more kills) "Another mote! Another two! ...look - a random blue!"
Him: "......"

Him: (45 minutes later or so) "So how many motes do you have?"
Me: "Four primals, five motes."
Him: "...I only have one primal and two motes. I hate my luck."
Me: "...hey, another three motes!"
Him: "If you say another word about more motes, I'll murder you."
Me: (kills some more) "Two more motes... another... ...hey, look - another random blue!"
Him: "......"

I don't know whether to be glad or not that we were done shortly after. With his luck inversely affecting mine, who knows, I might've ended up getting an epic world drop. :P (Another one, that is... got a Lola's Eve a couple of weeks ago from a random birdman in Skettis. Not that I've been able to sell it so far, but still...)

At least the plate chest is going to be useful for his paladin alt, assuming he manages to get it to that level. (Granted, I know next to nothing about gearing paladins, so I have no idea how good that thing is... but given that there are two classes in the game that wear plate, and warriors don't use spelldamage, it seems a pretty paladin item to me. :P) The mail belt I'll probably just try selling on the auction house, as it looks pretty nice, I lack a shaman alt, and - since it's mail - I doubt a paladin would find it useful. (Do feel free to tell me I'm wrong, though. As I mentioned, I have no clue about paladins. :P)

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Yeah you'd think it would be good for paladins, but its not that great.

Retribution paladins want Str and crit rating (Basically "warrior" gear is best)

Protection paladins want spelldamage, stam and def.
(often "warrior" gear is best)

Holy paladins want healing and int.

An odd mix of Str/Stam/Int/Spelldamage isn't very useful to anyone. It might be useful for grinding until something better drops from a Q though.

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