Heart of the Wild buff in 2.3

Sometimes it pays to be subscribed to a RSS feed of Blue posts on the WoW forums, even though on bad days you have to sift through an endless sea of "stop posting nerf thread please" to get anything even semi-useful.

Patch 2.3 will bring a change to the Heart of the Wild talent for feral druids. The talent, previously giving a 20% increase to strength while in cat form, will give a 10% increase in attack power instead. (Source, for those interested.)

While at first this might seem like a nerf, doing the math (as pointed out in the linked thread) shows it's a buff. With my current DPS gear (which is by no means stellar, as I focused on my tanking gear first and foremost), the change nets me a gain of (slightly less than) 200AP.

The Blue post on the linked thread also mentions that 2.3 will finally correct the issue with feral druid weapons (short version - due to a flaw in calculating the additional feral attack power that gets added onto feral druid weapons, feral druids were consistently getting shorted on dps compared to melee dps using weapons of equivalent item level; long version with math, see this thread on the Elitist Jerks forum).

All in all - finally a good change, and hopefully a way for feral druid dps to match up to other dps classes a bit better.

Now to wrap my brain around the math and recalculate gear choices...

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