Of blue and purple gear

It seems this weblog is quite likely to turn into a mostly World of Warcraft related weblog. My real life, at the moment, isn't really that interesting, and there isn't that much to talk about; on the other hand, if you listen to the people I know, you'll be told I talk about WoW far too much.

And I guess I do. But I enjoy the game, and the class I play, and the theorycrafting aspect of the game - so why wouldn't I enjoy talking about it as well?

So I'm giving up and creating a World of Warcraft category, as doubtlessly, this is only one of many WoW-related posts to come.

Carrying on...

I would consider my main character - a level 70 feral druid - quite well-geared, for the gear sources I have access to. The officers in the guild I'm in (all but one of them, who's on my side and doing his best to try and point out to them exactly how stupid they're being) seem to disagree, questioning why I don't have more epics. They also appear to think that player skill isn't worth much in terms of who is "allowed" to be feralspec, and that I should just respec healing so the people they've told they can't spec feral won't whine.

Lovely attitude, isn't it? Would almost think this was a level 60, pre-BC raiding guild wanting all their druids to spec healing because feral isn't "viable". If this carries on, I might have to find myself another guild - but while I'm in it, I'll be doing my damnedest to change their mind.

The extended entry has - mostly for my own reference, just so I can bring coherent examples to them should they whine about my lack of purples to my face instead of forgetting the names of items and scrambling for Wowhead - a list of equipment I have for each slot, both in bearform and in catform, and whether there's an accessible purple upgrade for it or not. I don't know how interesting this could be for somebody who's not in my situation, but I can't be the only one with a stupid guild...


And they even have a feral druid in the officer council. I'd be surprised he's not telling them off for being stupid, but I have a strong suspicion he's one of the sources of the stupidity. Sigh.

Let's keep the following base assumptions in mind: I refuse to drop a profession I spent time and gold to grind to 375 for another just for the sake of one purple (hence I'm going to ignore, for instance, the engineering helms), and I think having to PVP for PVE gear is stupid (hence I'm going to ignore the PVP gear as a likely upgrade - even though I'm looking for possible ways to grab some).

I'm also not going to list upgrades for items I have that are already purple - I'll leave that exercise for another time (or alternatively, you can consult one of the various ranked feral gear lists on the internet, although I sometimes disagree with them).

I'm also not listing idols, because - with the exception of Everbloom Idol, which I have - there are no purple feral idols available before Black Temple.

You tell me if the fact that I'm not entirely coated in purple means I'm poorly geared or not...


  • Catform: Helm of the Claw
    Possible purple upgrades: Mask of the Deceiver (I don't have 50 heroic badges yet, and if I had them, I'd spend them on the bearform upgrade first), Cowl of Defiance (have I ever seen it drop? have I hell), Cobrascale Hood (not particularly keen to waste a ton gold on a crafted item just because it's a tiny bit better than what I already have - if they'd like me to do that, they can provide the gold), Stag-Helm of Malorne (Prince would have to cough up the T4 token first, which he never has, and even if he did, I'd gem and enchant this for tanking, which would make it a bit difficult to use it for dps)

  • Bearform: Savage Mask of the Lynx Lord
    Possible purple upgrades: Cowl of Beastly Rage (I'm collecting badges for this right now), Stag-Helm of Malorne (see above about getting Prince to cough up the T4 token), and a handful other purples which I'm going to ignore because they'd be inferior to a possible blue upgrade (Stylin' Purple Hat, which I'm collecting materials for as a fall-back should I not get either of the purples anytime soon)



  • Catform: Wastewalker Shoulderpads
    Possible purple upgrades: not really - this is the best I can get, discounting Mantle of Malorne (being that I only started going to Gruul last week, I'd wager it'll be a while before I get this; and it's beside the point, anyway, as I'd gem and enchant them for tanking)... am I supposed to downgrade for the sake of wearing a purple?

  • Bearform: Shoulderpads of Assassination
    Possible purple upgrades: well, there's Mantle of Shadowy Embrace (have to find a Heroic Blood Furnace group, then it has to drop, then I have to win it... magic 8 ball says "outcome not likely"), and there's the aforementioned T4 shoulders


  • Catform: Capacitus' Cloak of Calibration
    Possible purple upgrades: Blood Knight War Cloak (fractional upgrade - we're talking less than 1AP, some extra crit and some stamina - and it costs 25 badges... no way); everything else is a debatable sidegrade unless I'm short on +hit (Drape of the Dark Reavers, for instance, which I've never seen drop, would be a downgrade in pure AP and a slight upgrade in +hit and agi-fuelled crit; Royal Cloak of Arathi Kings, which I've also never seen drop, is a downgrade in everything but +hit and stamina)

  • Bearform: Thoriumweave Cloak
    Possible purple upgrades: this is the best I can get unless I end up being short on +def (which I'm currently not), in which case Gilded Thorium Cloak would be an upgrade (never seen it drop, would love it for when gear upgrades make me short on +def, but until then I wouldn't use it)










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