Thursday July 24, 2008


Also, courtesy of Bird: try and stay grumpy watching this, I dare you.

(So that's the video my father meant the other day at dinner. Have to say, there are few things weirder than my father, who's never been very good at following internet trends, starts a dinner conversation with a sentence along the lines of, "So have you seen that video of the guy dancing on youtube?"
Turns out he saw something about it on the news. Which is also entertaining, because I'd almost forgotten how much news programs in Italy like to feature "fun stuff from the internet" type things. Heh.)

Hello there

(No, I don't really know why I'm awake at 7am, either. I wasn't really planning on it.)

Where I've been? Er. I wasn't really planning to disappear. I started working shifts around the time I disappeared, though, which is mostly to blame for the lack of me.

I also went to Paris (which yes, includes the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational), and then to Italy for some sun, sea and relaxation with my family.

And now I'm back.

I'm still working shifts, though, so I can't really guarantee I'll be posting much.

But I will probably have a fair amount of things to post about - at least, concerning World of Warcraft - assuming I can pry myself off the shininess long enough to talk about it.

Because yes, going to the WWI meant I got a Wrath of the Lich King beta invite.