No Ghost Wolf for me

So I'm levelling a hunter (she just hit level 52 last night).

As those who know me might know, I'm picky about the look, names, and so on of my characters - I even put effort into getting my bank alts nice clothes, I levelled my primary bank alt (also a hunter) to 16 so I could tame Mazzranache and Echeyakee, and so on.

So it should come as no surprise that I'd already planned out what pets to get my hunter as she levelled to 70. Considering what she looks like (white-skinned, white-haired Draenei), my first choice was obvious: Humar the Pridelord, the only black lion in the game. Took me a few days of camping the spawn point to get him once I got to the appropriate level, but he's been with my hunter ever since.

Knowing exactly how much of a pain it is to keep several pets levelled at the same time (my first - now abandoned - hunter, an all-black Tauren whom I'd planned to tame Echeyakee with, got attached to The Rake in the process of levelling, and then trekked all the way to Teldrassil to get an owl), I skipped through Petopia's list of pet skins, hunting for something that looked nice, would match my hunter in looks, and was in levels as close to 70 as possible.

For my second stable slot, then, I'd planned (and still am planning) to tame a black owl (probably Gutripper, although she's painful to tame - the next closest alternative would be to save this quest until I hit 70, so I can spawn the Windroc Matriarch on command, but that cloak's too nice to wait to get it), since I've been wanting an owl for a hunter pet for years. (Took me a while to settle on the color - the owl skins are all pretty - but I figured I'd keep reverse-matching my hunter's coloring.)

For the third one... well, I'd planned on taming the Grimtotem Spirit Guide. Low-level, yes, painful to level, yes, but I really liked the transparent look and color changing. The taming process was really complicated, but it tickled the perfectionist player in me.

Given that it required a helm with a meta socket to tame, I'd planned on waiting until I hit 70 to tame one so I could do it without inconveniencing other people too much. (Although I could've gotten such a helm much earlier than 70, it would've required people 4-manning an instance - either normal Sethekk Halls over and over and over, or heroic Hellfire Ramparts / Blood Furnace - just to get me a Primal Nether, and... no. Heh.)

I guess I should've been faster in levelling, though, because a stealth hotfix went through that made that particular wolf untameable.

This after a Blizzard employee had said that while unintended, the ability to tame it was considered a "fun use of in-game mechanics" and therefore they had no plans to remove it.


I guess I'll go tame myself a color-changing ravager (I wonder if the name AngryLittleRainbow would be too long for a pet name...), or grab a sporebat just because they're pretty (utterly useless, though - bleh). Or just keep the stable slot free for learning skills come the next expansion.

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