About paladin buffs

Right. For the paladins in the audience, I have a question...

I know about PallyPower, and I know what it does.

My question is: would it, or any similar mod that you know of, automatically rotate through the classes and the buffs that are assigned to it, so you can just bash one button repeatedly until everybody is buffed and the mod informs you of it?

Or does the trained monkey person sitting at the keyboard actually control which class they buff / rebuff by clicking a different button for each class?

Because I've honestly lost count of the amount of times I've been acting as a tank in a raid or group and clicked off Blessing of Salvation, right after it was buffed, only to have it immediately rebuffed. It's not random, it's not an accident, it almost always happens.

"Okay guys, rebuff."
*30-min BoSalv goes on*
*BoSalv gets clicked off*
*30-min BoSalv goes on again*

(I eventually just gave up and waited until we entered combat to click it off.)

If it's an addon that redoes it (semi-)automatically, fair enough. If it's not, I think I've just lost a little bit more of my faith in humanity - because you really must not be paying attention to what the hell is going on to chain-rebuff BoSalv on somebody who's been assigned as a tank.

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Right, well pallypower has buttons to click on for each class, you would notice rather quickly that someone was removing the buff all the time.

Smartbuff on the other hand, you just scroll your mouse wheel and it buffs everyone up automatically according to the buffs you have set. If someone is removing a buff it will just stick it straight back on again.

If you install pallypower yourself, and have leader you will be able to set their blessings at your whim, so you can change druids to a different blessing, or even set yourself to have a 10min different blessing.

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