You are now Hated with Bloodscale Naga.

Well, that went faster than I would've thought. Only around three hours to hit exalted with Sporeggar.

Granted, I was starting from almost revered (thanks to quite some time spent farming bogpeople for Primal Life), but still...

The repeatable quest gives 750 reputation per turn-in, and it took me roughly 5-6 minutes for each (including travel time between Sporeggar and the Naga). Three-shotting level 63-64 mobs for rep ftw.

Sporebat pet incoming the instant the patch hits

MMO-Champion has a screenshot of the Tiny Spore Bat, and it is, as expected, ridiculously cute. Can we have the patch soon please?

(Also, dragon kite. I don't know where this will be from, but I do know I want one. My poor abused bank space...)

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