Black Temple attunement!

Tonight's raid in World of Warcraft was supposed to have been Black Temple. But since there weren't enough people of the right classes online at the appointed time for raid start, the officers decided to go first to Tempest Keep, then to Mount Hyjal, in order to attune some trial members (as well as some casual members) to Black Temple.

Tempest Keep was uneventful, and it went much better than the last time I went there, since I had more of a clue as to what was expected of me this time.

Kael'thas the rat bastard didn't drop the Thalassian Wildercloak, though. Damnit.

I was so hopeful... it's pretty much the cloak for Feral Druid DPS, especially after 2.3. Razor-Scale Battlecloak is pretty comparable, but it's from Morogrim, which means it's even more unlikely I'll ever see it drop (as the guild is even less inclined to go to SSC than to go to TK, for understandable reasons); nothing else really compares in terms of scaling. Shadowmoon Destroyer's Drape is really shiny, and a definite upgrade over Capacitus' Cloak of Calibration, but it works out to less AP and less crit than Thalassian Wildercloak, especially when taking raid buffs into account.

I can't complain, though. Mount Hyjal was nice to me. Anetheron decided to spit out Don Alejandro's Money Belt, which is pretty much the belt (Belt of One-Hundred Deaths is a bit of an upgrade over it in 2.3, depending on how you value the new expertise stat, but it's from Lady Vashj); Kazrogal figured he'd help out and dropped Razorfury Mantle, which is also extremely nice (Shoulderpads of the Stranger is better, especially with the 2.3 changes, but it's from Hydross; I ultimately want Tier6 in the slot, but it'll take a while).

As my boyfriend put it, "Welcome to negative DKP". :P

Granted, the annoying side of it was I lost the Wastewalker two-piece set bonus - which, in addition to losing the +hit on the Wastewalker Shoulders, meant I had to burn somewhere around 500g regemming the rest of my items to remain at the +hit cap; still, it was something I always knew I'd have to do eventually. Might as well do it now, rather than pass on upgrades and cling to blue items just to save myself the gold.

And of course, I got the quest item from Rage Winterchill, which means I can now enter Black Temple. It's unlikely I'll do so before the next reset, as the guild already killed a good chunk of the bosses in there this week so what's left is the harder stuff I'm unlikely to be much use on, but - yay. :)

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