Damnit, stupid lobster

375 fishing (for a few months now): check.

Fishing Highland Mixed Schools every time I see one: check.

Mr. Pinchy: yay! Finally.

And of course, the first wish spawns a Furious Mr. Pinchy on me. Bah. :|

Here's hoping I get a Magical Crawdad Box out of either of my two remaining wishes - while I'll keep fishing those pools whenever I see them (Spicy Crawdad and Golden Fish Sticks are good money for not much effort, especially now that I can make Aquadynamic Fish Attractors on an alt rather than buying them off the AH), I would be rather grouchy if I had to fish up another Mr. Pinchy to get the vanity pet. Especially since the boyfriend, lucky him, fished up his Mr. Pinchy and got the vanity pet off the first try a bit ago.

Fingers crossed.

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