Teaches him not to listen to me

So the boyfriend wants Argent Dawn reputation - not for any specific reason, just because he's a bloody perfectionist.

So he asks me to help him with Battle of Darrowshire, which he never ended up doing while he was levelling.

While we're doing Battle of Darrowshire, a conversation starts in his guild about some person on the server having Deathcharger's Reins, and how it's such a rare drop, and so on and so forth.

Boyfriend goes, "oh, I hate the bastard, I want that mount so much".

We finish Battle of Darrowshire and figure, hey, let's go poke Stratholme, get some Argent Dawn reputation and maybe we'll see the mount drop. (Please note that we're both level 70 and haven't been to Stratholme in forever, and we both ran it countless times when we were level 60 and never saw the Bony Pony of Much Coolness™.)

The following conversation ensues:

Me: "If the mount does drop, what do we do?"
Him: "It'll never drop, don't be silly."
Me: "Right, if it drops, I'll just pass to you, there's no way you'd ever forgive me for outrolling you on it."
Him: "It won't drop."

Flash forward half an hour, kill Baron, guess what drops?

So now boyfriend is a very happy Night Elf on the Baron's mount. Teaches him not to listen to me. :)

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