Grrr. Must manage to get

Grrr. Must manage to get in touch with the sysadmin for the computer room at uni to convince him to install Opera on these computers, as an alternate browser. I had almost forgotten exactly how much of a pain in the ass to use IE is. >< No, stupid browser, I don't want you to display a silly "loading bar" which tells me absolutely nothing about what you're loading right now and how much is still left to load. I don't want you to reload a page when I press the back button unless I tell you to do so. I don't want you to load again the page I was on when I open a new browser window unless I tell you to do so. I don't want your stupid stock error page which tells me absolutely nothing about why I am not able to get to a certain site. I don't want your clumsy interface to get in the way of my browsing. I want to be able to rightclick in a frame and maximize that frame to get out of an annoying frameset to link to the page I want. I want to be able to zoom in and out of a page. I want mouse gestures and useful keyboard shorcuts and a customizable search bar (without having to install it as an addon) and tabbed browsing and one-key toggle of images display and one-key-one-click setting of major preferences and all the other things Opera has spoiled me with.
Yes, maybe I'm spoiled, but for fuck's sake, I want a real browser, not the abortion that IE is, which most people use just because it came with their computer.
And by the way, to all "webdesigners" who design pages that work in IE only, for whatever reason: you're dumb. If you do it because "Opera and all the other browsers don't support proper HTML and proper CSS" or other such bullshit, you are doubly dumb. If your page doesn't display decently in Opera7, there's something wrong with your code - it's not the browser's fault. And if you deliberately write bad code that shows fine in IE but not in Opera and other browsers, or deliberately write a browser-sniffing script that deliberately feeds bad code to non-IE browsers (hi there, MSN), fuck you and rot in hell.

(Why yes, I'm cranky today. Nice of you to notice. :p)

¤ February 17, 2003 10:40 AM ¤


I feel I have to point out that your blogback function doesn't display properly in IE.

But I don't particularly care, because I switched to Opera yesterday. ;)

Posted by: CyberFish at February 18, 2003 11:38 AM

Can't do anything about it, unfortunately, it's all because of the new CSS layout the guy who runs the blogback service implemented.

Posted by: sailoreagle at February 19, 2003 09:43 AM