October 31, 2002

So my work experience's ended...

So my work experience's ended... and I don't know what to say. Just... I wish it didn't have to end. I loved the place, I loved the people I worked with, it was nice relaxing work, not too hectic, nobody was a pain in the ass, I was on friendly terms with everybody... I wish I didn't have to leave, I wish I could just keep working there. :( I will keep working for them, writing articles and such (this is a magazine, I've mentioned that yeah?) and stopping by the office once in a while, but still... I wish I could just stay there. :(
I'll probably make a long, long list of all the wonderful things about that place on Saturday... not today though, I have other things to do and I should really go to sleep soon, and as for tomorrow, I'll be away all day (Lucca Comics, w00t!).

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October 29, 2002

Well, who'd have thought it?

Well, who'd have thought it? Internet vampires. (Fish, this is for you especially. ;)

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Neat little site. It has

Neat little site. It has some Evil Popups From Hell, but it's nothing that Opera (or any popup stopper program) can't deal with, and it's worth it. *grins* Braaaaaaains...

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October 28, 2002

Ah, visto che sono riuscita

Ah, visto che sono riuscita a passare in edicola, ecco la lista aggiornata delle figurine di W.I.T.C.H. che mi mancano, per un certo scambio di opinioni intellettualmente appagante (*poke*): 2, 3, 6, 9, 10, 13, 21, 23, 26, 27, 30, 33, 47, 53, 60, 67, 70, 92, 95, 108, 115, 121, 124, 126, 132, 141, 148, 151, 163, 171, 174, A, C, D, G, L, M, N, O, Q.
(Accidenti alle figurine piccole che si inseriscono nelle immagini... sono carine sì, ma tendo a non notare il piccolo buco bianco quando scorro le pagine dell'album per vedere quali figurine mi mancano. ^^;)
Ah, a proposito, ho trovato un altro paio di figurine di quelle che ti servivano, fammi un fischio quando mi vedi su AIM se vuoi sapere quali. ;)
E sempre parlando di venerdì, pare che io non riuscirò, per un problema di treni (-___- lunga storia...), a essere in fiera prima delle due e mezza. Sì, questo significa che io quest'anno in fiera ci passo solo quattro ore. -___- Bah.

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Monday morning: a story in

Monday morning: a story in smileys

-_-   (sleep... sleep is good.)
-_o   (opening one eye... what time is it? already morning?)
-_-   (I think I can sleep another little while)
O_O   (getting woken up by my dad yelling "WAKE UP! IT'S LATE!")
o_-   (dragging myself out of bed and downstairs to have breakfast)
O_O   (realizing that if I don't bolt out of the house right this instant I'll miss the train)
\o/   (getting on the train at the last minute, having the doors close behind me)
/o\   (realizing the train is packed)
;_;   (realizing I'll probably have to stand for the whole trip)
-_o   (looking for a place to sit)
\o/   (finding an empty seat that everybody else had somehow overlooked)
-_-   (settling down in the seat and promptly falling asleep again)
o_-   (opening one eye... oh, we're here, better get up)
-O-   (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn)
o_o   (stepping out of the train, thinking how glad I am that nobody came to check the tickets this morning and that I could sleep uninterrupted)
-_o   (rummaging in my bag, looking for my wallet to get the bus ticket out)
O_O   (realizing I left my wallet home in the other bag)
°_°   (realizing just how glad I should be that nobody came to check the tickets on the train)
;_;   (realizing I'm stuck in another city with no money and will have to call home or ask the guys at the office to lend me enough money for a train ticket)
o_<   (realizing that with no bus ticket, I have to walk to the office)
;_;   (checking my bag again, out of desperation)
\o/   (finding out that even if my wallet was left home in the other bag, my coin purse wasn't - therefore I do have money)
*_*   (hopefully counting the money...)
\o/   (finding that I have enough money for the train ticket to get home and for two bus tickets)
*_*   (realizing that I have quite a lot of money left after buying tickets, for once I'm glad about €1 and €2 being coins and not banknotes)
^_^   (getting on the bus, with a bus ticket, another bus ticket and a train ticket in my pocket, and immediately starting to read the W.I.T.C.H. special I had enough money to buy.)

And speaking of the W.I.T.C.H. special... che carina Elyon. ^____^ Alcuni disegni fanno proprio schifo (la seconda vignetta dal basso a destra a pagina 31 ad esempio... Elyon sembra un maschio ><), altri sono veramente carini però ^^ (le chibiWITCH nelle pagine finali! XD) E mi ha fatto ridere parecchio. (*is easily amused*)

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October 27, 2002

Hm. It appears that archive

Hm. It appears that archive updating as a whole is b0rked (it isn't updating the October archive to reflect the new posts I'm making, either). Oh well... it'll get fixed.

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Now, if Blogger would kindly

Now, if Blogger would kindly spit out the archive links... ¬¬ (Yes, the files are all there and republish fine. It's just the archive listing that's b0rked... as usual.)

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Ahh... here we go. New

Ahh... here we go. New layout (w00t, finally) and new home for this little blog of mine. :D I also have a new layout on kicie.net, and of course on wingedspirit.net. Opinions please. :D

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October 26, 2002

:D wingedspirit.net is mine. :D

:D wingedspirit.net is mine. :D :D :D
*prods the DNS servers and tells them to resolve already fs*
Content coming soon. ;)

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October 25, 2002

Useful link of the day:

Useful link of the day: OldVersion.com. If you need to find an old version of a piece of software, but it isn't available on the software's website, you can try looking there.

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October 23, 2002

Cats and books and Hallmarks

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Decimal birthdays. When's yours? I'm

Decimal birthdays. When's yours? I'm currently 7579 days old; my next minor decimal birthday is my 7600th day on the 13th of November, while my next major decimal birthday will be my 8000th day on the 18th of December, 2003.

(Oh, btw, the site works perfectly only in IE, as it pulls the date from your computer's calendar for some functions, and it can only do that with IE.)

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Hm. Haven't posted in a

Hm. Haven't posted in a while. Quick summary of the events of these past few days...

I'm getting used to playing volleyball again. No more muscle aches. \o/ Which of course makes it all more fun.
The new bed is definitely way too comfortable. It made me decide to sleep in and go to work experience late on Monday. ^^
And speaking of work experience, I'm getting an article published in my name on the magazine I'm having the work experience at XD And probably more to come. My first published article, w00t. (My first published anything, actually... ^^;)
And on a sadder note, just 8 more days to spend at the place before work experience is over. I'm gonna miss the place. :( (I really have to make a long detailed post regarding the differences between this place and the shithole I was in for two weeks in July...)
What else... oh yeah, this is more of a reminder for myself than anything, but, I need to remember tomorrow to send off a few envelopes and packages. And find the time to go to the comic store, I have a small pile of manga to buy. And I also need to go to the mall, I have a €35 coupon to spend, from a promotion from when I bought my new CD player on Friday. (Did I mention I bought a new CD player on Friday? No? My bad.) Hm, but if I wait until Friday to go then I can pick up my new leather jacket at the clothing store too... hrhm. (I hadn't mentioned I'd bought a leather jacket on Friday either... it's still at the store, getting the sleeves shortened a bit because they were too long. Hadn't planned on getting a leather jacket, btw, me and my mom went into the clothing store looking for a new jacket for mom, and emerged half an hour later with a new sweater and leather jacket for me and no jacket for mom. She has decided I'm "dangerous to go shopping with" now, apparently. ^^; Not my fault if she dragged me into the clothing store, and I was bored and started looking around...)

And I need to bloody tidy my room again. I have another Stack From Hell (of manga again) waiting to be put on the shelves. -_- But hey, at least my desk is tidy. For now.

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October 20, 2002

Oh yeah, almost forgot to

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention... got a new bed yesterday (so did my mom&dad and my brother). My past bed, mattress and pillow were my age (20 years old). The new bed has a l33t latex mattress and latex pillow designed to be extremely comfortable (quit it with the latex comments from the peanut gallery, ta). Haven't slept this well in years. <3 Slept like a rock from 3am to 10am, then got woken up by mom, thought half-incoherently "mhrm... let's stay in bed another five minutes" and slept from 10am to noon.
Plus the new bed is slightly taller, so my Boxes Of Manga™ can be shoved under it rather than be in various random places in my room (under my library, under my desk, etc). \o/

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Hee. This I have to

Hee. This I have to post. Mom is a teacher, yeah? And she was correcting tests. One of the kittens went to her, jumped in her lap and started demanding to be hugged. Mom of course couldn't cuddle the kitten, so the following scene ensued... I didn't see anything, there's a monitor between me and mom; but my hearing works fine, and this is what I heard.
"No, sorry kitty but I can't cuddle you right now... no, don't sit on the keyboard... ARGH, NO, don't chew on the tests! What will I say to the students? That I chewed on them out of desperation?"

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I'm getting a new computer

I'm getting a new computer \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ FINALLY. Haven't ordered it yet, some parts aren't in stock so we have to wait, but here's the list of specs: <3

- Processor: AMD Athlon XP 2200+, Freq 1800MHz, FSB 266
- Cruddy cheap mouse & keyboard (as I already have a good mouse & keyboard on this computer. The new computer is going to get the good mouse & keyboard, this old computer (which I'm keeping, not throwing away) is going to get the shoddy mouse & keyboard, and everything's fine without me spending extra money.)
- 48x/12x/48x CDROM/burner
- Vidcard: Radeon 9700Pro, 128MB DDR, AGP 8X, TV-Out, DVI, Multimonitor
- DVDRom 16x/48x
- RAM: DIMM DDR 512MB 184 pin, 333MHz
- 17'' monitor
- 120GB HD
- Soundcard: Sound Blaster Audigy Player

w00t w00t w00t. Sorry for the gloating post, but I had to say it. XD

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October 18, 2002

Result of today's singing lesson:

Result of today's singing lesson: woohoo, high G again, twice in a row. :D I probably could've gone higher too - but the teacher wouldn't let me. ¬¬
There's something really exhilarating in noticing I have a wider vocal extension than my teacher. :D

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This deserves a link... Texas

This deserves a link... Texas ad campaign against drunk driving, website with the story of the person in the ad, website of the person in the ad. Don't look if you're easily disturbed, but everybody should take a look at that.

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October 15, 2002

And heh, XP (the OS)

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Heh. Microsoft XP ad (google

Heh. Microsoft XP ad (google cache) pulled after people questioned its reality, seeing as how the woman pictured in the ad is actually taken from a stock photo at Getty Images. (CNet story and an article identifying the woman who wrote the piece. An employee of a PR company hired by Microsoft, of all people.) Oh so smart move, MS. Congrats.

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October 14, 2002

Hrm... Oi, italiani, qualcun'altro che

Hrm... Oi, italiani, qualcun'altro che va a Lucca Comics venerdì il primo di novembre? (Volevo andare giovedì, ma giovedì è l'ultimo giorno di stage, più il mio fratellino vuole anche lui venire e giovedì ha scuola... ;_; Spero solo che la mostra mercato non sia già stata razziata delle cose più interessanti.) Sarebbe carino incontrarsi con qualcuno di voi... tipo Ruby o Hikaru (a proposito, le immagini del tuo blog non si vedono! Spasmo temporaneo del server o problema serio?), o anche altri, tipo il gruppo della piccola ML antifurto ^_~ O gente come Misato-san, che mi ricordo dalla ML di Sakura (e che devo decidermi a linkare dalla sidebar... sono purtroppo piiiiigra ^^;). Insomma mi farebbe piacere incontrare qualcuno di voi, anche se per poco. Magari mi lasciate un commentino o un'email e ci mettiamo d'accordo per un punto d'incontro. ^^

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Heh. Nice to know the

Heh. Nice to know the Sailormoon Infinity artbook still goes for a shitload of money on Ebay. Last two I saw went for ~$1000 and ~$600, but even ~$300 (the price that one is currently at) is not bad at all, and is quite a lot more than what I spent for it when I found it at Lucca Comics two years ago. Heh, now I know what to do if I ever need money.

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Bleh... I need to get

Bleh... I need to get a portable CD player (possibly with mp3 playback capabilities) soon. I need to listen to music when I get in my odd moods, or I start thinking negatively and then my mood takes a nosedive.
Yes, odd mood right now. I can't stand this silence.

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Hm... it just hit me

Hm... it just hit me that I'm not free to do what I choose with my afternoons anymore. On almost all days of the week (except Wednesday and Friday, not counting the weekend) I can't afford to stop at a bookstore, or miss the train home, because I have to go to volleyball training (and I can't not be there, since I'm a trainer and not a trainee).
Mind you, I don't mind going to volleyball training. It does get tiring, though, that my first really free moments in the day come after dinner. Even back in middle school and high school, when I had lots of activities I participated in, I was always done by 6-6:30pm at most. It's a bit bleh when I'd want to do something else with my time (like stop at that bookstore in this city which carries English books... I can only do that on Wednesdays now).

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So I finally got a

So I finally got a computer of my own at work experience. :D So now we will have no problems in here - there's three computers for three people, including me, so nobody will have to sacrifice time just because another person is using the computer.
The good:
- A decent, recent, not noisy keyboard, with Windows keys and all.
- I can install the programs I want, as long as, of course, I uninstall them before finishing work experience. (I already installed mIRC, of course, and am thinking of installing Opera.)
The bad:
- The mouse is a bit squeaky and has no scrollwheel, and (for the moment) I have no mousepad.
- The keyboard is a bit temperamental, some keys tend to get stuck (the backspace key, namely), which slows me down a bit in my typing.
The w00t:
- I have a computer of my own, w00t! :D Now there will be no more sitting around doing nothing even if there would be something to do just because both the other computers are being used.

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October 13, 2002

Okay... so I was getting

Okay... so I was getting more paper for the printer, and when I pulled it out from the shelf a bunch of floppies fell on my desk. Looking on that shelf, I saw a lot of old floppies and various other stuff, so I decided to have a look... here's what I found.

- Logitech Mouseware Utilities 6.2 For DOS: two packages, one opened with two 5.25" floppies inside and one still sealed, with two 5.25" floppies and a single 3.5" floppy.
- Windows 3.1 installation, 7 3.5" floppies
- Excel 5.0, 10 3.5" floppies
- "Word for Windows" (I'm assuming this is Word 5 or 6 or somewhere around that version), 10 3.5" floppies
- a really old joystick. Wonder if it still works...
- a really old Logitech mouse. It looks rather cool. Again, I wonder if this still works...
- another oldish Logitech mouse, a bit more ergonomic. This one looks yucky, but it still doesn't stop me from wondering if it still works. Maybe I'll check tomorrow.
- a drive for 5.25" floppies. :D It looks like it could still work, too. With this and a few other computer spare parts I could reconstruct the computer of my childhood.
- a card - dunno what this is, was in the same box as the floppy drive... could be related to it maybe?
- a filing box for 5.25" floppies, with a bunch still inside. :D (Sidenote: a lot of them still have their sleeves. Wonder if there are any not listed in the 5.25" sleeve archive, I could submit them...) Some of them are:
          - boot floppies for various DOS versions
          - what appears to be an antivirus program
          - Walt Disney "Matterhorn Screamer" game with instructions
          - a disk with I-dont-know-what-inside, what's relevant is the date on it: 24/11/87 (DD/MM/YY format). I was 5.
          - MS Flight Simulator (LOL, I guess this is what the joystick was for)
          - G.Prix - I assume this is a car racing game
          - Railroad simulator (first cool simulation game ever)
          - still sealed package of tiny silver labels
          - another antivirus (IBM)
          - a disk labelled "PC-UTIL" - with a note: "printed manual exists". Hee.
          - WS - I remember this, DOS-based text processor. It had red options screens, blue background and white text. Once I had to type up something or other for school, I waited until late evening to do it, stayed up until 11pm (keep in mind I was maybe 8 or 9) to do it, because the program automatically justified the text. I however didn't like justified text, so I went through it and removed each and every added space. Then mom came downstairs, saw what I'd done, said "that's ugly" and manually replaced each space. ^^;
          - another disk with a date - '92, wow, we were still using 5.25" floppies then?
          - a program called "Impress", apparently another text editor; "Persuasive reports and presentations with 1-2-3(R)", the three-page photocopied manual says
          - some ooooold programs in fortran that my dad used to use for his work
- some Matrox MGA Power Graphics installation disks
- Corel PhotoPaint Select (for Win 3.1 or 95, apparently), 3 3.5" floppies
- Win95 boot floppy
- a bunch of very old software for my scanner (11 3.5" floppies)
- Adaptec EZ-SCSI for Windows, whatever that is
- RadioREVEAL 1.1, whatever that is...
- CD-ROM device driver, version 2.00, "Real 6.X Speed". Hehe.
- Mitsumi Electronics Europe FX-IDE Series ATAPI CD-ROM Device Driver Installation Disk v1.55
- F-prot professional antivirus for DOS, version 2.23. One of the few non-copied softwares. ^^;
3.5" - SyQuest IDE Hardware Configuration, whatever that is
3.5" - Corel Draw 4.0, Italian version (12 3.5" floppies)
- Microsoft Creative Writer (4 3.5" floppies) and Microsoft Fine Artist (3 3.5" floppies). I thought I'd lost those! I loved those programs. :D
- Photostyler 2.0 (whatever that is)
- Norton Utilities 7.0
- Drafix CAD for Windows, version 2.00
- PC Tools for Windows 1.0
- Lotus Organizer
- PC Tools 9.0 for DOS
- MS-DOS 6 User Manual (in Italian)
- Win98 Manual (in Italian)
- DOS IBM 5.0 Manual (in Italian)
- And a bunch other manuals, only they're on a higher shelf and I can't be bothered to drag a chair to it to get to them

Ahh, memories. :D I wonder if I can still find that old 5.25" floppy and that old 3.5" floppy which had a bunch of games on them...

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October 12, 2002

Stuff I will be looking

Stuff I will be looking for at Lucca Comics (more for my reference than anything, but it might interest some of you ;):
- Sailormoon manga artbook 5 (more out of stubborness than anything... ^^; it's the only one I'm missing to complete my Sailormoon manga artbooks collection, I even have the Infinity artbook)
- One Piece stuff
- Fruits Basket stuff
- Chobits stuff
- Read Or Die stuff (though it's unlikely that I'll find anything... --;)
- Card Captor Sakura manga artbook 3 (again, I have all CCS manga artbooks except that one... last year when I got to Lucca Comics they'd already ran out of it -_-)
- Ai Yazawa stuff (Nana stuff in particular)
- Angel Sanctuary artbooks
- CLAMP stuff
- Inuyasha stuff
And of course, whatever random stuff catches my eye. *grin* I doubt I'll have any money problems this year and will be forced to leave something I want there because I have no money to get it. ^^v

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October 11, 2002

Oh yeah, almost forgot to

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention this... this afternoon, at my singing lesson, I FINALLY hit the high G. (High G as in, the G that's above the C that's two octaves above the middle C. Which means that now I cover three full octaves with my voice. w00t! \o/)

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I finally got paid for

I finally got paid for that translation job I did. €900, woohoo. Am I gonna get a lot of stuff at Lucca Comics. XD

Added sp4f's blog to the sidebar again. Now post, f00. *poke*

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October 09, 2002

Remember Escher's impossible buildings drawings?

Remember Escher's impossible buildings drawings? Some of them have been replicated with Lego bricks. Made by the same guy who did those mathematical Lego sculptures that I linked a while ago: he's got other cool Lego stuff on his main page.

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Yeow. PAIN. x.x I started

Yeow. PAIN. x.x I started volleyball again yesterday, after two years of not playing it. I'm now an apprentice trainer, so I don't do as much work as the actual players, but still, I exercised all sorts of muscles and did a bunch of movements I hadn't done for two years. And this morning I of course woke up cramped to hell and back. But it was fun - and even though I'm sitting here hunched over because if I sit up my shoulder muscles hurt, I'm actually happy. ^^

It's been a very odd past few weeks, with new things starting, old things starting again, and meetings with people I used to know.
It started when I met an old highschool classmate on the train, one of the two I could actually consider my friends, on my way to work experience. It was nice, if a bit awkward... the usual pleasantries were exchanged, you know, "how are you", "I'm fine and you?", "how is university going", etc. Then she bluntly asked me, "do you have any drawings to show me?" I used to draw a lot in highschool... was never very good at it, to be honest, they were just badly drawn manga-style things. I've never been good at putting images in my head in drawing form. But her question made me regret having stopped. I still draw sometimes, mostly just silly things done in five minutes to amuse my friends, but nothing much. I could've told her that I write more than I draw now, I could've shown her some of my stories, but I didn't. I don't know why. The train reached our destination, and we said bye and went our separate ways, not before she mentioned she was still in touch with the other girl I considered my friend back in highschool, and that she'd tell her she'd met me.
A few days after that, I met that second girl in the train station. We didn't say much to each other - we both were in a hurry to catch our train - but she mentioned to me that she was studying at the same university I was originally planning to go to. If I'd gone to that same university, maybe I could've kept in touch with her, kept being friends with her... I dunno.
Then, a few days ago, I met a third classmate from highschool on the train. This one wasn't a friend, just an acquaintance, but I recognized her instantly anyway. We didn't talk, just waved to each other. But I remembered a million details about her... what she used to wear in gym class, the sound of her voice, what she looked like when she frowned, when angry, when happy, the exact position of her body when playing volleyball... a million details, except for a minor one. You'd think I'd remember the name of a person I saw daily for five years, even if it's been two years since. But nooo. I eventually had to jog my memory in the evening, by checking a list of classmates' names I had in one of my highschool diaries.
Then, also this past week, I started singing in the choir, and it's a great new thing to start, the feeling of being in a group and doing something as a group.
And yesterday I started volleyball again, and I'm now assistant trainer to my old trainer, and it's amusing, and a nice feeling, to see that she hasn't changed a bit since I first met her, ten years ago. She's still the same. Some things never change.

(No, I don't know what the point of this post is. I needed to get it down somehow, and so I did, even if it's not the most eloquent or interesting post I've ever written. Maybe I'll elaborate on this some more later, I dunno.)

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October 07, 2002

A paper airplane simulator. No,

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October 06, 2002

10/6/2000-10/6/2002, two years of (almost)

10/6/2000-10/6/2002, two years of (almost) ininterrupted random babblings. Whee. :D

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October 05, 2002

A nice lesson on proper

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October 04, 2002

Hee. Dad came back from

Hee. Dad came back from a conference on antibiotics and feed for poultry and came back with a plush rooster toy which has a rainbow-colored beak and crows when you squeeze it. :D After removing all the various advertising tags, I have a perfectly good advertisement-free plush rooster toy. :D
(No but seriously... who the hell comes up with these ideas for advertisement? See also this past entry for more of the same.)

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ColorMatch 5K: pick a single

ColorMatch 5K: pick a single color that you like by adjusting the RGB sliders and the site will calculate a matching 6-color palette for it.
(Warning: the site's a bit broken in Opera, and possibly in other non-IE browsers. While you can select a color and the matching colors get displayed, the hex codes are missing and clicking on one of the six colors won't do anything.)

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Two amusing and entertaining links:

Two amusing and entertaining links: Googlefight and Sand art.

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Oh, e un'altra cosa... sono

Oh, e un'altra cosa... sono sempre più convinta che Nerissa non sia impazzita per brama di potere o quello che sia, ma che l'oracolo c'entri qualcosa. Secondo me, l'oracolo ha chiesto a Nerissa di fare qualcosa, all'insaputa delle altre quattro guardiane (forse qualcosa che aveva a che fare con Meridian?), ma lei si è rifiutata. Allora l'oracolo ha deciso di toglierle il Cuore e affidarlo a Cassidy, sperando che Cassidy fosse un pelino più obbediente di Nerissa. Cassidy e le altre non sapevano niente della richiesta dell'oracolo a Nerissa per cui la credevano una traditrice; Nerissa, non sapendo che le altre non sapevano della richiesta dell'oracolo, s'è vista tradita ed è impazzita. Questo spiegherebbe anche perché l'oracolo sia stato così duro con Kadma e Halinor quando l'hanno accusato di aver deliberatamente messo in pericolo Cassidy.
Non so... forse corro troppo con la fantasia, forse mi aspetto troppo da un fumetto Disney... ma quell'oracolo non mi convince per niente.

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Ho comprato un bel po'

Ho comprato un bel po' di pacchetti di figurine di Witch (20 ^^; era un po' che non ne prendevo, la mia edicolante di fiducia (ovverossia quella dove mia mamma ha il conto aperto e posso comprare con i soldi di mia mamma e non i miei ^_^;;;) le aveva esaurite per due settimane) e il numero 19, sempre di Witch. (Per la cronaca, devo ancora ordinare il 17... prima vedo se lo riesco a recuperare a Lucca Comics).
Le figurine sono carine... alcune sono parecchio belle (anche se pare che io trovi le doppie solo di quelle brutte... -_-), ma la colla sul retro con che cavolo è fatta, con lo sputo? Forse è la colla, forse è la carta delle pagine dell'album, ma fatto sta che le figurine si appiccicano bene a tutto fuorchè all'album, e quando giro le pagine dell'album le figurine si staccano per metà. ¬¬ Certo, è utile se mi serve risistemare o sostituire una figurina, ma è anche una gran rottura. _-_
Per quello che riguarda il fumetto, un po' di osservazioni...
Eh, permalosetto l'oracolo, no? Kadma e Halinor mettono in questione la sua autorità e lui le estromette per sempre da Kandrakar. ¬¬
E per quel che riguarda le vecchie guardiane... eh, un po' più di fantasia non si poteva? Kadma è spiccicata a Taranee, Halinor è Cornelia con i capelli diversi, Cassidy pare un misto tra Will (per la maggior parte) e Irma... l'unica "originale" è Nerissa.
Carina l'idea che Will sia stata seguita da Kadma e Halinor... un po' strana forse ^^; (Sono l'unica a vedere un pelino di ambiguità tra Kadma e Halinor? ^^;;;)
Bella anche l'idea del "Trillo di Nerissa", anche se è un po' buttata lì... non capisco come possa continuare. Meh, vedremo.
Il regalino di questo mese fa schifo, questo orrendo e puzzolente fiore rosa gigante che dovrebbe essere in teoria un girocollo... bleah. >< Speriamo che il regalino del prossimo numero (la "frog pochette" di Will, a quanto detto nel preview) sia fatta un pelino meglio.
Ultima nota: evviva, uno speciale su Elyon! ^_____^ Speriamo che sia fatto bene... la copertina almeno, per quanto si veda da quell'immaginina piccola, è carina. ^^

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October 03, 2002

Oh yeah... this is the

Oh yeah... this is the choir's website. Not much help if you don't speak Italian, but meh ;) This page has mp3 downloads of some of the pieces sung by the choir, if you're curious.

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That. 0wned. so. much. :D

That. 0wned. so. much. :D :D :D Can't wait to go back next week.

(Yes, yes, looking at it in retrospect, being scared was silly - so bite me. ;p)

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Meeting with the choir is

Meeting with the choir is in less than 20 minutes.

I am so fucking scared. Argh.

And when I'm nervous/scared my body acts up and I can't sing as well as I usually do, too. Argh. ><

I'll tell you all how it went afterwards.


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Browser wars. Not what you

Browser wars. Not what you think it is. ;) Fun little thing.

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...I signed up. Couldn't resist.

...I signed up. Couldn't resist. Took me only a few minutes to overcome my logical mind's feeble objections that I've been stuck with writer's block for a long time, that maybe I will be busy, that I really should not be starting another story because I have enough stories that still have to be finished...

Go me. ^^v

(And this year, I swear, I'll actually keep up with the forums. I went back and read last year's ones, and there were so many suggestions and comments and idea-sparking messages I could've used if I hadn't given up on the forums after two days. ._.)

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Eh. Should I try and

Eh. Should I try and sign up for this again? Last year it didn't really go well - I came up with a story that, a year after, is still not done, even if I love it to pieces. It's probably because I love it so much, actually - I can't bear to write it crappily. ^^; Meh... I won't be too busy this coming November, though. Maybe I should try. ^^

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*yaaaaaaawn* Got 6 hours of

*yaaaaaaawn* Got 6 hours of sleep last night instead of 4. A bit better. ^^;
Semi-sleepy thought of the day: I believe an orchestra could reproduce exactly the sounds and noises trains make.

So. I'm starting rehearsals with a choir this evening (I'm studying as a soprano, in case you've missed that little bit of information), and while my teacher assures me that I'm perfect and I have a great voice and everything, I'm still nervous that I won't be up to scratch. ._.
The same thing, for that matter, worries me about writing - I have to write a two-page article for this magazine I'm having my work experience in right now, and it will be published on the December issue which means I have to have it ready for the 25th of October and I'm just, well, nervous I won't make it, nervous I'll be told the article is shit... eh. ._.

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October 01, 2002

Design #2104354739 It's a bracelet!

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