May 30, 2003

Oy. What a day. I

Oy. What a day. I leave for my singing lesson late, because I got distracted and didn't look at the time... and about halfway on the road there, I find construction workers and a big roadblock barring my way. Okay, fine, I'll just follow the convenient "alternative route" signs... right? Wrong. I got lost. **; Wandered around the countryside for a bit, managed to get back to the roadblock, phoned home to get support from my father (who knows the roads better than I do, not to mention he had a map and I didn't...). Found a way around the roadblock, got to my singing lesson an hour late. But I could have my lesson anyway, phew.
Then I find out my singing teacher's pregnant... I'm happy for her, but she was the last person I expected to get pregnant. **;
After the singing lesson I drive home, and decide to stop by the comic store... and find the One Piece Color Walk 1 artbook... and of course I had to buy it. With my lunch money for next week. **; I'm glad my brother owed me money, or I would've had to skip lunch every day next week. As it is I'll have to be careful how much I spend... ^^;

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May 29, 2003

So. Well. My mood's definitely

So. Well. My mood's definitely improving. How I know? Well, a happy eagle is a writing eagle. I'd been writer's blocked for months and right now, my hand is hurting because I just got done scrawling down 8 full notebook pages of story. :D I managed to fully rewrite the introduction / first scene to my NaNovel 2002, also throwing in some worldbuilding notes for good measure (history, geography, culture, and the like). And done some more character building. And fixed several inconsistencies. Damn, this feels good. :D

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May 28, 2003

I want the girl who's

I want the girl who's using "my computer" (read: the computer in the university computer room where I have installed Opera and mIRC and the like) to stop using it and go to lunch or something and leave it to meeeeeeee ...!!! Just as I finished typing that, she got up and left. Telepathy? XD

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XD Okay, I am amused.

XD Okay, I am amused. Looking through today's emails for a ML I subscribe to (originally the Italian ML for Card Captor Sakura, but it was dead, then it recently woke up again, and we're talking about everything CLAMP and other manga/anime as well)... well, there's a semi-serious discussion (rot13-encoded, too) about Chobits. More specifically, [rot13] jurgure Crefbpba ner, nu, shyyl shapgvbany "qbja gurer" be abg... [/rot13] XD Complete with jokes such as, [rot13] "lrnu jryy, vg jbhyqa'g or zhpu sha... vzntvar gur rkcrevrapr. BA - BSS - BA - BSS - BA - BSS - BA - BSS..." [/rot13]. XD It's true, too, at least for Chii... who knows where other Persocon have the on/off button. XD Poor Hideki.

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I just realized what weirds

I just realized what weirds me out so much about CLAMP's newest manga, "TSUBASA - RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE" (scans from here)... the plot is like a bad crossover/alternate universe fic. Come on, you know it is. Sakura and Shaoran in an alternate universe, where Sakura is a princess, Shaoran a lowly archeologist, Touya the king brother of Sakura who opposes their friendship, Yukito the court magician (or priest, whatever)... untold love, a weird symbol, unknown enemies, and the #1 cliche for crossover/AU fics... "to save her, I will send you to another world, where you'll meet this person who can help you". XD

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May 27, 2003

I'm evil, you're evil, everybody's

I'm evil, you're evil, everybody's evil. QED.

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I don't often use

I don't often use forum (image) smileys in here - but that one fits for some reason. :p
So, good morning. As expected, I'm all knotted up, and wish I could have stayed in bed. This morning when I moved to get up my muscles loudly protested.
And nothing else is new, as expected. Email this morning, as always, was all spam...

Oh, yes, before I forget. I don't suppose anybody has interesting information, links, and the like on how foreigners are treated in Japan?

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May 26, 2003

Owww. Sore. Cramped up. Went

Owww. Sore. Cramped up. Went to volleyball practice this evening, and since it was the last time for a bit, we ended up playing. And since the girls were two people short from two full teams, me and the trainer ended up playing. Ow ow ow. I'm gonna regret this tomorrow, haven't played like this for a while... ow. My team won though ^^v And it was fun, very fun. So it was worth it in the end. ^^

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May 24, 2003

Boredom + plasticine + instructions

Boredom + plasticine + instructions found wandering randomly around the net == DorkBird (alternate photo, from a different angle). It's not very noticeable in the photos (that, and the photos are a bit blurry and overly dark and I can't be bothered to correct them...), but the critter's sitting in the corner of my keyboard now. *grin* I'm easily entertained, what can I do?

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Hmpf, we had to cut

Hmpf, we had to cut down a tree in our garden because it was dead... damn, I loved that tree. :( It'd been there quite a while. It must've died sometime in the winter, as it was fine last year, but it didn't flower this spring. And yes, it was deader than a doornail when we cut it down. I saved a branch of it for myself, as a staff (not that I'll ever really use it, but meh), since it's gonna be turned into firewood, and I can peel the bark off with my fingers with minimum effort.
At least we won't be tree-less... several other trees in our garden, and there's a lot of trees outside our garden too, and this spring (as all springs) has spawned several "illegal aliens" so to speak... we just have to pick which tree we want and then transplant it where we want it. Which is a good thing. And hopefully my father will listen to me and transplant several. I can't pick between maple, hornbeam, acacia and false acacia, I love them all.
Now my hands smell of wood... nice smell. Makes me feel safe.

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May 23, 2003

Augh. I'm hungry. And I

Augh. I'm hungry. And I spent almost all my money on manga... again. What do you buy with €2.96? I don't think I could even get a slice of pizza and something to drink at the pizza place at the train station or some fries and something to drink at McDonald's... ;_; I'll have to see if they've restocked the vending machine at uni. ;_;

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May 21, 2003

Speaking of websites, if there's

Speaking of websites, if there's one website I hate, it's the website for Italy's railway company.
Going to the site, I'm faced with an useless "pretty" flash movie, with the possibility to select languages. And a first popup, which not only is annoying as all fuck, it also defeats the purpose of the language selection, as it's Italian-only and specific to Italy.
Moving on, if I pick Italian, I'm faced with another popup, advertising some new service (I forget which, I closed it almost immediately and I'm not masochistic enough to reload, thank you so much), and an absurdly cluttered page, of which the part most people use (the form to check train times) takes up 1/4. The rest is clutter, clutter, clutter. Including a clock that pulls the time from your system clock, is so small it's utterly useless, and isn't even recognizable as a clock at first.
Have I mentioned the form to check train times is horribly broken in anything but IE?
If I pick another language, I get the same page structure, only it's absurdly empty, since all the information on the Italian site is Italy-only. Oh, and the clock is missing, which is a minor improvement.
The exception is the English language page. It has a different layout, which IMHO is much better (simpler and clearer, less cluttered); but it's stupid that a site has the same design everywhere except in a subpage. And the form to check train times seems to be coded differently, I shall have to check it at home to see if it works in Opera. I might start using the English page to check train times, since it has no popups and is much nicer...
[EDIT] It's broken, but much less badly. I can check train times with it if I have the patience to wait for one more page to load to have my results. I can deal with that. [/EDIT]

(I was checking train times because, for the first time, I was so absorbed into what I was doing that I missed the train, incidentally. And I got irked at the site design and decided to ramble.)

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Right. So I have this

Right. So I have this website to do for work exp, yeah? (Long story, don't think I've mentioned it... basically, they told me one morning, "we looked at your websites, we like your style, we have this website that needs to be built, can you do it for us?" - and what could I say but yes? Heh.)

They've finally given me some material to put into the website, so I'm wandering around the internet for design inspiration, and looking at websites about HTML and CSS and the like, to refresh my memory. And while looking, I got an idea... I want to build this website using CSS extensively, hopefully avoiding tables for positioning, and perhaps avoiding using images too.

It's not a bad idea, per se, and it could be fun. There's only one tiny problem... I've never used CSS much before. All the CSS I've done so far was limited to styling a text field and button here (the subscribe bit of the sidebar), and, more extensively, for borders and text and the like on my photolog. It's not going to be easy.

But I'm looking forward to it.

I would ask for somebody to please shoot me, but I'm afraid that would make me even more masochistic. :P

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There. Snapped into not caring,

There. Snapped into not caring, cleanly, just like that. You know that person from the USA I mentioned a few posts ago? Well, whatever he does, I no longer care. I've had enough. He obviously does not want to deal with me any longer, so why should I bother?
I wish it hadn't come to this, because I really cared for him. I wish him luck in his future endeavours, whatever they may be, and if he ever comes back, I'll be there, and we can talk and straighten things out and maybe even be happy together again.
But until then, he's my past. There's other friends waiting for me in the future, and I won't stop to look back any longer.

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Cold today, but at least

Cold today, but at least it isn't raining. The sky is the bluest blue it's been in a while.

Asked mother dearest for some money this morning - lunch money, because I'd run out of money for the week yesterday - and she went, "well don't you have your own money?" So I explained I'd spent it all on stuff, like I tend to do, and she said, and I quote: "Well, if you can't go to sleep at midnight like I keep asking you to do, I don't see why I should give you lunch money". So, uh, because I went to sleep at about half past midnight rather than midnight, she wanted to force me to skip lunch, something she's scolded me for doing once or twice "because skipping a meal is bad for your health". Am I the only one who sees a major contradiction here?
She eventually relented and handed over the money, but still...

And to the idiot who nearly backed up into me this morning: look, lady, I appreciate that having a Big Fuckoff SUV makes you feel Really Powerful and all, but you need to look where you're going. Parking on the sidewalk so nobody can pass while you take your sweet time buying your newspaper and yammering on and on with other people, and then backing up without looking if anybody's behind you, is utterly idiotic. Owning a Big Fuckoff SUV doesn't make you own the road, nitwit.

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May 20, 2003

I just finished reading this

I just finished reading this book. Now I want chocolate. Stupid book. -_- (It was a nice book. But it made me want chocolate, and I don't have chocolate. Thus it is stupid.)

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Took half an hour to

Took half an hour to take a single photo yesterday. My father insisted he could just take it for me, and got annoyed when I refused. Is it so hard to understand that I want to take my own photos, thank you so much, and it's not a photo I can call mine if somebody else took it for me?

I'm supposed to lend my digital camera to my father tomorrow, too. I dunno if I trust him with it, but I'll have to or my parents will bitch at me. Sigh. Not even what I buy with my own money is entirely mine.

People keep pleasantly surprising me. Which figures, of course. There has to be something to balance out a certain person (who lives somewhere in the USA, isn't going to be named but knows who he is if he ever read this, not that he ever has, and is acting like a five year old throwing a tantrum) unpleasantly surprising me. The Good is starting to outweigh the Bad. I might even end up being completely happy, at this rate. Imagine that.

This guy sitting on the left of me in the computer room at uni, just now, fiddled with the monitor of the computer for a bit, turning it off and on and off and on and off and on, trying to get it to come to life (the computer was turned on, the monitor was obviously in powersaving mode and therefore blank), until I got bored and nudged his mouse. And sure enough, the desktop immediately popped up on the monitor. Sigh. Technoidiots.

It's cold this morning, and threatening to rain. Somehow that doesn't surprise me at all. I wish I could have stayed in bed, warm and safe, and dreamed some more, but there's always a point where you have to wake up, stop dreaming, and adjust to reality again.

Good morning...

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My brother has modded an

My brother has modded an xbox controller to make it work with his PC (ahh, the wonders of standardized components). For a bit it looked like it wasn't working and he'd blown 40 for nothing, but it does work. All hail his geekiness.

I'm tired.

That is all.

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May 19, 2003

It's completely silent here and

It's completely silent here and I hate it. I need something to distract myself, to keep me going until lunchtime comes and I can go talk to my friends. I need music but I can't sing, I need writing but the words won't come, I need a corner I can curl up in and cry but there's nowhere I can do that, not here, not at home.

And there's work I have to do.

What a way to start the week, eh?

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Cat's out of the bag,

Cat's out of the bag, despite all my efforts to keep it in. Had to happen eventually. Let's hope it turns out to be for the better...

Me, I'm just tired of feeling like shit.

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May 18, 2003

There's evenings the hurt catches

There's evenings the hurt catches up with you, from a completely random comment made by somebody else, because you are still not quite used to it... so you go cry to the one person you'd sworn to yourself you'd never cry to... and against all expectations, he makes you smile.
Friends lost, friends found...

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Symptoms of boredom: so many

Symptoms of boredom: so many tabs open in your browser of choice that you can't even see the page titles anymore, you're just clicking blindly.

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May 17, 2003

Photolog is online. \o/ Opinions

Photolog is online. \o/ Opinions please.

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My photolog is nearly done.

My photolog is nearly done. All I have to do is dig through the photos folder and pick out the ones worth showing... which is more difficult than it sounds, since I have 1000+ photos in that folder. Either way something should get posted by tomorrow evening. Yay. \o/

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May 16, 2003

Who'd have thought that microbes

Who'd have thought that microbes could be cute? GIANTmicrobes, stuffed toys made to resemble microbes (only a million times bigger and a million times cuter). Personally, I like the flu virus the most, though the common cold is also rather cute.

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Hmpf. Wish I could've seen

Hmpf. Wish I could've seen the lunar eclipse... but I was, well, sleeping. :p Looking at images just isn't the same thing, though.

And in other news, boredom is the force that moves the world... Nigerian Scams blog.

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May 15, 2003

I had a nice long

I had a nice long post on my city's library all typed up yesterday, but the internet connection croaked just as I was posting it and of course I couldn't recover it, since I hadn't copied it to clipboard before hitting "post" (stupid me) and IE wouldn't let me go back without reloading the page (stupid piece of shit that passes for a browser). Let's try to reconstruct it a bit...

It all started from me wandering the internet and stumbling upon my city's library's website. Seems that everybody has a website nowadays, but I like that one, it's made well. It even has a site map, which is a good thing since it's full of info. And I like the design.
I should go back to visit that library sometime, haven't been there in years. Think I'll do that as soon as it opens again (they're moving it to another building, according to the site, so it's closed).
Maybe I'll even borrow some books... though I'll have to dig up my old library card. I remember the number - 7387 - but I doubt that will be enough, especially since it's been years. And I don't know where it went, since I used to borrow books without having to show the library card, I showed up once a week so the librarian knew me pretty well. And she let me go over the limit and borrow more than three books at a time, too.
I could of course get a duplicate, but I can't be bothered to pay the fee... and I could register again, but I like my old low number. Even just a few years after I'd registered the numbers were already around 15000+, and that was ages ago. It's probably in a drawer somewhere, I'll have to dig when I get home.
I could of course use my brother's card... but I doubt he still has it, he was never as much of a bookworm as I was, and I used to use both his card and mine to borrow books simply because he never used it, so I could get six books rather than three. (This was before the librarian decided to just let me borrow as many books at a time I wanted.) He's probably lost it. And I don't like his number... 7388, obviously, since he registered right after me (it was summer and mom dragged us both to the library, "it's time you learn about the existence of libraries and stop making me spend so much in books" was how she put it if I remember correctly), it's nicely low but it doesn't have the symmetry-but-not-quite that 7387 has.
I wonder if the librarian I knew is still there... I think so, Teresa Schiavone says the site and the name is familiar. I wonder if she'd remember me or recognize me. Probably not, it's been years.
But then again, I used to go every week... heh. I still remember her face perfectly, and other things like where the shelves with the books I liked the most were, and how nice it was to just sit at a table in a nice and quiet summer afternoon, when it was hot outside but cool inside, and read and relax. (And how I hated it when students came to the library to research something, and ended up not researching but instead talking and laughing really loudly. I left almost immediately in those cases, picked up the books I wanted and borrowed them and left. And I still wish I'd had the courage to smack them over the head with an encyclopedia and tell them it's a library, be quiet, for fuck's sake, some of us are trying to read here.) And there are so many anecdotes I could tell... like that summer there was a temp worker at the library, and she was noting down borrowed books while the librarian tidied a few shelves. So I go up to the desk with my usual stack of books (I'd been particularly evil that day, I don't remember whether it was on purpose or not but I had a stack of a dozen books... 4x the borrowable amount), and she looks at me, at the pile of books, at me again, and starts making noise about how I can't borrow so many books, I will never read them in the time I could keep them (one month, ffs... a dozen books wouldn't last two weeks for me), I must follow the rules, and so on... then she calls the librarian over, points at me, and looks at her expectantly. And the librarian goes, "oh, her. I forgot to warn you about her. She's special. Let her borrow as many books as she wants."
Yeah. I should definitely go back sometime soon...

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May 14, 2003

Note to self: upgrade Opera

Note to self: upgrade Opera both at uni (still has 7.02... not today though, must remember to carry updated skin from home on a floppy before I upgrade) and at home (7.10 to 7.11, because I can... nothing major in the changelog, but I still like having the thing up to date).

I also should update the sidebar of this blog like I've been meaning to do for the past week. I keep forgetting when I'm home, and remembering when I'm somewhere I don't have all the links etc. I want to add to it (ie. when I'm at work exp or at uni). Hmpf.

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o.o Meep. I go in

o.o Meep. I go in the computer room at uni to check my mail and stuff while I wait for work exp to open... check my mail, come out of the computer room, and there's a large firefighter truck sitting in the road in front of uni. Along with a smaller firefighter truck and two police cars. And then as I was watching an ambulance arrived. o.o Apparently somebody saw fire or smoke or something... I don't know much, nobody I talked to knew much and I wasn't about to bother one of the policemen or firefighters to ask for info. (Though one of them asked me if from the stairs inside the uni you could get to the place which was supposedly on fire, to which I had to admit that I have no clue. Heh.)
I don't think anybody got hurt... I guess I'll have to check newspapers tomorrow just to be sure, to see if anything's mentioned.

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May 13, 2003

So I was looking for

So I was looking for a specific article off a certain Italian newspaper, online... went to the newspaper's site, clicked on the article, and got told that the full articles aren't available online before 2pm. Okay, fine, fair enough, they want to sell the newspaper, too...
...except the way they're protecting their articles is quite dumb. The articles are online already... and looking at the URL and cutting out a certain part of it (the date, specifically) will get you to the article fine. Observe: "protected" article - the actual article. I just removed "&Data=2003-5-13" (the date bit) from the URL.
(And yes, I'm aware the example won't last long, in just a few hours the article will be fully visible anyway... but I couldn't resist. I'd screenshot, but I'm not on my own computer. I'll do that some other time, if I remember to do it...)
Maybe I should tell them...? Naaah. Most people aren't clever enough to pull something like that, and if they have such a dumb "protection" system they deserve something like this happening. Not that I buy that newspaper, anyway... :p

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May 12, 2003

Feeling oddly detached, don't know

Feeling oddly detached, don't know why. Almost... out of touch with life.
Today at lunchtime the computer room was occupied by a teacher and his class, grumble... so I couldn't be online much, just half an hour or so. I wandered around the city a bit instead, and, just my luck, found several photo occasions... just today that I forgot my digicam at home. --;
Been drooling after some LotR sword replicas on sale at a comic/game store here... there's Glamdring, Sting, the sword of the Witchking, Narsil, Aragorn's ranger sword... I haven't even dared ask how much they cost, they're clearly way out of my league. (But I've looked online. Definitely out of my league. I could buy one, but I'd be completely broke afterwards. Heh.) That and my parents would freak if I bought one.
Oh yeh, forgot to mention... met an old friend on the train this morning... one of my old Scouts leaders, to be precise. She's not much older than me. She apparently works here and takes the same train I take each Monday... I've never seen her, which is odd, as there aren't many people taking that same train. Eh well. We decided to meet on Saturday to have a little chat (the train was noisy, and I was sleepy, so we couldn't talk much). Looking forward to it, I hadn't seen her for a while.

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Have I mentioned how much

Have I mentioned how much I hate my goddamn allergies? Probably, but it bears repeating. I hate my goddamn allergies. Bleh. Sore throat, itchy eyes, runny nose... and all when I gotta go to work exp and can't stay home wallowing in misery. Bleh.

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Been a bit since I

Been a bit since I last posted.
My temperature's now gone, and despite my dark predictions it did not fuck up my weekend too much. Yay.
Went to see X-men 2 this afternoon... fun movie. Cartoonish, as the first one was, but meh. Fun to watch. Storm kicks ass, she's always been my favourite character for what little of X-men I've read/watched... Wolverine is also cool, and Nightcrawler rocked.
Been having fun in IRC... met new people, and they're a fun group to be with. Which is good.
Apart from that... mreh, nothing else I think. No more stupid dreams, that's also good.

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May 08, 2003

Right. So I get home,

Right. So I get home, feeling a little unwell, yeah? Almost fell asleep in the train, woke up just a few minutes before the train pulled into the station. I chalked it up to the heat (+30 C is not pleasant weather to be in, especially when there's no wind at all), but decided to check my temperature, just in case.


37.5 C, when my normal body temperature is around 36.5 C this time of the year.

Shoot me now.

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Stupid dreams. Stupid, stupid dreams.

Stupid dreams.

Stupid, stupid dreams.

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May 07, 2003

Just noticed I've been tormenting

Just noticed I've been tormenting a paperclip, bending it in various shapes. As if my hands weren't hurting enough already (a side-effect of volleyball two days ago that still has to go away). *stops*
The construction workers outside have stopped banging on steel with steel hammers (which they did throughout yesterday and this morning). Now it sounds like they're having an argument with glass bottles and smashing as many as possible. Or maybe it's tiles, or something like that. Who knows. All I know is my ears don't really appreciate the noise.

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Mrh... well that was nice.

Mrh... well that was nice. Just had a nice chat with two coworkers about stuff. Yeah, just random stuff... got an invitation to go have lunch at the house of one of them sometimes next week, then the conversation went from allergies to singing (and opera in general) to manga to my websites. They looked at my websites, complimented me on them, said maybe I could help them tidy up the website of the magazine... yay. Maybe I'll do it, maybe it'll turn out to be nothing, but either way it was nice.
Quite warm today, +29 C last I checked. Makes me want to go curl up outside in the sun and doze, or maybe read a book... it was nice this morning when I was waiting for this place to open to be sitting in the park, reading, with the morning sun warming my back. Now that it's warm enough I do it almost every morning.
Still can't write, but I'm getting better... getting decent work done on the second draft of my NaNovel 2002, which is nice. I need to force myself to write, push out feelings into writing, I have so many story ideas that are just sitting there unused... it's a waste. Hopefully I won't be so tired this evening that I'll be without the will to write again. Mreh.
How much do you want to bet that mother dearest reads this and whines at me for blogging during worktime? XP

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May 06, 2003

Via Neil Gaiman, amusing things

Via Neil Gaiman, amusing things to do. Now I know where to go next time I'm bored...

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Fwah. Tired. Cramped up. Starting

Fwah. Tired. Cramped up. Starting to get a headache, which isn't helped by the construction workers banging on steel with a steel hammer right outside the goddamn window. Need to stop rubbing my eyes, the allergies aren't helping. Aaargh. Soon as I get out of here, I'm buying some candy and stuffing myself with sugar. Fuck lunch, I need raw energy.
FTP for my domain ( isn't working. Publishing this using the alternate FTP server. Not that this concerns any of you, it's just a reminder for me to check if it works again when I get home, and if it doesn't, prod my host. In this state, I'm likely to just forget otherwise.
And heh, just started thinking of titles for my NaNovel 2002 (still work in progress, and something I want to finish and try to get published). How's "Phoenix rising" sound? "Phoenix reborn"? Blunt, but I can't think of anything else that isn't crappy, and any title idea is a step in the right direction. Yeah, yeah, shouldn't think of a title before I finish the thing, but meh...

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Gah. Cramped up. This is

Gah. Cramped up. This is what I get for going to volleyball training and working out hard after not going for a few weeks... mreh. At least I had fun.
Backpack update: still broken, but I don't really have another backpack to use (the only other one I have is much larger, and me + large backpack == lots of useless stuff carried around == back pains at the end of the day == not a good idea, and besides, I took it with me to Barcelona so I'd have to empty it, find a place for the stuff I brought home from Barcelona and assorted books that are in there at the moment, move my things from the broken backpack, etc.). It's working decently for now, more or less. It held together until I got here at work exp, at which point I set it down on a chair and the zipper opened completely... I guess I should be happy it didn't open while I was still walking. And at least today I was anticipating it, so I have half a dozen safety pins with me, just in case.
Abnormally warm today. Went from jeans + sweater to skirt + short-sleeved shirt in just a few days. Yesterday I was in jeans and a long-sleeved shirt and even with my sleeves rolled up I was melting in the afternoon. Gah. Not that I mind, I love spring and I love warmth... even if it is the season of allergies (gah), tourists (next time I have to wade through a Herd of Tourists to get where I need to go, I get murderous), and Jehovah's Witnesses (do I have something written on my forehead in secret script or something? "I am insecure, I am a heretic, please save me"?).
And yes, I'm aware I'm rambling. :p I'm bored. Bite me.

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May 05, 2003

Came home and found out

Came home and found out that mother dearest had tidied my desk. Which entailed moving my mouse to the center of the table, behind the keyboard, a whole pile of stuff (half of which wasn't even mine) to the right of the mouse, and the headphones on the right.
Now, keep in mind that my usual setup (mouse on the right, almost to the edge of the table, headphones on the left of the keyboard) has a reason... I'm righthanded, and any other way the cords would get in the way of typing / using the mouse. You'd think that after years of me having the same setup, she'd have realized that... but noooo. Mreh.

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My backpack is currently "held

My backpack is currently "held closed" by the two sliders of the failing zipper and by a minuscule safety pin I had with me, evenly spaced. Something tells me that either I find a way to fix/change the zipper or I can throw away this backpack. Bleh.

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Graaar. I'm wandering around the

Graaar. I'm wandering around the internet looking for information on some things - namely, looking for some press releases by a couple companies. Only it's not that easy, because the websites of said companies are hell to navigate... confusing Flash monstrosities. Fucking hell, what's wrong with plain sites where you can find all you need in a few minutes? Aren't they l33t enough or something? Take Diadora's website. Fugly, and I dare you to find something you're looking for in that mess. It doesn't even have a proper sitemap, like most complex sites do. (Or at least, I couldn't find it. And what's the point of a sitemap if it's not easily findable?)

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I feel stalked. *glares

I feel stalked. *glares at her mom* Yay for blog-reading parents and cellphones. "How come you're blogging? Don't you have anything to do at work?" Well I finished what I had to do and have nothing else to do for now, so nyah. XP

Speaking of people reading this. You. Yes, you. I know you're reading this. Talk to me, mmkay? No reason to hide.

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My backpack is broken... the

My backpack is broken... the main zipper doesn't work well, it doesn't stay closed. >:| Must find a way to fix that... I like that backpack a lot. Bah.
My evil cold went away, but now my allergies are acting up again. And I slept weird the past few nights... can't remember what I dreamed about, but I woke up tangled in the sheets, which is very odd and quite rare for me. And I always feel sleepy at the end of the day, like I wasn't sleeping enough... which definitely isn't the case. Curious.
And in other news, I got my brother addicted to GetBackers. Hee. I was watching the anime episodes I got off BitTorrent, he got curious and decided to watch the first one... then the second one... and to make a long story short, now he is far more impatient than me about the slow download speeds I get for the episodes off BitTorrent. ^^;; "Has the next episode downloaded yet? Well? Has it?" Must remember to dig up the manga from the Stack From Hell in my room and show that to him, too...

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May 03, 2003

Went to see Sen to

Went to see Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi. Liked it a lot... it's very worth seeing. Bit more on it later, probably.

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May 02, 2003

Up, down, up, down, my

Up, down, up, down, my mood's like a goddamned rollercoaster.
At least right now it's up...

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Heh... who am I kidding?

Heh... who am I kidding? Can't even convince myself.
I'm lonely. Lonely and sick of myself...

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