March 27, 2002

Just a notice to say,

Just a notice to say, I'll be away for a few days, I'm going to Florence with my family. I'll be back on April 1st, in the afternoon or evening. Just so you don't panic when I seemingly disappear. ;)

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You'd think that people knew

You'd think that people knew how to spell Britney Spears' name correctly (she's surely famous enough), but noooo...

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March 26, 2002

Heheh. I'd done it

Synthetic Android Intended for Logical Observation/Robotic Electronic Android Generated for Learning and Exploration

Heheh. I'd done it before, but it didn't give you the l33t image. ^^

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hey! asl? From the front

hey! asl?
From the front page:

Hey kids! Welcome to, a place where you can answer the question you love to hate - the 3 letter question that so many people think is a suitable way to start a conversation: asl

Over time our beloved question has evolved from "age/sex/location?" to "a/s/l?" to today's bland and punctuation free "asl" - aint the net grand?

You can create your own profile and directly link to it from your own site, or even just copy it to the next person who asks the dreaded question!?!##@#$^@%

...I'll just go over there and cry now. Brainless morons...

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March 25, 2002

And this is interesting too.

And this is interesting too. Pity they don't lend outside of the USA and Canada.

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Hrm. This looks interesting... but

Hrm. This looks interesting... but I value my books too much to just leave them around. Heh.

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The Alternative Dictionaries. Heheh. In

The Alternative Dictionaries. Heheh. In case you need to know how to tell somebody to go fuck themselves in other languages...

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And it took CNN this

And it took CNN this long to notice custom 404 pages? :p The 404 research lab was very well known some 3 or 4 years ago when it started, I remember seeing it around a lot when the anime community first started getting domains...

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March 24, 2002

Guess the dictator or the

Guess the dictator or the sit-com character. You think of a dictator or sit-com character, and answer the questions the site feeds you, and the site will try to guess your character. Amazingly entertaining, and not as easy to fool as you'd think.

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As promised... Pasta alla carbonara

As promised...

Pasta alla carbonara
(Note: this is my way of cooking it. If any other Italians disagree, I frankly couldn't care less. Spare yourself the trouble and avoid arguing with me over a recipe. ;)

This is for 2 people. You do the math if you want to serve more people or less (yes, GBM, I know maff is hard... ;). This also assumes you know something about cooking and you don't need your hand held through the whole process... :p

You need: one or two eggs, 100 gr. of smoked bacon, grated parmesan cheese, 200 gr. of pasta (true Italian pasta, the one made from durum wheat, not that thing made from soft wheat you foreigners tend to call "pasta" ;), salt, pepper, olive oil.

Put the water for the pasta on the stove. Break the egg(s) in a bowl, beat them, then add some salt, pepper, and grated parmesan cheese. Put some olive oil into a pan, dice the bacon, put it in the pan and fry it lightly. When the water for the pasta is boiling, add a teaspoon of salt to it then put the pasta in it. When the pasta's cooked, strain it, then dump it right into the bowl with the eggs in it. Add the bacon as well. Stir so that the eggs thicken a bit (if they don't do that and are still too liquid, put the whole thing back on the stove for a few moments so they thicken properly), then serve immediately, adding a bit more parmesan on top once it's in the plates.

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Oh, this is interesting... the

Oh, this is interesting... the Museum of Hoaxes.

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And just because Calvin &

And just because Calvin & Hobbes kick ass:

You are Hobbes!
You're a bit too mellow to be an incarnation of Calvin, but you're still his best pal. You don't mind having fun, though, and enjoy playing tricks on your friends when they least expect it.
Take the What Calvin are You? Quiz!
w00t. Hobbes 0wns.

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March 23, 2002

For the "follow your pointer"

For the "follow your pointer" category of fun: rabbit want pointer!

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Mkay... recipe will be posted

Mkay... recipe will be posted tomorrow. (As in, tomorrow afternoon when I wake up, not as in just after midnight. :p) I've forgotten a detail, and I need to ask my mom, and my mom is already asleep. So yeah.

In the meantime, go and laugh at this. Hiyaaaaaa~!

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-_- I do not want

-_- I do not want to go and try on some of my "elegant" clothes to see if they still fit (duh, mom, I haven't grown an inch nor put up weight for years... of course they fit), and I most certainly do not want to go shopping for elegant clothes tomorrow if I (read: my mom) can't find anything "proper" for attending a marriage in my wardrobe! Augh. Why can't I just stay home?

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*sniffs the air* Mmm... lunch

*sniffs the air* Mmm... lunch is almost ready, judging from the smell. Pasta alla carbonara... mmm.
(If any of you non-Italians want the recipe, comment on here. I'll post it sooner or later.)

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March 22, 2002

Heh... so I went to

Heh... so I went to my singing lesson today, as I do almost all fridays. My mom tagged along this time. At one point, we were discussing my voice... my teacher said, "it's strange, it's like her voice is shifted up by a third, she goes easily from E to E (and beyond) instead of from C to C (two octaves, not one, f00). And then it somehow turned to discussion of how strange I am, not just my voice.
Here's what she basically said:
"It must be difficult for your parents to have a daughter like you. You're exceptionally bright. It's like you have already lived five years more than other people your age. You are extremely simple, and extremely complex. Sometimes vulnerable, sometimes incredibly strong. Sometimes gentle, sometimes ruthless. Always beautiful."
It's not often than people can leave me completely speechless.

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And in other news, after

And in other news, after an incredibly cold January and February and a cold-ish most of March, the last few days have been summerish. I went from wearing two sweaters to wearing just a shirt and wanting ice cream. Hey, Mother Nature, that shit ain't funny. Cut it out.

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But on the bright side,

But on the bright side, I am now on holiday until the 8th of April. \o/ Sleep, relax, fun, here I come. \o/

(You try running on four hours/night for a week, and then tell me if it's fun. I've been told the circles under my eyes look painted on. But all my fellow classmates are in the same situation, so it doesn't really bother me that I look like shit.)

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...I'll go collapse later, I

...I'll go collapse later, I have another rant.
You know those wonderful spring days? When the air is scented of flowers, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the sky is blue...
...and the roads of Italian cities are full of students on school trips? -_-# Fucking HELL they are a pain in the ass.
I am hungry as hell, but I'm skipping lunch today. Why?
Okay, imagine this scenario. I finish the exam, and go to the nearest place where I can eat, ie. McDonald's, to eat something. I go inside, and there's a truckload of screaming kids and loudly talking students, probably over a hundred, and the teachers are queuing to order food. "...No way I'll eat here", I think, and go look for another place to eat. Well, all the places where I could eat without spending a lot of money I don't have are in the same situation, even the bar at the station. Augh. It would take me two hours just to ORDER - nevermind eat. And the train is at 1:57pm, and I have no intention of missing the train just to eat. I'll eat at home.

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Have you ever met the

Have you ever met the Evil Bastard Devil Exam From Hell? I'm sure you have.
You know that exam when the whole class takes a look at the questions and simultaneously goes, "fuck!"? You know that exam that you're supposed to do in two hours, and the teacher graciously allows you three, and you know you won't make it anyway? You know that exam where, halfway through, the only thing you can think about is how your hand hurts like fuck from all the writing and you wish you were ambidexterous so you could switch hands sometimes? You know that exam where, after it ends, you have blisters on your hand from writing too much? You know that exam where, even when the teacher finally agrees to allow you three hours and a half, you know you won't have time to stop and think, not even for a second? You know that exam where half of the questions are on stuff that wasn't in the textbook and that you know the teacher didn't say because you did not miss one lesson? You know that exam where the teacher (who isn't the class teacher, but another teacher, since the class teacher didn't even deign to come to the exam) finally takes pity on you and your classmates and allows you to discuss questions, ask for help, look at other people's answers, and all that?
I can't believe I survived. Excuse me, I'll just go collapse in that corner over there now. x.x

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March 21, 2002

Exam 2 out of 3

Exam 2 out of 3 done. w00t. \o/
Tomorrow's the Dreaded Journalism Exam... bleh. But then I'll be free! Free! Easter holidays! Free! FreeeeeEEeeeeeEEEEEeee!!! Mwahahahahaha! \o/ \o/ \o/
*cough* Ahem. Sorry. ^^

I did miss the train again today... .. But I think the exam went well.

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March 20, 2002

Went shopping for groceries this

Went shopping for groceries this morning, and the supermarket I went to sold balloons as well... and I couldn't resist, I bought some. Heh. I'm still such a kid sometimes. I can spend hours playing with balloons, or windmills, or stuff like that. My mom always tells me that I'm an adult now, and I should stop doing these things, but you know what? I really do not give a damn. Nothing wrong with having some fun sometimes.

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March 19, 2002

So I had an English

So I had an English exam this afternoon... woke up this morning, after four or so hours of sleep, feeling incredibly tired and incredibly nervous (which was odd in itself, I've never been nervous before an English exam before). I had breakfast, logged on to IRC, talked with my friends for half an hour or so, then it was time to leave and go to the train station (there's one train every couple hours, so to get to uni at 2pm I have to take the 11am train). When I got to the train station, my nervousness for the exam vanished, replaced by panic.
I'd missed the train.
After a few minutes of panicked thinking ("crap crap crap crap now I'll miss the exam crap crap crap crap"), I went to the ticket office and asked if there was another way to get to the city I study in by 2pm. There was. \o/
And the funny thing is, the ticket guy started hitting on me... "Oh, of course there's another way, there's my car! There's always my car for a pretty girl who has missed the train and needs to go somewhere in a hurry!" *^^*;
Anyway, I spent a hour and a half on two different trains, but in the end, I managed to get to uni in time for the exam. Which went well, I think (I hope). \o/

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March 17, 2002

The Age Gauge. Now I

The Age Gauge. Now I feel young... :p

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McDonald's work day simulator. Heheh.

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March 16, 2002

And in other news, my

And in other news, my dad is in Brasil for a "conference". Yes, "conference", because it's a half day of conference and then a full week of sun&sea, all expenses paid. And it's raining here.

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Meh. I just know that

Meh. I just know that Saturday the 13th of April will suck. How do I know so in advance, you ask?
Well, one of my cousins is getting married. My family's invited to the marriage. I will have to go. I have a truckload of relatives. I've lost count of how many they are, probably way over 100.
See where I'm getting at yet?
The ceremony will start at 10:30am. After the ceremony, there will be - you guessed it - this huge lunch with all the relatives. The "lunch" probably won't end before 6:30pm.
8 hours of getting cooed over by relatives ("My, how much you've grown!"), 8 hours of being stuck in uncomfortable clothes (pardon me, "elegant" clothes - I can only pray I won't be forced to wear a dress), 8 hours of headaches (you have any idea how loud 100+ people in a restaurant get?), 8 hours of complete, total, utter boredom, with absolutely nothing to do. As I'm no longer a kid, I won't even be able to escape to the restaurant's garden to have a little peace.
Just kill me now. Please?

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March 15, 2002

#1 on the list of

#1 on the list of Things I really Do Not Want To Happen In The Morning:
My mom waking me up at 8am, bitching at me and not saying why, then coming to bitch at me at 9am again without saying why, then leaving. And then me finding an email from her sitting in my inbox, bitching about how I'm wasting my life, not studying, not doing anything, not getting up early (she's normally out of the house at 7:45am, how the fuck can she know I don't get up early? I usually get up at bloody 8:15am each day, that is not late), blah blah blah. She spoiled my whole day right from the start. Again.
If my mom was somebody I knew online, I'd put her on ignore. As it stands now, I'll probably go and put her in the block sender list on my email so her stupid emails bounce, goddamnit. She doesn't even have the guts to tell me things in person, she has to resort to email.

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March 14, 2002

And another one! And this

And another one! And this time it doesn't whack the Googlewhack page! *dances some more*

(Yes, I'm bored. How did you notice?)

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*dances* I found a Googlewhack

*dances* I found a Googlewhack that follows the rules! \o/ (No, I'm not going to list it here. :p Google spiders this page, and it would invalidate the whack. It's listed on the whack stack, though.) It whacked the Googlewhack page itself, so I was unsure whether to list it or not, but eh, it's not in the rules... so I'm going to assume it's valid.

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For the "much ado about

For the "much ado about nothing" cathegory: Google hit by link bombers. Please. It's not the tragedy you're making it out to be. And I would certainly love to see businesses try and replicate the "weblog link factor".

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Hey look... my birthdate is

Hey look... my birthdate is contained within the first 100 million digits of pi (specifically, 13270308 digits in; 638731 if you use the shortened version). Go on and pi-search!

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Quite interesting article, but I

Quite interesting article, but I have to disagree on one point.

Anyone who has ever blogged can tell you why: it's a lot easier to blog a quick link than it is to come up with your own content! When you come across an interesting link during your surfing, just stick the link in a blog window, snippet out a quote, and (if you're up for it) add a quick comment. It may only take you a minute... but if your visitors check out the article, then they could up to half an hour of reading out of it.

Compare this to a personal blog about your life - it can take half an hour to write, but your readers only get a minute of reading out of it. With such brutal time-economics working against personal blogs, the majority of blog posts are made up of the familiar link + quote + comment.

Perhaps. And perhaps, it's exactly what I'm doing right now with this link, too. But there are a few things that the author of this article overlooks.
Firstly, blogs, for what I know, were originally born not as "personal diaries", but as what are now known as "linkblogs": places where the person running the blog linked the interesting things he or she found on the internet. Then, later, they morphed into the several varieties of blogs that exist today. I could list at least three: the "linkblog", composed entirely of links; the "personal blog", composed entirely of things about the author, like a diary; the "story blog", where people who like writing collect the fragments of stories they write. And in addition, most blogs are not that clearcut: a blog could be, for example, mostly personal, with a few links and the odd story fragment.
Secondly, a person is free to do whatever they want with their blog. If they want to do only the link+comment, then let them. If they want to do only the personal stories, then let them. One is not better than the other, one is not easier than the other, one won't make you more popular than the other.
For a linkblog, true, it is easier to spread links and memes, which was the point of the article, but it does not make them better or easier to write than personal blogs. Most blogs nowadays are mixes, anyway.

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The Ultimate Flash Face.

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I write odd stuff when

I write odd stuff when I'm nearly asleep.
Heheh. I barely remember writing that... I was already half asleep and my light was already off, but I got the idea for that... thing, so I groped on the floor next to my bed until I found my notepad and a pen (which I keep there especially for cases like this), and without turning on the light, I scribbled that. When I reread it this morning, I went: "... o.O ... O.o ..." in sequence... heheh. But it's worth posting, if only because it's different from what I usually write.
Maybe I will attempt to write the music for it, too, someday.

¤ 02:58 PM ¤ Comments (1) ¤ cat just tried to cat just tried to pounce me, but he literally tripped over my headphones' cord. I have a stupid cat. -.-
And now the headphones no longer work well, too, because he all but ripped the cord out. If I move my head, the cord moves, and the sound goes out. Something tells me I will have to fix the cord of this pair of headphones in place with sticky tape.
It's the fifth pair I have to do that to.
I have no luck with headphones. -.-

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March 13, 2002

Binary people.

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Ralph's Clover. XD That was

Ralph's Clover. XD That was so incredibly funny. (Link courtesy of Ragabash.)

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Hey look...babaabba baabbaba baaabbaa bbabaabb

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March 12, 2002

Mmmhm. So I woke up

Mmmhm. So I woke up this morning around 8am, but decided to stay in bed "another five minutes"... Sleep = Good after all. ;) Of course, the five minutes turned into two hours and a half, and I got up around 10:30am. Had some breakfast (Food = another Good Thing), then went downstairs, turned on TEH INTARWEB and started my usual morning run through the TTLG Forums, and turned on ICQ as well.
About half an hour later, the Sound of a GBM came through my headphones. "And what the hell is he doing still awake? It's late, err, early, where he is", I thought. "Guess he's being stubborn again." So of course, me being me, I went to ask him why the hell he was still awake. I typed my little message, sent it through ICQ, and just as it sent, I received one message saying more or less "yes, yes, I'm going to bed soon I swear".
Something tells me I need to work on being less predictable. :D

(And I just went and read GBM's blog... heheh. So he was being stubborn after all. ;D

I win.


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March 11, 2002

*glowers at her brother* C'mon,

*glowers at her brother* C'mon, get off the computer, I need to use the mic... :p

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Try and find the hidden

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March 10, 2002

Mhm. Feeling somewhat better now.

Mhm. Feeling somewhat better now. Just so (more of) my friends don't see this and worry... :p

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I wish I had somebody

I wish I had somebody to talk to.

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Look at me waste my

Look at me waste my time with this until I decide that I can't possibly manage to get anything decent to come out of that and I give up.

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I'm seriously considering putting my

I'm seriously considering putting my shields back up full force and going back to being a loner again. Screw family, screw friends, I don't like hurting this much.

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Dymo tape. You can even

Dymo tape. You can even send a dymo message via email to another person.

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I still hold that all

I still hold that all men (especially those that routinely make "that time of the month, eh?" comments) should spend one month as a woman. Or if not one month, then at least that one particular week of the month. -_- Then maybe at least they'd stop it with the stupid comments.

Gahh. Cramps cramps nausea cramps cramps nausea ARGH.

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Love lift us up where

Love lift us up where we belong
where eagles fly over mountain high...

Yes, I have the Moulin Rouge soundtrack stuck in my head. -.- *grumbles and goes to hunt for mp3s* I will have to buy the CD next time I have a chance, because my mom has got it stuck in her head too, and I'll be damned if I can explain to her how mp3s work.

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March 09, 2002

Went to see Moulin Rouge

Went to see Moulin Rouge with my family. It was... well, better than I was expecting it to be, to be honest. It's basically a modern version of La Traviata (an opera, if you didn't know :p)... some elements were changed, but the main plot was kept.
I heard some people complaining that Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor's singing sucked... well, it didn't. It wasn't excellent, to-die-for singing, but it was perfectly fine and even slightly above average in places. Thank God they did not dub the songs... instead, they simply dubbed the dialogue and left the songs in English, opting for subtitles. Yay, the people who dubbed the movie had a brain. \o/
At the beginning the movie's a bit... well, over the top. ^^; But it's good, really. Made me cry at the end, of course, like the soft-hearted fool that I am. Heh.

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And for the "people are

And for the "people are weird" category: a man will be buried with a sex doll.

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Oh, hey look... the universe

Oh, hey look... the universe isn't blue after all, it's beige. Boring color if you ask me. ;)

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...and people wonder why I

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March 08, 2002

Zeruel, I'm nearly finished with

Zeruel, I'm nearly finished with the 2nd year of 4. :)
Great new layouts, by the way. I should really get off my lazy ass and make an OP layout too...

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What, is this week the

What, is this week the week of Very Accurate Test Results? This description fits me like a glove:

Mmm, I am Lemon Flavoured.
I am bitter and twisted. Expect from me acerbic humour and sharp commentary. While I may seem nasty at first, I'm actually quite good company if I like you, so long as you don't mind a bit of cutting to the chase. What Flavour Are You?
(Link off Reins.)

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Anyway. This morning I went

Anyway. This morning I went up, I went to the market with my mom, bought some flowers for my room (let's see if this time I can remember to water them daily and not let them die... heh), some books, some miscellaneous stuff, the birthday present for my brother. Then I came home, had lunch, got a phone call from my singing teacher that she has the flu so no lesson today (damn, I hope she gets better soon...). So I spent all the afternoon and evening on the computer, more or less, and here I am.

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O.O And 40 right now...

O.O And 40 right now... whoa.

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Damn, IRC is crowded today.

Damn, IRC is crowded today. 39 people in #thief right now, I don't think I've ever seen that many outside of a developer or memorial chat, and there isn't one going on at the moment.

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Well. My father got me

Well. My father got me some flowers for women's day. That I wasn't expecting.

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March 07, 2002

The Alphabet Synthesis Machine. I

The Alphabet Synthesis Machine. I just know I'm going to waste days with this thing. \o/

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The Eva-03, built with Legos.

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The Rubber Duck quiz. I'm

The Rubber Duck quiz. I'm either classic or sad, depending on which answer I pick in the one question I'm not sure of (I like two answers the same way...)

And a certain cookieman got pinkducked. Haha. \o/
(Well yeah, he is "very cute"... ;)

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If you want to make

If you want to make your brain hurt, try the online version of Rubik's cube.

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Zeruel: yeah, but I prefer

Zeruel: yeah, but I prefer to get out of university as early as I can. I hate studying much more than I can hate my parents. :p
Oh, and the translation of that blog post you wanted to know about... I really don't speak a word of French (yep, it's French), but my first language is Italian which is quite close, so I understood most of that. The person is listing some of their favourite blogs and says, about you: "The blog of an American student who seems to be devoured by a passion for alcohol, the "top of fun" is ending the evening drinking a Bacardi or a Whisky if you want." And I can't understand the last sentence. *shrugs*

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Oh yeah... my brother is

Oh yeah... my brother is turning 16 on the 9th of March (ie. in two days). I don't have the faintest idea of what to give him as a birthday gift. Help?

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Heheh. \o/ (Who wants

woo hoo.

Heheh. \o/
(Who wants to bet a certain cookieman gets "110% immature"? ;)

(Link off Reins. Great new layout, by the way.)

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And from the same site,

And from the same site, the designer edition of Star Wars.

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Obscene interiors. Hehehe. (And when

Obscene interiors. Hehehe. (And when you're finished with 1, go on to 2.)

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Get your Elvish name. This

Get your Elvish name. This is not your usual name generator, though. Somebody actually went and translated common names to Elvish, with the help of an etymological dictionary of names (the ones that tell you where the name came from) and a Quenya dictionary.

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Mmmm... Nocturnes by Chopin in

Mmmm... Nocturnes by Chopin in my ears, and the scent of violets in my nose. This is good.

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I have a violet in

I have a violet in my hair.
Yes, it's spring. Nevermind that it's still a little too early for it, it's definitely spring. My garden's blooming... first the snowdrops, then the croca and the forsythia, then the daffodils, and now the violets and primroses.
And as usual, the birds came back. The sparrows (I've counted ten of them) and the robins (three at least), the blackbirds (three) and the magpies, and even a few great tits (mind out of gutter, thank you so much :p It's what my dictionary says is the English name of this bird here). And I think I saw a swallow yesterday, even if it's way too early for them.
I love spring.

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Have I ever mentioned how

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the special logos Google puts up sometimes?

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March 06, 2002

Oh yeah, I did finish

Oh yeah, I did finish that essay after all, yesterday evening. It was a tad too short, so I bumped up the font size a little (hey, is it my fault if the teacher's stupid? she said we could use a serif or sans-serif font up to 14pt, I used 12pt Verdana) and messed a bit with the margins. O:)

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Okay okay, un'ultima cosa in

Okay okay, un'ultima cosa in italiano then I'll go back to English...
Mia mamma stava guardando il sito della Stampa (il quotidiano, avete presente no?), e ha trovato la pagina delle notizie "flash" mandate a quanto pare dall'ANSA sul web. Be', a quanto pare l'ANSA ha qualche problemino con la trasmissione di notizie... scendete un pochino giù per quella pagina, se non lo vedete guardate qui... XD

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[language switch] Oggi ho comprato

[language switch] Oggi ho comprato l'ultimo numero di w.i.t.c.h.... devo dire che mi è abbastanza piaciuto, il finale era carino anche se un po' scontato. Poi sono andata a dare un'occhiatina a Kandrakar, per vedere cosa si diceva della storia...

... ma LOL! XD

Phobos, intanto, se la rifà con la corona (qui si cominciano a vedere i primi segni di cedimento):
Phobos: "Maledetta!!! Come mai non riesco a distruggere l'incantesimo!"
Cedric: "Su sua eccellentissima luminosità stratosferica *lecc lecc* non si abbatta"
Phobos: "Tu pensi che io sia sconfitto?"
No figurati
Cedric: "Non sia mai, sua accellenza, onnipotente e risplendente *lec lec*"
Phobos: "E invece si, sono sconfitto."
Eh! Allora deciditi. O si o no, non è che abbiamo tutta la mattina!
Phobos: "E' colpa mia, sono un deficente, ho prosciugato tutto e qui e là e su e giù.."
Si redime? E' impazzito? Evabbè il suo piano è andato storto un attimino, che fa molla adesso? Dov'è finito il vecchio Phobos di una volta
Phobos: "Ma ho un asso nella manica!"
A-ah! Lo sapevo io!
Phobos: "Ci sono! Cedric, ti trasformerò in un orrenda pulce ipervitaminizzata e modificata geneticamente, e quindi, con una saggia mossa strategica, ti consegnerò PRIMA la corona e POI ti assegnerò il compito di uccidere le cinque guardiane MENTRE LA PROTEGGI, in modo tale che alcune delle simpatiche figliuole potranno rubarti la corona senza problema alcuno mentre le loro compagne ti tengono occupato!!!"
Io qui stavo letteralmente morendo dal ridere... XD

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Mmmhm... still alive. Heh. Thank

Mmmhm... still alive. Heh. Thank God for friends and chocolate.
Thanks to everybody who showed me they cared...
I honestly hope my parents will get a clue soon, though it's unlikely. -_-

Zeruel, the problem is I can't move out... almost no money of my own, I wouldn't last two days. -_- And my parents use that against me, too... "if you don't like it here, you're free to move out". Blech.

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March 04, 2002

*breathes deeply* Well. After I

*breathes deeply* Well. After I broke down crying, my parents apologized. Sorta. But it's better than nothing, right? Even if I fear they'll just go and do it again next time... :| I'm calmer now, though. Which is better than nothing.

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Yeah. Okay. Fine. So I'm

Yeah. Okay. Fine. So I'm supposed to be studying, supposed to be working on a 10-page essay that's due on Wednesday. I'm supposed to go to university tomorrow. I'm supposed to get on with my life.
But how can I? All I want is to curl up in a corner, and cry until I die. And nobody cares. Isn't my family supposed to care? But no, all they do is hurt me more. Make me feel like I'm not worth anything. Tell me I should just shut up and be quiet. Can't I have my own opinions? Can't I even dare to ask my dad to stop banging stuff on the table because it will ruin the table and besides, I have a headache because I slept very little last night? Do I not matter?

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March 03, 2002

To think I was happy

To think I was happy while driving back home from the cinema... "oh, yay, good day today, I saw a nice movie and then I bought some stuff I wanted". Huh. -_-

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And I just got bitched

And I just got bitched at again. All in all, today sucks ass.

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I just want a little

I just want a little privacy, you know?

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Went to the cinema, saw

Went to the cinema, saw Amelie from Montmartre (or whatever it's called, that French movie). It's fairly... well, cute, though the main character made me want to smack her sometimes.
Then I got some glow-in-the-dark cats to stick on my bedroom ceiling (\o/) and a large Aragorn poster to stick on my bedroom door (\o/).
Then I got bitched at by my mom for being a "whiny kid who never has enough", just because I asked if we could possibly have pizza for dinner (her line of reasoning was, "we already went to the cinema and you bought stuff for yourself, and now you ask for pizza?", nevermind that I bought the poster and cats with my own money and it was her idea to go to the cinema in the first place). -_- Bleh.

And no, I do not give a damn if my mom or brother read this. I know they do. I do not care.

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March 02, 2002

The What element are you?

The What element are you? test told me I am hydrogen:

Light and airy, you lack a lot of confidence. Not knowing where you fit in adds to your insecurity. You really are a great person. Just let others see you for you and try not to be so shy.
Fits me... almost uncannily well. o.O

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And I need to join

And I need to join this.

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I don't think I've mentioned

I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but my parents are off to buy a curtain to hang behind my back, between me and my father's desk, so we solve the Evil Glare On Screen problem. \o/ w00t.

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And for the "follow your

And for the "follow your cursor" category: The Man Project.

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Odd link of the day:

Odd link of the day: the Double Yolker.

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Note to self #3: if

Note to self #3: if dad complains about how much I spent on groceries, "well then, next time you go buy groceries instead" works extremely well as an argument to shut him up.

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Note to self: when buying

Note to self: when buying a lot of groceries, separate them into two bags if I want to get home in one piece. I nearly fell off my bicycle seven times when I was getting home from grocery shopping earlier today. -.-
Note to self #2: if possible, get dad to go grocery shopping instead. After all, he needs to learn how to do that properly. (Last time I went grocery shopping with him, a month or so ago, it was amusing as hell. He was like a kid... "oooh, can we buy that? why not? and that? why not? please? please? please?" heheh.)

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March 01, 2002

Google <3 Blogs.

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Time for some replies! scumble,

Time for some replies!

scumble, converting the archives is easy enough. The output's html files, after all, and I don't really care if I don't have them in my posting history. I can still link them from the sidebar. *points at the links called "old archives"* And if I need to edit them, I can do it via FTP.

Rosiel, *updates link* hehe. Hey, your blog is interesting, and I link interesting blogs I like to read. ^_^ Nice layout, btw.

Hay, GBM. Nice layout. And it doesn't sidescroll in 800x600! \o/

And a belated "welcome back" to you!

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