January 31, 2002

I just said to my

I just said to my mom, "smettila di canticchiare, sto listenando to musica". ("Stop humming, I'm listening to music". In correct Italian it would be, "smettila di canticchiare, sto ascoltando musica".) That's the first time in ages I've mixed up English and Italian that badly. I must be more tired than I'd realized. Guh.

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Guh. No fair. I have

Guh. No fair. I have a sore throat. And tomorrow I have my weekly singing lesson. Damnit, I was looking forward to going. >.<

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Blogdesigns, a site offering free

Blogdesigns, a site offering free blogs layouts for those who want to have a pretty blog but can't create layouts (or simply can't be bothered) and hate the default templates.

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Well, it's the last day

Well, it's the last day of January today. Whee, look how time flies.

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January 30, 2002

The Hastily Assembled 1 Page

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Apparently, I am an elf.

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And in the beginning, there

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I need sleep.

I need sleep.

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January 28, 2002

And an addendum to the

And an addendum to the addendum:
The next person I will see using large images for long text pieces because they want to use odd fonts (I've seen it done with FANFICTION, ffs) will be linked, laughed at, and publicly humiliated.

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An addendum to that rant

An addendum to that rant down below:
If you use any strange, odd, unreadable font for the text on your site, you need to be dragged out in the street and SHOT. I just found a site that used 8PT CARPENTER ICG (that font I use in my layout for my old blog archives, if you don't remember what it is) for the body text. HELLO, UNREADABILITY. Gah.
Anything except Verdana or Arial or Georgia or similar easily readable fonts that 99.9% of internet users has on their system is OFF LIMITS for body text. #1, because there's a good reason they aren't widely used except on images: they're hard to read. #2, because there's a huge chance most people won't have that font on their system, and so they won't see it anyway.
And on that same line, if you want to use one of those rare obscure fonts for headers, use IMAGES, fs. They won't turn out overly large in filesize, providing you don't fuck up the compression royally or use a .bmp (WHY do people use those, anyway? They don't have a single good quality, they're HUGE and only IE can load them. Having no image editing program except Microsoft Paint is no excuse, you can easily download one from the net.), and they won't have those godawful jagged edges that come from not antialiasing the font in large sizes.

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On a completely different note,

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I was just randomly wandering

I was just randomly wandering around the net and I found a site which had an introduction that said something like this:

This site is only compatible with IE 5.0 + 5.5. IT WILL NOT WORK WITH IE 6.0 OR NETSCAPE.
That same site had a layout that, since it was designed in a 1024x768 screen resolution, was unusable for me even if I went in fullscreen mode in IE.
Now, excuse me, but what the FUCK is that shit? That is not designing. It's not webdesigning when you alienate a good part of your visitors. Not everybody has a computer with the same specs (browser & screen resolution, in the specific) that you designed your site with. >.< Grr. Things like that irk the hell out of me. Especially the extremely restricted compatibility thing. Oh, whoops, what if people already upgraded to IE 6.0? Well that's too bad, isn't it? :P Good thing I still have IE 5.0... NOT, since I am not going to stay one minute longer on that site.
Speaking of which, do you want to know why I still use IE 5.0? No? Well, I'll tell you anyway. :p Well, first of all, I wouldn't use IE at ALL if it wasn't for some sites that will not work with Netscape. (Come on, it's not that hard to design a site so that it will work in Netscape too. I don't want it to look pretty. I want it to be readable and navigable. Is it that hard? If you find it hard, well sorry, you're not a "webdesigner", you're a lazy little shit. :p) *cough* Anyway, I'm digressing... back to the IE 5.0 argument. The main reason I still haven't upgraded is, IE 5.0 doesn't show colored scrollbars. Which is just as well, since there's this habit some "designers" have of making their scrollbars one solid color, the same as the background color, making me effectively unable to see the scrollbar. Ugh. And what's with the scrollbar on the left trend? Scrollbars aren't made to look pretty. They're made to be functional. They're made to scroll the text. No, scrollbars do not clash with layouts. Normal colored scrollbars on the right side of the screen have been there since day one. Everybody's always dealt with them, yes? Yes. Then stop whining and let me SEE and USE the damn scrollbars. And before you object, no, not everybody has a mouse with a scrollwheel they can use for scrolling instead of the scrollbar. I, for one, didn't until I got one for Christmas.
Oh, and hey, btw, if your text is so small that I have to squint at the screen to read it in 800x600, screw you and your site too, I'm outta here. I don't want to lose my eyes.
And if I go to a site, and I see something like "image 1 of 95 (or some other ridiculous number) loaded", well, I do have to wonder if you really have to cut up your image in so many tiny ickle bits. Especially since too many images on a page make my computer choke. (Have I mentioned I have a crappy computer?) And for that matter, if the total weight of said images is more than 500K, or, worse, hasn't loaded after two minutes (I'm on ADSL for crying out loud, not on a bloody 56K connection), I'm out. Guh. THINK, people.
Oh, and I do not appreciate being forced to click all over a layout to see where links are, because you've messed with the link colors so the links are not underlined and the same color as the text, or you're using a navigation which requires me to click on random bits of images, which are not labelled as navigation, to move around the page. And if you've messed with the cursor points, making the cursor stay the same when moving over a link and when it's on normal text, I HATE YOU. It should be IMMEDIATELY CLEAR how to navigate a site. I should NOT have to guess and random-click until I get it. If you're using a peculiar navigation, SAY SO somewhere on the page. "You have to click on that and that and that to navigate." Is it that bloody hard to do?
Not everybody has a state-of-the-art computer with a huge screen that can go to extremely high resolutions, a l33t mouse with scrollwheel and all that shit, a fast CPU that can support the newest versions of browsers (the computers in my university's computer room choke on three IE windows, dammit), or a fast connection that can download 500K+ of images extremely fast. Not everybody has a computer with IE on it, for that matter. HELLO, university computers with only Netscape or some obscure browser on them. Yes, I've seen some. Don't be a goddamn elitist. You have a computer with all the bells and whistles? Good for you. Not everybody does. Adjust for people who are less lucky than you.
That means, don't use more than 100K worth of images unless absolutely necessary (ESPECIALLY NOT ON A SITE THAT'S SUPPOSED TO BE INFORMATIVE, DUMMY), make your layouts work in bloody 800x600 and at least NAVIGABLE and READABLE in some browser other than IE (at least Netscape), don't hide the goddamn scrollbars, etc. etc. etc.
Too hard for your little l33t w3bd3s1gn3r sk1llz? Make a text-only version. I said, I do not care if the site looks pretty or not. I want it to be bloody readable and navigable. Is that too much to ask?

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Wowie! You are Redensek!

erm... good, I s'pose ^^
Wowie! You are Redensek! You are techy yet cute, and pretty much all around cool. Everyone loves you! You're fun, popular, and can mold yourself to fit right in to any situation.

I am McGonagall!
You are a PROF.MCGONAGALL to Harry! The teacher to everyone, you think you know what you're doing, and you usually do. Calm in crisis', collected when rushed you know exactly what to do all the time. You never panic and you are always in charge. You might want to loosen up and have some fun. People look up to you, remember that.
Which adult in Harry's life are YOU?

Uh. Erm. ^^;; Um. *looks around* I am SO not like that.
(Test links swiped from Reins. Btw, right now I just found a layoutable Chobits image so the Zoro layout will have to wait... ^^ And who knows, maybe I'll make a Mihawk layout instead. That would be fun, wouldn't it? Now I only have to go and scan some nice Mihawk images off my OP volumes... <3)

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January 26, 2002

YES. Chobits calendar scans. I

YES. Chobits calendar scans. I *heart* you. I've been searching for decent-sized images from that calendar for AGES.
And I actually wanted to buy that calendar... but I need a credit card which I don't have, so I need to ask my parents, and my parents said "no, you aren't wasting your money on an anime calendar". -.-
They're fine with me buying artbooks though... I wonder if a Chobits artbook will come out?

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The Human Clock. (Exactly what

The Human Clock. (Exactly what you think it is.)

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A random kitten generator. As

A random kitten generator.
As one of my friends said:
<CyberFish> A random kitten generator?
<CyberFish> I'm going to spend the rest of the day with this thing.
<CyberFish> They're soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.

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January 25, 2002

If anybody wants to learn

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Yeah, yeah, I know I

Yeah, yeah, I know I didn't post today... :P Couldn't be bothered.
Anyway, thanks to everybody who wished me a happy birthday... :)

Right, time for some social blogging and general discussion of things...

Great new layout, Reins! (Hey, where do you get all the Zoro pics? I want to try my hand at a Zoro layout some day, but I can't find any decent Zoro pictures... ;_;)

And this is quite late since I haven't had the time to make daily blog rounds lately... Zeruel, great new layouts. I like the "At a glance" one the most.

O.O Oh dear. Take care of yourself.

Pretty new layout! I love Clover.

Hey... a couple days ago your blog was giving a 404, and your domain a blank page. Did I have an internet hallucination, or...?

I have to agree on that rant about the difference between "nice" and "sweet". I get called "mean" when I'm simply being sarcastic or honest, and I'm really fed up with it. It's not like I don't help people, anyway. Most of the people I've yelled at I've also helped. And don't get me started on the people I've met (only a few, thank God) who take "I think you're wrong" as an insult. Ugh.

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January 23, 2002

Somebody got here with a

Somebody got here with a search for "how legolas got 2 be so cute". I have not the words.

Oh wait, I do. They're not mine, I'll just borrow them for a while.

O tempora, o mores.

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\o/ yay, happy birthday me.

\o/ yay, happy birthday me. \o/
Now that I'm 20, no longer a teenager... maybe I should start acting Mature And Responsible™.

...naah. :D Me be Mature And Responsible™? Not a chance in hell. :D

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January 22, 2002

And in the same English

And in the same English class, Mr. Stuck-up Asshole (remember him? the guy who thinks he's perfect) tried AGAIN to contradict the teacher on the meaning of a term. Now, occasionally the teacher is wrong, true, but this time the teacher was right. And the guy refused to back down even when the WHOLE class told him that no, he was wrong and the teacher was right. Idiot.

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Oh, and this morning this

Oh, and this morning this guy who's in my English class (nobody knows him well, he skips most classes so we don't talk often) fell asleep during class. o.O How do you do that? I mean, I never managed to fall asleep during a class, no matter how little sleep I'd had the previous night (sometimes I'd had as little sleep as 2 or 3 hours)... heh. The teacher said, "I thought I'd seen everything. But I'd never seen somebody fall asleep during class! Oh, this is GRAND!" and then she started laughing. Hehe.

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Anyway. Went to uni today

Anyway. Went to uni today for the first time in a week and a half. I was standing in the hall, reading the notices on the notice board, when Sasa, who is my best RL friend, arrived. He all but pounced me and said, "Where WERE you? Were you ill? I MISSED you! I was getting worried!"
Have I mentioned I love my friends yet?

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\o/ Me ADSL si wroking

\o/ Me ADSL si wroking perfectly again \o/

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O_O Fuuuuck... 148 k/s on

O_O Fuuuuck... 148 k/s on the mIRC download? What the hell do they have here, cable? This is new... last year the connection was extremely slow.

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O.O I'm at uni, and

O.O I'm at uni, and there's mIRC installed on one of the computers (the one next to the one I'm using)... Good God. First ICQ, and then this... And the other computers are still not fixed. Which probably means they've given up on fixing the computer room for now, since there's all sorts of chat programs installed on the two comps that are usable and no restrictions whatsoever... O.O Muh. *hurries off to download & install mIRC on this computer*

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January 21, 2002

Back on the dialup connection

Back on the dialup connection for now. (For the two hours and a half I have after dinner before I have to go to sleep, that is.) Not being able to get to half the sites on the net I try to go to is really annoying.

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People Cards. (Collect all six

People Cards. (Collect all six billion!)

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Meh. Some sites still don't

Meh. Some sites still don't work with my ADSL. It's a very minor thing, but it's still annoying. I can get to most sites by using a workaround, ie. an anonymous websurfing service, but it's a real pain in the ass.

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Mmmh. Feeling better now. And

Mmmh. Feeling better now. And I managed to get some sleep tonight, too, despite that nagging feeling. Yay. Thanks to everybody who did their best to cheer me up and make me feel less unsettled. :)

Now, I suppose I should get off this connection and back to ADSL... meh. I switched so I could get to a couple of sites that my ADSL wouldn't load (*whacks her ADSL provider* get you act together already, damnit), but this costs money and I can't stay on it forever. So yeah...
I wonder, will ICQ work on ADSL today? Ah, the thrills of my life. ;)

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January 20, 2002

I have this feeling there's

I have this feeling there's something wrong, and I must do something to fix it. I don't know why, and I don't know what's wrong, but I definitely get that feeling... like it's my responsibility. But of course I don't know what to do. It's unsettling me, it's making me feel odd... it's making me feel wrong, somehow. And I can't do a thing, except stop thinking about it, but it's not so easy because it's not a conscious thing. It's like something pulling at the edge of my consciousness, something that's always there and I can't get rid of.
I should go to sleep, I suppose. Heh. But last time something was gnawing at me like this, it took me a while to fall asleep.
Thankfully, I don't have classes tomorrow. Or rather, I don't know if I have classes or not. But the only class I could have is this elective one I don't HAVE to take. And I don't want to risk going to uni and finding out there's no class, because it would be a pain in the ass since it takes me 45 minutes by train to get there and trains are few and far inbetween, so it would take me ages to get back home.
At any rate, my parents will yell at me if I stay here any longer, so off to sleep I go...

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^^; My brother got

If I were a Slayers character, I'd be Zelgadiss Graywords!  Who would you be?

My brother got Lina Inverse, btw.

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Lord of the Rings: the

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Finished Soul Reaver 2. ^^v

Finished Soul Reaver 2. ^^v

(Warning - some spoilers)

The ending left me a little disappointed, to be honest... I wanted to kill Moebius, damnit. >:| And why did Janos Audron have to die... I liked the guy. :( The ending left it quite wide open for a sequel, which I hope comes. Poor Raziel.
God, but Sarafan Raziel was a stuck-up asshole. I'm glad I got to kill him. And all the other Sarafan, for that matter. This is a case of a story where vampires are good and humans, vampire hunters especially, are bad.

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Oh yeah... Hands off, Aragorn's

Oh yeah... Hands off, Aragorn's mine. ^_~

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Oh yeah... Lord of the

Oh yeah... Lord of the Rings.
Apart from the obvious squealing over Aragorn and Legolas (that bit when Legolas drew an arrow, stabbed an orc thing with it, and then shot it at another orc thing was great!) [please note: I've been an Aragorn and a Legolas fangirl since I read the books. I was about 10 then. I'm almost 20 now. I'm not a movie fangirl. Thank you.]...
I liked Bilbo, Frodo and the hobbits in general. Hobbiton and the Shire were very well done. Merry and Pippin reminded me a little of Fred & George Weasley, oddly enough. (Help, I think I'm HP corrupted.)
I liked Gandalf a lot too. (He's another of my favourite characters, even if of course he doesn't elicit fangirlish squeals... :P) I liked it when he "threatened" Bilbo, and the magic battle with Saruman was good. I heard some people complain that it wasn't "flashy" enough, but I think it was perfect as it was. It was more a battle of wills than a battle of magic powers, and if there had been lightning and sparks and flares and shit like that it wouldn't have been as effective (not to mention it would've made Gandalf a Token Powerful Wizard™, when he most certainly is not).
What else... Galadriel was cool, and the whole scene when Frodo offers her the Ring. And speaking of the Ring, I liked the different world when Frodo put it on, and the Eye of Sauron scared the crap out of me when I first saw it. (Past Sauron, however, did not scare me at all. He was a tad too... well, robot-like. ^^;;;) And Bilbo when Frodo refused to let him touch the Ring one last time... eek. Balrog was very cool. So were the Orcs and Uruk-hai and all the other monster things. Saruman was deliciously evil.
Aragorn and Boromir looked maybe a tad too much alike. I didn't have any trouble recognizing them, but my parents did so *shrug*
Oh, I cried when Gandalf "died", when Boromir died, and when Sam chased Frodo. Me = softy at heart. Heheh.
The scenery was wonderful, and all the places looked like I'd imagined them from the book. The characters, too.
And that is all for now.

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Yay, just got done a

Yay, just got done a hefty chunk of Soul Reaver 2. I'm at the Fire Forge now. Remember me saying the puzzles in the Air Forge were a mess? Janus Audron's palace is worse. I assume the Fire Forge is supposed to be easier, but I can't glide like fuck, so it took a lot of tries for me to be even able to get to the save point that's in the Forge. --;; Now only thing that's left is activating the Forge... but that can wait until tomorrow. I've had enough of gliding for today.

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January 19, 2002

LOL I just got a

LOL I just got a spam mail about some alternative to Viagra or something like that... only Viagra was censored in the email subject. "V*agra". Hahaha.

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*yaaaawn* Damn am I tired.

*yaaaawn* Damn am I tired. I'm half-thinking of going to sleep tonight instead of staying up... but no. :p Staying up until dawn is too much fun. That, and I've slept far too much for my own good during this week (at least 10 hours/night), so *shrug* I certainly am not lacking sleep. Maybe that's why I'm feeling so tired, because I overslept.
In other news, my ADSL connection's being moronic. Maybe they're messing with a firewall or DNS at the ISP, I dunno, but some websites I cannot get to. And it varies which ones I can't get to, so they must be messing with something. Eh... I hope it gets fixed soon. It's fairly annoying.
And I no longer seem able to send or receive DCCs over IRC... nor filesends over ICQ. Bleh. --; I haven't touched any of the settings, nor installed anything on this comp in ages, and they worked before, so I know it's not my fault... gahh. They're not indispensable, as I rarely use them, but it's quite annoying nonetheless.

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January 18, 2002

That was so COOL. Really.

That was so COOL. Really. Words fail me. (Which doesn't happen very often, might I say. ;)
More... coherent commentary tomorrow. I need to pull my thoughts together a bit.
And yes, I plan on going to see it again soon. Did you expect anything else?

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Finally going to see Lord

Finally going to see Lord of the Rings. Came out today, and I'm going to the first show available in my town. *dances* *dances* *runs off* \o/

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January 17, 2002

Recent search requests: Who let

Recent search requests:
Who let the idiots loose?
And I'm the only hit, too. Should I feel proud?

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I'm sure many people can

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*applause* I agree on all

*applause* I agree on all of those points, even if I'm guilty of some of the bad ones and probably don't do the good ones often enough. An addendum:

If English is your native language and yet you can't spell and refuse to use spellcheck because it limits your style or it's too much trouble or "everyone can understand me anyway", I probably don't like you.
People like that are bad. People who use slang, AOLspeak (u, ic, 4, neways, etc.) and l33tspeak on purpose; or misspell things on purpose (like this one person on a forum I visit who initially insisted on using "E" instead of "I", "butter" instead of "but", and a few other variations I can't remember right now), because it "sets them apart from the crowd"; well, people who insist on doing that, even if it makes what they write largely unreadable, make me want to kill them. Especially if they do that in fanfiction.

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I have to agree on

I have to agree on that. I've seen people take the mildest statements possible as "flames". For example: "I think the story you wrote was interesting, but sometimes you switch tenses in the middle of a sentence. The story would be more enjoyable if you corrected that mistake". That's not a goddamn flame. That's constructive criticism, pointing out something that's seriously wrong with a piece of writing. A flame (a mild and kinda stupid one, at that, at least for my standards) would be something like "Your story sucks, idiot. You deserve to die for what you did to the characters."
I guess nowadays people just aren't used to criticism, to being told they could be wrong. Replying to other people with anything else but nice comments is considered something you should not do.

To expand a little on the subject of discussion, I think there are different kinds of flames:
- dumb flames (like "OMG YOU SUCK YOU MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!111111111"), which come either from boredom or from utter stupidity and are easily disregarded by people who are in possession of that increasingly rare organ called a brain.
(I also consider "dumb flames" those written by those people who disregard all warnings and choose to, say, read a yaoi fanfic even if they're homophobic, and then flame the author for writing about gays. I don't care if those flames are well-written. Warnings were there, you ignored them, you have no right to flame.)
- normal flames, the ones with some thought behind them.
- awesome flames, the ones that manage to drive the point home better than any "calm" discussion would have. The ones that give the word "insulting" a whole new meaning, the ones that make you say "oh wow, I wish I could flame like that". An example? This one. I've seen it in many variations, short or long, with or without the postscriptum, and I have no idea who came up with that, but damn, I wish I could do something like that.

(For those who saw the first incarnation of this post... told you I would edit it. ;)

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This just told me I'm

This just told me I'm an ice cube. o.O Erm...

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January 16, 2002

LOL this made me laugh

LOL this made me laugh my ass off... specialmente visto che la "Tost" č stata anche la mia allenatrice di pallavolo nel periodo in cui giocavo. Ah, i ricordi...

(English-speaking people- no, I'm not gonna tell you what that meant. Use an automated translator. ;)

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Oh yeah... I was heading

Oh yeah... I was heading to the train station this morning and I was stopped by a nice-looking lady.
Nice-looking lady: "Excuse me, miss, do you have a minute?"
Me: "*blinks* Er... yes?"
Lady: "Did you know that all of these tragic facts that have been happening recently were prophetized in the Bible?"
Me: "*pause, thinking 'oh dear, why do I get all the religious freaks...'* Erm.. no."
Lady: "Do you ever read the Bible?"
Me: "*thinking 'oh, no, a Jehovah's Witness...'* Sometimes." (<-- lie)
Lady: "Oh, are you not interested in God?"
Me: "*sweatdrop* Err... no no, it's just that I don't have time, unfortunately... I'm a student, you see, so I don't have much time to do anything else but study. It's a pity, really, and I try to find some time to read the Bible whenever I can, but often I just don't have time." (<-- another lie)
Lady: "Oh that's a pity... Say, can I give you a flyer? I know it can be difficult to understand what the Bible says even if you read it... So you can read the flyer and if you're interested we can help you study the Bible when you have time..."
Me: "*another sweatdrop, wanting to end the conversation* Er, okay, give me the flyer and I'll think about it."
Lady: "*gives me the flyer* Good luck with your studies, and don't forget to make room for God in your life!"
Seriously. Why do I get all the religious freaks... what's the point in trying to convince somebody else to accept your beliefs, anyway?

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It's snowing again *dances* *dances*

It's snowing again *dances* *dances* *dances* And I don't have classes today *dances* *dances* * dances*

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How come imood doesn't have

How come imood doesn't have the "awed" mood? Nor does it have "appreciated", "startled" or "quizzical", for that matter. Eh.

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January 15, 2002

Good day today. Went shopping

Good day today. Went shopping with my mom and bought some stuff (some new manga, headphones for my laptop, and the LotR soundtrack). And it's snowing *dances* I love snow.

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January 14, 2002

Went shopping with my mom...

Went shopping with my mom... bought a pair of boots and a bag. Good God, help me, I'm becoming girly. HELP.
My mom said, "next time we'll buy tights for you"... NO WAY. Over my dead body.

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Your Lord of the Rings

Your Lord of the Rings character is... Legolas

There's a yearning in your soul, isn't there? Like the littlest Hobo, like Legolas the elf, there's something that compels you to keep searching.

You're looking for spiritual fulfilment and like most long-term wanderers through life you have a "travel light" sensibility. More interested in mystical than material things, you live closer to Heaven than most dead people. Which doesn't always go down famously with the living. If you could just disguise your disgust at their more earthy habits.

Not that you're all floaty and whimsical. Not at all. In fact, your rejection of worldly things makes you fearless and strong. You recognise that the important things in life are carried around inside you and not on your back. In the face of danger, hardship and despair, you are a rock.

But being the restless type that you are, you find that you sometimes fall prey to a certain sorrow. When the quarters of the moon and the tides of the sea pull you away, you find you leave behind people who matter. And there is some regret.

(link off Reins)

I always seem to get Legolas... ^^;

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The Hobbit personality test says:You

The Hobbit personality test says:

You are most like

Legolas, Son of Thranduil

Legolas knows his way around in the world, with a keen understanding of nature. He is often oblivious to the pain and fatigue of his activities.

Though reserved, you excel in aesthetic endeavors. If a mountain is there, you will climb it. Time alone is important and solitary activities refresh you. You have good observational skills. While providing compassion and being considerate, you may have the tendency of being soft-hearted or even "too emotional" You like keeping your options open. Closure is probably not one of your strong suits.

Like Boromir, you are not content to sit on the sidelines while the action takes place around you.

Traits: Open minded, easy going, persuassive, optimistic about the future. On the dark side you could be exploitative and an opportunist.

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LotR, the lego version. Look!

LotR, the lego version. Look! It's Lego-las! *snicker*

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January 13, 2002

*twitches* (Watch that. Then read

*twitches* (Watch that. Then read the lyrics [and the partial translation]. Then watch the parody.)

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Stare at this until you

Stare at this until you see. Go on. *l*

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January 12, 2002

Oh, and my D&D stats:

Oh, and my D&D stats:
Str: 7
Int: 12
Wis: 17
Dex: 15
Con: 13
Chr: 16

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Optout links to get rid

Optout links to get rid of some types of popups (or popunders) on your computer.

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And here's my blogger code:

And here's my blogger code: B5 d t k s u- f+ i o++ x- e- l c++

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The Very Secret Diaries of

The Very Secret Diaries of the Fellowship and Nine Men and a Little Lady. Now excuse me, I'm going to go sit in my corner, reread those and die laughing again. XD

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January 11, 2002

You caught the chicken pox?

You caught the chicken pox? o.O I caught that when I was 8...
Eh. *cringes, sheepish grin* Not helping at all, aren't I?
Even if I don't really know you... get well soon.

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*lol* Yes, you probably are

*lol* Yes, you probably are putting too much thought into that. ;)
And thank you... I hope my cat comes back.

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My brother's reading my blog...

My brother's reading my blog... T_T First my mom, and then my brother. I think I need to move this thing somewhere else.

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Much better.

Much better.

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Blogger, stop being a bitch

Blogger, stop being a bitch and let me publish.

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Yes, it's very sad when

Yes, it's very sad when pets go away or die.

My cat was more intelligent and perceptive than most humans I know... She always realized when I was sad, and she would stay with me throughout the day, not leaving my side one minute until she was certain I was feeling better. Just the day before she disappeared, I was feeling sad, so she hid in the house to avoid my parents taking her outside (our cats sleep in the garden, not in the house), then sneaked upstairs to my room and slept on my bed the whole night. And I could give many other examples. She's been with me for nine years, she knew me better than most people do.
And I just realized I'm talking about her in the past tense... which is stupid of me. Like I've already given up. I mean, I don't know for sure she is dead. She could still come back.
Every morning I wake up and hope to find her on our doorstep, as usual. Every evening, before going to sleep myself, I think, "oh, I have to remember to search the house for her" (since she always found finds the oddest places to fall asleep, and then wakes up my parents at 2am demanding to be let out of the house, and my parents don't like that), and then I remember she isn't around any longer. And all the time I think I've seen her out of the corner of my eye, but when I look more carefully, she isn't there.

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January 10, 2002

Oh... for those who care,

Oh... for those who care, my cat still isn't back. If she was around, she would come home... she's never been away for so long. She would come back.
She's probably dead somewhere. :(

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I played Soul Reaver 2

I played Soul Reaver 2 for most of the day, btw. When I saved yesterday I was outside of the Light Forge; today I finished the Air Forge and went back to the village (forget the name). But stars, the Air Forge was a pain in the ass.

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I got the tickets for

I got the tickets for the Laura Pausini concert of the 5th February XD XD XD (the concert's in a city next to mine)

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January 09, 2002

Had my first "Writing for

Had my first "Writing for Journalism" class today... it is somewhat interesting, but the teacher also requires us to read at least one entire newspaper every day and then each week in class she'll quiz us on what happened during the week. --;; I mean come on. Politics is boring, so's economy, so are sports (except volleyball).

And today in her class I finally snapped. You see, there's this obnoxious guy who's been bothering me since I started uni, taking my things and breaking them, or hiding them, things like that. Kindergarten behaviour, you know. I've lost count of the times I've told him to fuck off before I did something he would regret, but evidently he's so stupid he doesn't even recognize a threat when he sees one. So today in class he took my bag and started rummaging in it. I told him to give it back, he didn't and instead took a pen and started trying to break it. I told him again, "give it back", loud enough to get the teacher's attention. He ignored me again, so I smacked him on the head (lightly) and told him a third time to give me my bag back. He didn't. I slapped him. Not as hard as I wanted to - I wanted to slap him so hard that his cheek would sting for days, but I can't be too violent in class can I? - but still enough to make him angry enough to break my pen. (And it was new, too. --;; Fuck him.)
The teacher asked him why did he break my pen.
He said, "she slapped me".
The teacher said, "yes, I saw. You took her bag and didn't want to give it back."
"She could've asked", said the moron.
"I asked. Multiple times." I said. And then I burst into tears, which kinda ruined the effect, but oh well. The teacher sent the obnoxious guy out of the classroom and we resumed the lesson.

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January 08, 2002

And I got a 24/30

And I got a 24/30 in the Spanish exam.

Oh incidentally, speaking of that stuck-up asshole I mentioned in the previous post... I was talking with a couple of my friends, and the following exchange occurred:
Friend 1: "Oh, I haven't seen Milos [the stuck-up asshole] in a while... is he more relaxed and friendly?"
Friend 2: "No way... he'd be more relaxed and friendly if he had a pole stuck up his ass."
Hee hee.

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Just got the results for

Just got the results for my English exam and the final grade for my "Media and its Transformation" class. Allow me some gloating...
Got a 29/30 on the English exam *gloat* and the stuck-up asshole who's in my class and acts like he knows everything (a couple of direct quotes from a few lessons ago: "I know more than you because I've been in the States for two years to study" and "shut up, you're a girl, everybody knows that girls don't do well in language classes") got a 24/30 *GLOAT* Haha, in his face. Now he'll shut up.
As for the Media class, final grade is a 28/30. *gloat* Considering the mid-term exam was a 26/30, it means I did EXTREMELY well on that essay I loathed doing. And I finished it the day before it was due, too. ^^v

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January 07, 2002

Probably late, but eh. NnM-chan,

Probably late, but eh. NnM-chan, yes, that is technically correct, though "amicitia fatalis" is the best way to word it (noun first, adjective second).

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Yay, I'm feeling like shit

Yay, I'm feeling like shit again. --;; This time it's a general feeling of hopelessness. And of course there's nobody I could talk to who would cheer me up... my parents would just tell me to stop being stupid, and none of my friends is around.
I think I'll just go curl up in my room and cry.

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"You're a fucking cat,


"You're a fucking cat, not some fairy tale shit! You've no place in the world of nonsense, and its puzzles have nothing to do with you, whether you find them too easy to understand or too difficult. Things are what they are, and you're quite happy that way, existing in reality."

Heh. I took it twice, and the other time I was the Cheshire Cat.

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I was poking around the

I was poking around the Blogback site, seeing what Blogback Plus was, etc... and lookie what I found:

Advice: You should probably take this as advice when signing up to any system. Try not to use any pre-existing username / password combo (i.e. from Blogger or wherever) when signing up. A good password: (1) is not a word (2) is at least 8 characters in length (3) contains some numbers (4) is not the name of a character from Lord of the Rings.
*cue much snickering on my part*

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January 06, 2002

Oh lookie, an Elf name

Oh lookie, an Elf name generator. Cute. My name would be Thaliannűniel... doesn't sound so bad. ^-^

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I'm cherry flavoured!


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January 05, 2002

After starting Soul Reaver 2

After starting Soul Reaver 2 and playing it for a while, I have only one thing to say.

That game kicks ass.

*goes away to play it some more*

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Of course my cat is

Of course my cat is still missing. My parents said she's probably sleeping somewhere... I miss her.

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So my parents have gone

So my parents have gone to search for my cat... she's been missing for three days, she's never been away this long before. She can take care of herself, I know that, but I'm worried...

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... this is just so

... this is just so wrong.

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Recent search requests: *whimpers* bad

Recent search requests: *whimpers* bad fangirls. BAD fangirls. Go away. I mean it.
(Btw. The day I see somebody searching for LegolasxGimli or AragornxBoromir or GandalfxFrodo is the day I go on a killing spree.)

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January 04, 2002

Well. I'm feeling slightly better

Well. I'm feeling slightly better now. I explained to my mom exactly why that alarm clock was so the wrong present, and at least she had the good sense to apologize. :p She said she had meant the present as a "you're going to England in 10 months or so, and you won't have me to wake you up, so I'm buying you the best alarm clock there is" thing. I pointed out that right then, it looked like a "I can't be bothered waking you up anymore, here, have an alarm clock so you wake up on your own" thing, and that if she had meant it like she said, she could've waited and given the alarm clock to me as a goodbye gift when I left for England. She said "good point, forget about it, I'll hide it and give it to you when you leave". :p

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January 03, 2002

My parents (my mom, more

My parents (my mom, more specifically) just gave me one last belated Christmas present.
An alarm clock.
I already have one.
The one they gave me this time is one of those you put under your pillow and they vibrate. It won't do any good because I don't even use my pillow half of the time, and the other half I turn it a lot of times before I fall asleep. And I hate sleeping with a big lump under my pillow. So I will never use it.
And they know.

Fuck them.

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And now that I've done

And now that I've done half the work, the stupid server won't let me upload. Some idiot tech must've messed with the permissions again. Graah.

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Screw that "strongly dislike", I

Screw that "strongly dislike", I hate my mom. You see, I work on layouts for the website of the school she teaches in. I am ridiculously underpaid. I am tired today - I am always tired - because she has this concept that getting me to wake up early will make me healthier or some shit like that, so I do not get enough sleep. (No, I'm not about to go to bed at 10pm. Hell no.)
And she has the courage to yell at me because I don't get stuff done? When I can't see any reason that makes it worth it for me to do that stuff?

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*yaaaaaaaaaaawn* Have I mentioned I

*yaaaaaaaaaaawn* Have I mentioned I strongly dislike my mom right now? She woke me up abnormally early today (for no reason at all), so I've been a sleep-deprived zombie-like creature throughout the day and haven't managed to get anything done. And she whines at me because of that, when it's all her fault and she knows it.

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Nooo my mom forgot to

Nooo my mom forgot to buy Coke when she went shopping for groceries today ;_; damnit. ;_; ;_; ;_;

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I am 25% evil. I

I am 25% evil.

I try to stay away from evil deeds but succumb to temptation every once in a while. I'm not quite on my way to hell but I certainly have some explaining to do.
Are you evil?

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Meh... I was thinking of

Meh... I was thinking of making a Legolas blog layout, but they're everywhere now. Damn fangirls.
So now I will probably keep this layout for longer than I'd planned. That, or I'll make a Gandalf layout. I was considering a Galadriel layout, 'cause she's pretty and I like the colorscheme of the pictures of her that I have, but she (her personality) gets on my nerves. So, no way.

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January 01, 2002

And once again I go

And once again I go "DAMN, I wish I'd had that layout idea first". This time, prompted by the new Spent Casings layout.

And yes, now I'm going to sleep. Really.

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Oh yes, and I forgot

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention. "Appalachian symphony", which is the only classical music piece I have on my playlist, started playing at exactly midnight. Before that, "So this is Christmas" was playing. (You know, "another year's over, a new one just begun"?) Way to go, Winamp.

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...my brother is doing the

...my brother is doing the striptease thing again. *hits her brother again*

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