September 30, 2001

Because I am bored, Animagus

Because I am bored, Animagus form selector.

1 cat
2 wolf
3 falcon/hawk/eagle
4 fox
5 dog

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Adopt a poor lonely veggie.

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... The Poop Thesaurus.

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September 28, 2001

Hehe. You should see him

Hehe. You should see him in IRC. He's even crazier than he looks from his blog.
(Incidentally - oh ducky, I know you read this blog. Enough with the sidescrollers in your blog already, I'm in 800x600, it's somewhat annoying. Edit your post please? :)
Oh and yes, sp4f is very much obsessed with Satsuki. No matter how many times he says "only a little". XD
Oh, btw, your archives don't work, NnM-chan.

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September 27, 2001

Monkey Island 3 character selector:

Monkey Island 3 character selector:

1. Elaine Marley (yay!)
2. Captain Rottingham (o.O)
3. Guybrush Threepwood (^^;;)

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You know the copier I

You know the copier I talked about yesterday? She temporarily closed down her site, and sent me a very apologetic email.
Now if all copiers were like that..

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September 26, 2001

(Yes, I have absolutely nothing

(Yes, I have absolutely nothing to do today at work exp. It shows, doesn't it?)

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Heh. Neil Gaiman likes them

Heh. Neil Gaiman likes them Moleskine notebooks too. I have several of them... four or five I think. One good thing about Italy, they sell l33t notebooks.

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Oh yes, I added some

Oh yes, I added some other blogs to the sidebar. A couple are blogs I read semi-daily, others are blogs that linked me.

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Yes. Right. Thank you for

Yes. Right. Thank you for stealing my color scheme and using the exact same picture on your layout, even cut in the same way. Coincidence? I think not. The hex codes are exactly the same as on my layout, and they aren't common colors either. And thank you for taking pictures from the gallery and dumping them in yours, even if I clearly asked not to. ><#

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Well look what happens when

Well look what happens when I'm bored (part two). I was going to wait until I had a layout ready, but I decided that if I waited for a decent layout, I'd never put it up. Timewasters Inc. opened. I will move it off Blogspot, mess with the layout some more (I used one of the blogger templates, with some minor edits) and add it to my collective when I'm at home and I have access to FTP. In the meantime, enjoy.

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Well look what happens when

Well look what happens when I'm bored and I have nothing else to do. Fragments updated.

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This clique looks interesting, I

This clique looks interesting, I should join. (Eh, yeah, I know always say that and then never join... -_- I swear I need to make a list of cliques/rings I should join and one day join them all.)

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September 25, 2001

Maybe I'm being too hopeful

Maybe I'm being too hopeful and optimistic, but this looks wonderful. I can't wait to see it.

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Amusing thing that happened to

Amusing thing that happened to me this morning...
I was on the bus, reading ("The Dark Is Rising", in English), and this lady got on the bus and evidently wanted to ask me if the bus stopped in a certain place (dunno which). The conversation went more or less like this:

Lady: (in Italian) Excuse me...
Me: *looks up from the book* *notices the lady staring at her book* Um... o.O;
Lady: Oh.. oh.. (in slow and hesitant English) Oh. Sorry. You are not from here.

Hehe. It would've been worth it to tell her "Oh no, I'm Italian" just to see the look on her face, but I really couldn't be bothered. I just shrugged and resumed reading.

Tells you something about how many people my age can be expected to read books in English, eh?

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September 24, 2001

The world's only Asskicking Machine.

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September 22, 2001

In case anybody wants to

In case anybody wants to see more cute cat images like the one on my collective layout, here and here.

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New layout here, and new

New layout here, and new layout for my collective. ^^v w00t.

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Three posts, sp4f: here, here

Three posts, sp4f: here, here and here.
Personally, I hope she stays. *shrugs* Though you're right, she probably won't.

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September 21, 2001

Recent search requests: This one

Recent search requests:
This one almost sounds like something sp4f could search for. ;) Though he'd probably search for Seishirou not Subaru... *ducks and runs*
O__O Baaad mental image.
And I'm Viconia DeVir. She loves Sakura, at least imnsho.
Been a while since I got a Sailormoon related search. I wonder what they were searching for, though.

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September 20, 2001

*shriek* THE BOOKS ARRIVED!!! *pouncetacklehugs

*shriek* THE BOOKS ARRIVED!!! *pouncetacklehugs FB* Thankyouthankyouthankyou THANK YOU!! :D :D :D :D

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--;;; Three phone calls in

--;;; Three phone calls in a minute. New record. And all three went more or less like this:

(Sergio and Patrizio are the two guys I'm working with.)

Me: "Hello?"
Person on the other end: "Uh, hello.. who am I speaking with?"
Me: "..." --;; "[name of the magazine I'm having a work experience in]"
Person: "Ah. (pause) Is Sergio there?"
Me: "No, he went out for five mins or so."
Person: "Ah. (pause) Is Patrizio there?"
Me: "No, he isn't coming at work today."
Person: "Ah. (pause) Say, who the hell are you?"
Me: --;; (thinking: thought so) "I'm having a work experience in here."
Person: "Ah. (pause) I'll call later then. Thank you." *hangs up*

The best have to be the people who call, and when I say "hello" assume they must've dialed the wrong number because usually there aren't any females in the office here:
Me: "Hello?"
Person:"Uh... I think I got the wrong number. Sorry."

(two minutes later, phone rings again)
Me: "Hello?"
Same person as before: "Uh... I think I got the wrong number."

(two minutes later...)
Me: --;; "[name of magazine], hello."
Same person as before: "Uh... say, who are you?"


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I am 28.0% bizarre. ^^

I am 28.0% bizarre. ^^ (link from NnM-chan)

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Re: this guestbook entry: Hey,

Re: this guestbook entry:
Hey, i was just surfing the net when i found something in your blog that really disturbed me. I found a link to a page and under it, you said, "go there, everything you shouldn't put on a website". First off, i thought it was mean to say something like that, secondly, i visited the site, and it's not bad at all. In fact, there's much more interesting content than on yours. You shouldn't chastise a site just because you don't agree on what makes a good site.

I assume you're talking about this post?
Well, next time, before jumping at me like that, do yourself a favor and check the date of the post. See? May 17. It's September 20 today. Four months have passed since I said that site was shit. And it was shit, at the time. Animated .gif backgrounds that moved so fast that they hurt your eyes, bad navigation, broken links... you name it, it had it.
But in four months, a site can change. And this one did. Some parts of it (imnsho) are still bad, but some are better.
For starters, it now has a layout which doesn't kill your eyes. (Though the layout uses iframes, which makes it impossible to navigate for people with older browsers, which for me is a bad thing.)
She moved off expage, which is good.. but not completely, which is bad.
I still find the content pretty shallow, and more or less the same content that is found on hundreds and hundreds of "teenie" personal sites. On the other hand, maybe you don't find the content on my site interesting, but at least I try to be original.
But that's my personal opinion, you're free to disagree with me. As I'm free to have my own opinion.

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September 19, 2001

I also think I'll join

I also think I'll join this ring, too. And maybe also this, though I dunno if they'll accept me... the part of my site devoted to my writings is quite small. -_-

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...I need music. I need

...I need music. I need to listen to something that's not the sound of the rain or the typing noise this keyboard makes (--;;). I could listen to a CD (I have my CD player with me), but then I wouldn't hear the phone if it rang, since it's on the other side of the room (and I can't move it closer to me). --;;

Speaking of music, I've also noticed something quite peculiar. Maybe it's just me, dunno... I have a song memory. If I've heard a song, any song, more than once, and I like it, I will remember it for all my life (or at least that's what happened until now). I might not consciously remember it, I might not remember the title, or not even the words, but if I hear it again, I will invariably remember it as if I'd last heard it the day before.
And I sing whenever I can, too. And when I'm not singing, I wish I could sing - but I can't, for various reasons. (I can't sing in the street while walking to uni. People would stare at me weird. Though I did it once, but that was because my friends dared me to... but that's another story.) And sometimes I sing even when I'm not supposed to - like when I suddenly notice I've been singing along to a song I like (since most of the time I don't consciously choose to sing along to songs, I do it by reflex), at the top of my lungs, at midnight. ^^;; This entry came out longer than I'd planned.

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This ring I have to

This ring I have to join. Of course, I also should update Fragments more often. -_-

*looks out of the window* Blah, it's raining again. In case I needed to be reminded why autumn's not my favourite season... --;;

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This game is way too

This game is way too much fun.
(Hint: drop blocks on the top & on the left first. The less blocks move when you drop some, the better.)

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September 18, 2001

"thwack is an attack best

"thwack is an attack best done to my back
for if I see you coming, I'll start a running, and though you'll give chase, I am sure to win the race. ;)"

I haven't laughed like that in a loooooong while. I needed that.
God, I love my friends. :D

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Bird, that quote is from

Bird, that quote is from "Buffy the vampire slayer" (season two, The Dark Age).

(Before anybody says anything, no, I'm not a Buffy fan. I just did a Google search for the quote. :p)

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September 17, 2001

And on the same line,

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The Goth Poem Generator. (Thanks,

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*looks at money in wallet*

*looks at money in wallet* ... ;_; Only 400000 ITL ;_; Remind me not to buy anything unless it's absolutely necessary / something I would buy even if I was starving (ie. manga). I have to save more money if I want to go to Lucca Comics (one of the largest anime/manga cons in Italy), because going there with not much money is torture. Last year I had 700000 ITL and still in the afternoon I could find things I would've bought if I hadn't run out of money ;_; Well true, I spent 400000 ITL on the Sailormoon Infinity artbook :p So I could have bought more things if I hadn't spent more than half my money on that. Eh well. Getting it for that price was a bargain anyway, on Ebay they go for at least around $500 (last auction, $498). Which means I can always auction it off if I desperately need money. (Though I don't think I'll do that anytime soon. I just got it last year. :p)
Oh well, I have a month and a half to save some money, since this year Lucca Comics is from the 1st to the 4th of November. Hmm, when to go, when to go... hrm, best thing would be going on the first day, so when I get there the best things (rare artbooks, cards, stuff like that) aren't already sold out.
And this year I have to remember to bring my camera, so I can take photos of cosplayers and stuff.

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September 16, 2001

sp4f, you forgot to close

sp4f, you forgot to close an <I> tag. :p

Updated "to do" list:
- New layout for this blog (I have it ready, only need to cut it up and code it. Should be up in a couple days, depending on how much time I have.)
- New layout for my collective
- Possibly new layout for Thieves, but I like the current one..
- Update the layout archive
- Maybe update Words / Fragments with some of the new stuff I've written
- Find a way to kill that stupid drow Bhaalspawn in ToB >< (w00t! Took me long enough though.. guess it's my own fault for not having a proper mage in my party. --;;)

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Nevermind, found it. ^^v Time

Nevermind, found it. ^^v Time to change my sig, methinks..

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Anybody know where I can

Anybody know where I can find a translation of "Change the world" (Inuyasha OP) or is feeling charitable enough to translate it for me? I've been searching all over the web for it, to no avail. --;; I found the romanized lyrics at, but I want the translation.. ;_;

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(last post, then I swear

(last post, then I swear I'll go to sleep.)
There's a Yu-Gi-Oh! anime? Wow, I didn't know that. I only knew about the manga, which is being published monthly here in Italy.. it's a cute story I think, fun to read.

You use Dreamweaver, sp4f? That's unl33t. Listen to me, and use Notepad (or Arachnophilia, or whatever). Plain HTML is the way to go. ;) *ducks incoming sharp pointy objects*

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Guh.. I need sleep. I

Guh.. I need sleep. I guess I won't stay awake reading until 1am tonight..

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September 15, 2001

Oh yeah, I forgot to

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. While I was in the town my uni's in yesterday, after the exam, I found this wonderful stationery shop. *starry eyes* It has incredibly nice pens, pencils, notebooks.. everything. I'll have to go there again when I have some money to spare, there are a few things I want to buy. (You wouldn't believe how many notebooks, pens and pencils I consume each month. ^^;)
(Speaking of notebooks, this page has a list of several neat blank journals and books.)
Oh, and I went to the comic shop (which is also a videogame shop). d0om, remember how when we were there we rearranged the shelves so the Thief 2 boxes were visible? Well, one (out of three) has been bought. ^^v

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To do: - New layout

To do:
- New layout for this blog
- New layout for my collective
- Possibly new layout for Thieves, but I like the current one..
- Update the layout archive
- Maybe update Words / Fragments with some of the new stuff I've written
- Find a way to kill that stupid drow Bhaalspawn in ToB ><

Meh. I should really stop being lazy..

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I stumbled upon this teen

I stumbled upon this teen forum (well okay, somebody posted the url on irc :p).. I have to say, I haven't seen so many immature kiddies in a single place in a long, long time. True, maybe I'm spoiled - the forums I usually visit are a wonderfully mature community. But still... eh. -_- O tempora, o mores.

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September 14, 2001

Right, I'm quite tired of

Right, I'm quite tired of thinking about what happened and being depressed about it, so if you'll excuse me, I'll try and get on with my life. This will be the last post mentioning something about that, unless something new happens worth talking about.

Today at noon (GMT +1) there were three minutes of silence for what happened, all over Italy. Same in the rest of Europe (adjusting for different timezones, of course), for what I know.
It was quite eerie seeing everybody suddenly stop what they were doing while the bell tolled.
Except the fucking morons who started yelling about how they were going to starve since McDonald's and all the other restaurants had closed their doors for the three minutes, so people wouldn't walk in. >< I wish I'd had the guts to walk up to them and slap them. ><

In other news, had a Sociology exam this morning. Basically bullshitted through it, the questions were insane. --; Even the professor that was watching me (an English professor, the Sociology one of course didn't come) said so after reading them. --;;; Eh well, I think I managed to sound convincing. ^^;; Hard to answer questions which require you to adoringly say how much you believe what the professor said and how much you've been enlightened and how better your life is after the course when you think said course was all bullshit, no? :p

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September 13, 2001

Two accounts of what happened

Two accounts of what happened from people who were there, with photos: and

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September 12, 2001

This guy is a relative

This guy is a relative of one of my friends.

And then this:

<sp4f> a friend from ICQ, one of my friends met him recently while he was in holiday in New York, he found out today that the guy.... both his parents were in the South Tower when it collapsed
<sp4f> he's only 16
<sp4f> he didn't deserve to have his parents butchered like that
<sp4f> no one does

I want the sick fucks who did this dead.

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The day after... This has

The day after...

This has fucked me up so badly. I can't even begin to imagine what it feels like for other people. This is one of the few times in my life I've found myself completely unable to find words to express what I feel.
Here in Italy, everybody is freaking out. There hasn't been anything on TV but news since the terrorist attacks happened, to my knowledge, and this morning the newsagents were all out of newspapers long before 9 am. Everybody is talking about what happened, speculating on why the terrorists attacked, making guesses on what will happen now...

I know that not many people read this, but I'm posting it anyway:
This blog post has a list of survivor contact sites.
Donations to the American Red Cross Relief Fund: Amazon and Paypal.

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September 11, 2001

This is so horrible... (scroll

This is so horrible... (scroll down to the post by Rug Burn Junky. That's one of my friends incidentally... I'm so glad he's ok.)

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This is SO fucked up.

This is SO fucked up.

(I think you ALL know what I'm talking about. I honestly doubt there's anyone in the world who does not know.)

I think war is bad, and I don't like it when people died, but whoever did this... they aren't people, they're animals. They deserve to die slowly and painfully.

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September 10, 2001

I spent a good part

I spent a good part of the afternoon correcting articles, in Word 6 (as usual... they don't have anything higher than Word 6)... Guess in which operating system?

Windows 3.1.

Good thing I practically grew up with a computer and I've used Windows 3.1 (way back when it was the newest Windows version), or I wouldn't have known where to start.

Incidentally, when we turned on the computer, the guy who was with me stared and said "Dear God, what is THAT? I've never seen a computer like it." My answer was "Oh no.. don't tell me you STILL run Windows 3.1 on some computers." His answer? "THAT is Windows? But I thought Windows had that horizontal bar thing to access programs and stuff..." ^^;;;

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Guh. I only got five

Guh. I only got five and a half hours of sleep tonight (plus another half an hour on the train), I have a bad cold and my throat aches, and I have a mild headache. Remind me not to stay up talking to my friends until past midnight again if I have to get up early the following morning.


Heh, I say that, but we all know I will do it again. *g*

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September 09, 2001

God, I'm so bored. I

God, I'm so bored. I think I'll go play Throne of Bhaal some more. That, or make a new layout for this thing. And a new layout for too, the anniversary one's been up since July. -.-;; And I really need to reorganize and update the layout archive, too. Bleh.

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To everybody who uses Reblogger

To everybody who uses Reblogger - you'll have to update the script. Go there for more info.

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September 06, 2001


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September 05, 2001

Oh no, I didn't cheat

Oh no, I didn't cheat to be mentioned on the "most used words" thing on the stats. Really, I didn't. O:)

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*deep breath* Welcome back burrick!!!

*deep breath*

Welcome back
:D :D :D :D

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September 04, 2001

"The funny face expressions will

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And this is why I

And this is why I shouldn't go to #thief while trying to work, and mention I'm writing an article on larch:

<Manboy> It fell off the porn-tree. I believe it's Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere now, yes?
<Manboy> Deciduous, are porn trees..
<Paz> Doesn't porn fly south for the autumn?
* sailoreagle|work tries not to laugh
<sailoreagle|work> youre going to get me caught damn j00
<Manboy> In spring, you get vibrant lolita blooms, slowly maturing to grannies by September.
<Paz> It's the fun game all IRC can play... "Get SE fired" ;)
<sailoreagle|work> OI!
<Manboy> From work experience.
<Paz> Well, it's better than nothing.
* Manboy pictures the work-experience kid tipping his desk over and screaming "I QUIT!!!".
<Paz> Sometimes the unscrupulous garden-tender will attempt to disguise a decidedly middle-aged flower as a new bloom.
<sailoreagle|work> will yall quit it with the tree references? you arent helping, Im trying to finish the article on the larch without laughing
<sailoreagle|work> =)
<Paz> Larch porn!
<Manboy> Heh...the tale of the Larch and the Porn tree.
<Paz> See the larch in HOT XXX ACTION!
<sailoreagle|work> GAHH!
<Paz> It'll shed everything for you!
<Ulukai> Ok, enough with the porn trees :)
<Paz> The roots go as DEEP as you want
<Paz> Let's not even get started on the sappy deposits on the bark.
<Lesser`Away> not a single Viktoria reference?
<Lesser`Away> I'm disappointed.

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I'm actually logging from work.

I'm actually logging from work.
I've been watching tutorials for Photoshop for all the morning... that program is actually quite similar to Paint Shop Pro (which I normally use), and I think I got the hang of it rather quickly. The main problem for me, actually, was getting used to work on a Macintosh... what with the different mouse, keyboard, operating system and all.
Now I'm correcting / enhancing an article on the larch tree... which led to what I'm doing right now, a search for legends about the larch ^^;;
Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I'm enjoying myself immensely, in fact. XD

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Great new layout, sp4f.

Great new layout, sp4f.

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September 03, 2001

Have a question you can't

Have a question you can't find an answer to? Ask Jeez.

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Found all over the place:

Found all over the place:

1. I hurt: people I love sometimes, when I'm too angry to think straight.
2. I love: many things.
3. I hate: hypocrites, and people who are full of themselves.
4. I cry: when I'm really worried for something.
5. I fear: losing the people I love.
6. I hope: I will be able to do everything I want to do.
7. I sadden: sometimes.
8. I feel alone: rarely.
9. I kill: mosquitoes.
10. I talk: sometimes too much, sometimes too little.
11. I listen: to my friends.
12. I break: the rules.
13. I see: a beautiful world.
14. I smell: vanilla.
15. I taste: bread.
16. I work: and I have fun, even if I'm not paid (yet). XD
17. I remember: when I was a kid.
18. I hold: no grudges.
19. I hide: my emotions, sometimes.
20. I pray: when I feel like it.
21. I walk: barefoot.
22. I drive: to go to my voice lessons.
23. I read: probably too much for my own good.
24. I burn: incense.
25. I breathe: fresh air.
26. I play: Othello.
27. I miss: my best friends when they aren't there.
28. I touch: my keyboard. :p
29: I learn: interesting things (FINALLY.)
30. I feel: sleepy.
31. I know: too many useless details.
32. I said: I would go to sleep early (but I didn't).
33. I dream: every night, always in color and lucidly (I can control my dreams).
34. I have: very few friends.
35. I want: happiness for me and all the people I love.
36. I fall: rarely.
37. I wait: for something I don't know.
38. I need: a computer in my own room so I can have some PRIVACY, damnit.
39. I live: moment by moment.
40. I die: old.

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First day of work today.

First day of work today. Well, not really work, since they aren't paying me - call it work experience if you will.

It's incredibly enjoyable. XD I'm working in a magazine, and they actually make me write articles, edit images and stuff. XD While all my university friends that are doing a work experience in popular newspapers and places like that are stuck doing photocopies all day. XD

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September 02, 2001

Okay. When a site (

Okay. When a site ( - don't visit it), which is supposed to be useful (official site of Italian train company - used to check train times), is so badly programmed that going there is literally a gamble, it loses its usefulness. It was fine before, why did they have to overhaul it? Of course, to be l33t. Nevermind that the site now can't be seen in Netscape, and crashes IE very often. And if you're unlucky, the IE crash is followed by a BSOD and a full system crash.

Oh, and the site takes THREE BLOODY MINUTES to load on an ISDN connection.

Anyway. After three IE crashes and two system crashed, I managed to get the train times for tomorrow. Yay for me. --;;

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A Beastly Garden Of Wordy

A Beastly Garden Of Wordy Delights lists all sort of words related to animals, including offsprings and calls (did you know that falcons "chant"?)

Speaking of animal calls: "E il coccodrillo? E il coccodrillo?? Il coccodrillo come fa, non c' nessuno che lo sa.." (sorry, childhood memory.)

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The Book of Cliches. (For

The Book of Cliches. (For when you're dead: "You see? I told you I was sick!")

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Well, that was relatively quick

Well, that was relatively quick and painless once I found the right strategy. Red dragon = dead. Green dragon = dead. Demilich = dead. Watcher's Keep = completed (except for killing the Demogorgon, but I've played enough for today). Traps and summons 0wn j00.

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And now I go back

And now I go back to playing BGII: Throne of Bhaal. (Stupid dragon. XO DIE ALREADY!)

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Murphy's laws, the complete edition.

Murphy's laws, the complete edition.

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For everybody who's having problems

For everybody who's having problems with ring codes because Blogger messes up the little « and » thingies: use &laquo; for « and &raquo; for ».

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The Deck O' Junk.

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Funny signs.

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September 01, 2001

Now where the hell is

Now where the hell is Togy when I need to give him some links? :p

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Ever wondered how this blog

Ever wondered how this blog would look if translated to English? (amusement courtesy of InterTran, though they probably never intended the thing to be used like this.)

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How to drive like a

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One of the things I

One of the things I had tried to post while Greymatter was being stupid - Windows RG. You all have probably seen it already, but it's still amusing.

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Ever wondered what happens to

Ever wondered what happens to unclaimed baggage? It is sold, of course.

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Er... might I ask why

Er... might I ask why ANYBODY would want to wear a tshirt with a BSOD (or any other computer error) on it? o.O

¤ 03:01 PM ¤ Comments (0) ¤, a site "dedicated to, a site "dedicated to the classic sniglet (or unword). What's a sniglet? It's any word that isn't in the dictionary but should be. We're here to make sure that everyone's unwords are publicized. If you're lucky, some of these words may be used commonly enough to make it into the world of real words." Cute. (I bet there are a few words me and my friends made up that should be in there, only I can't think of any at the moment. :p)

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You know, I was looking

You know, I was looking through several message boards, just because of boredom, and I noticed a lot of people saying they don't like uploading their files via FTP. Uh, excuse me, but what's wrong with FTP? It sure beats uploading via your browser, which most of them people who said they hate FTP seem to prefer... --; And still I see people saying, "I want a good, reliable host with little or no ads, and NO FTP UPLOAD cuz I hate FTP, I want to use my browser to upload stuff".

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Nifty. I will probably install

Nifty. I will probably install it, one thing I miss from Greymatter is the comments feature... uh, not that anybody (except one person) ever used it. :p

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