July 20, 2007


In the (unlikely) case that you still check or link to here: I have a weblog again. Only it's in a different place: here.

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August 15, 2005


Going on holiday with my family... back in a week.

(Yeah, I know I've not been around much anyway, but I figured it'd be the nice thing to do to warn, in case anybody comes looking for me and wonders where I am.)

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July 19, 2005

Kids these days

So yesterday, while checking my email during lunchbreak out of sheer boredom, I found, among assorted subscriptions and spam, an email with a subject of "(none)". Now, subject-less emails are 90% spam, but that made me curious, so I clicked it.

It turned out to be some kid trying to be his girlfriend's Knight In Shining Armor by bitching at me for insulting his girlfriend's love of music.

At which point I'm thinking, whoa, back up, when did I ever do that?

Apparently, this (not too bright) chick ran into an image she liked on my other domain, and decided she'd directlink it as a background on her MySpace page. Of course, that didn't work, since I have measures in place to prevent exactly that, and she ended up with a background proclaiming she was an image thief instead.

Cue the Knight In Shining Armor riding to the rescue.

Here's the conversation we ended up having via email, starting with his first email:

Him: "That is really fuckin funny what u did to my gf myspace all she enjoys is music and you seem to have fun with the fact that she used your picture to show her love of it, so i hope that makes feel better by insulting her..........Fuckin Wrong"

Me: "You do realize I have not the faintest fucking clue who you're talking about... yes?

Assuming your girlfriend direct linked to an image from my website and saw it replaced with another...

Images that get directly linked from my website get replaced with an image saying they're a thief and direct linked to an image on my website. This is AUTOMATIC. This is done because people direct linking to images on my website COSTS ME MONEY, which you idiots who think everything should be given to you for free just do not seem to realize. This is also stated RIGHT ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE SITE, and your girlfriend would have known it had she bothered to READ rather than just going "ooh, pretty image, must steal".

Get a clue.

Oh, and learn to spell."

Him: "Oh shut the fuck up i try to do things respectfuly and u seem to love to diss people , so u know what just do your self a favor and go crawl back into your mother and tell her to jump off a cliff ok

Me: "And you are... how old? Five? No, wait, I've seen five-year-olds far more mature than you.

Here's a hint: emails that start and end with a cussword aren't "doing things respectfully".

Your girlfriend did a stupid thing. Your girlfriend suffered the consequences. Welcome to the real world."

Him: "Yeah im imature if u read the e-mail u can see i wasnt even cussing at you, and my gf does not suffer nothing i will never let her suffer,so just fuck off and go back to your basement we dont need your image anyway."

Yeah. Definitely a case of Knight In Shining Armor syndrome. Don't think I'll reply to the guy anymore... I'll just sit here and point and laugh.

Yes, I'm a bitch, but people like this guy give my life those much-needed brief moments of amusement...

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July 04, 2005

Monday morning

Ahh, the start of another week. Nevermind that it feels like I've not even had a weekend, I'm pretty much as tired as I was on Friday.

So nice when a week starts with a "nrrrrrgh". I forgot to charge my iPod, so it died on me mid-trip (nrrrrrrgh lack of music), plus the idiot drivers were out in full force today. And every single traffic light was red, including the two train crossings.

At least the day and week can only improve, I guess?

[edit] I should keep quiet; the universe has apparently heard me. Air conditioning is apparently broken, and nothing saps my energies more than the heat.

Must not melt into an exhausted puddle on the floor...

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June 28, 2005

As I was saying

Mmmm food.

(Well. It's not really a "mmmm food", but I guess it's edible at least? Nothing extremely yummy, but it does its job at stopping me from being hungry, so I guess it works.)

So. Course is fun. (Although I keep having to remind myself to shut up and let the teacher teach - me and my semi-militant anti-IEism and anti-Frontpageism, sigh. At least that particular teacher doesn't particularly like either.)

(Also loathe having to drive to get here. Way too many idiots on the roads. Way too many fucking dimwits on the roads. I don't know where the twits got their driving license, but in my world, driving a SUV does not equal always having the right of way and being able to cut in front of people without respecting stop signs. Not to mention the myriad retards who honk at me repeatedly, then overtake me, when I'm going 70kph on a road with a 70kph speed limit and a "no overtaking" sign. Sigh. And I could go on for ages about idiot drivers, but I'll refrain.)

What else...

Not much, really. Florence photos will still get posted as soon as I've sorted through them - though it likely won't be this week. Maybe the next, I've got a free weekend next week.

World of Warcraft has been chewing on my brain, courtesy of a certain friend ¬¬ If anybody who reads this also plays on the EU servers, my main character is Aeliel, level 53 Night Elf Druid on Azjol-Nerub (EU, obviously). I've got a bunch of alt characters, some Alliance some Horde (Taurens! ♥), but none as high as my main. Altitis has not yet taken a hold of me, it seems.

(If you see this and poke me ingame, tell me who you are, especially if it's not immediately obvious from your character's name. I'm highlevel(ish) and still guildless, and I get more than my fair share of random tells from weird people due to that. So telling me who you are and how you found me is in your best interest, especially since I tend to verbally bite people's head off. ;) But I digress...)

(Wonder if people who know me ingame but not out will ever google and find this place. Who knows... we'll see.)

Don't think there's anything else, and the course's starting again. If I can think of anything else to add, I will.

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*crawls out from under a pile of junk*

Ok, ok, so I disappeared for a month or two. Shush. Real life ate me. ¬¬

Quick summing up of what I've been doing... let's see. Studying studying studying (yes, I'd sworn I was done with studying, teaches me to say that sort of thing), more studying, and so on and so forth...

I've recently started a course that aims to turn me into a *rummages for translation* Multimedia Graphics Technician? Something like that. It's fun and interesting so far, and my coursemates are all very nice. The teachers I've met so far are fun, too.

*waves, in case any of them is reading this at the moment* (I've been handing my website address around...)

Lunchtime - best go, I'm hungry (and we all need to go get lunch together). More later.

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April 27, 2005

Back home

Will post photos and a summary of the trip once I'm all caught up.

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April 21, 2005

Swim, CEO, swim

This amuses me quite a bit. Go download Opera 8, people. ;)

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Obligatory warning

I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon with my family, for Florence. A bit of a spur-of-the-moment trip, as we suddenly realized a few weeks ago - "huh... we'll have five days free thanks to holidays overlapping with the weekend, should we go anywhere?"

So we're going to Florence. Which makes me happy - I love the city, and I've been wanting to go back there for a while. Especially since I now have my digital camera, and I can take tons of photos. ^^

I should be back Wednesday, in the afternoon or evening.

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April 19, 2005

On a completely different note

Tetris shelves. I WANT.

Of course, for $7k, there's no way I can buy them - but when I get my own place, I'm so building my own.

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Fumata bianca

Habemus Papam.

Now let's see who he is...

[EDIT] Joseph Ratzinger, Benedict XVI. Pretty much expected.

[EDIT #2] He's 78 years old. Much as I wish him a long life, all signs point to this being done all over again in 10 years or so. :|

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April 18, 2005

Opera 8 released!

Finally. :)

(It was getting boring seeing a frillion people in #opera every day asking, "when will Opera 8 be released???" ;))

Mind you, it's not announced on the Opera site yet, but you can download it from one of the many FTP servers.

Opera's official one, ftp.opera.com, is getting a tad hammered right now, unsurprisingly (but you can still get in and download speedily if you use a FTP program rather than visiting it with your browser of choice) - you can find a list of mirrors here.

As usual for Opera, it rocks. :D I especially love the "fit page to window width" option. Yay, no more pages sidescrolling on me :D

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April 15, 2005

The larger the car...

How wonderful your large car is! How imposing it looks as you park it diagonally across four parking spaces! And tell me -- how long after your loss was it that you started feeling the need to compensate?

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April 13, 2005


Last night I had the stupidest dream I've had in quite a while. Probably due to me coding Java during the day then playing Knights Of The Old Republic in the evenings.

I was in the Jedi Academy on Dantooine, training to be a Jedi, and after a bit the Jedi I was talking with told me I could build my lightsaber.

So I did. Er, sort of. The dream view switched to a screen.

import java.io.*;
import dream.jedi.*;
public class Lightsaber {
	public static getBasicCrystal(Crystal c) {

I want my brain back. :P

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April 06, 2005

Cara Protezione Civile...

Cara Protezione Civile,
non so, magari sono io che sono abituata a internet dove scrivere in tutte maiuscole significa urlare, ma il messaggino inviato per informare chi va a Roma della situazione mi è sembrato scritto male. Insomma:


Per esempio, perché usare "mezzi di trasporto collettivo"? "Mezzi pubblici" significa la stessa cosa ed è più corto.

Sarò pignola io, ma era decisamente possibile scrivere il messaggino usando lo stesso numero di lettere e trasmettendo le stesse informazioni, ma in modo un po' più corretto. Per esempio così:

"Se vai a Roma per il Papa usa i mezzi pubblici. Le code sono organizzate ma molto lunghe. Farà caldo di giorno, fresco di notte. Informazioni: Isoradio 103.3"


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