Opera 8 released!

Finally. :)

(It was getting boring seeing a frillion people in #opera every day asking, "when will Opera 8 be released???" ;))

Mind you, it's not announced on the Opera site yet, but you can download it from one of the many FTP servers.

Opera's official one, ftp.opera.com, is getting a tad hammered right now, unsurprisingly (but you can still get in and download speedily if you use a FTP program rather than visiting it with your browser of choice) - you can find a list of mirrors here.

As usual for Opera, it rocks. :D I especially love the "fit page to window width" option. Yay, no more pages sidescrolling on me :D

¤ April 18, 2005 07:38 PM ¤


fit page to window width" option..

0.o Woa I'm impressed.

Posted by: reinselft at April 19, 2005 08:38 AM

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