May 31, 2002

Hey look. Star Wars Episode

Hey look. Star Wars Episode III script. *snickers*
(aren't I just full of links today?)

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Remember Poke the bunny? Well,

Remember Poke the bunny?

Well, you can now Poke the penguin.

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Yes & no: a diseducational

Yes & no: a diseducational road movie. Hahaha. XD Sometimes my brother finds really cool stuff. \o/

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Gah, I wanted to install

Gah, I wanted to install RoughDraft and Opera on this computer, but they evidently put restrictions back on it so I can't install anything... not fair. I bet the other computers, the shitty ones, don't have restrictions... well, true, they use Win95 as an OS
You see, we have four "working"computers in the computer room here at uni. Two have Win95, two have Win2K.
Win95 #1 works more or less fine, though it has this odd problem where icons on the desktop keep going round and round and round... they switch positions every few seconds. I suspect a virus or something... I'm not touching that computer with a ten-foot pole. No way. I may use it for casual surfing, but I'm not putting any diskette in it or saving any file off it.
Win95 #2 is in dire need of a reformat and reinstall. It used to work fine, then I don't know what happened but now it only works in 640x480, 16 colors, and Explorer crashes / it bluescreens every few minutes.
Win2K #1 works fairly well, though it's slow as fuck so I usually avoid using it. Plus it doesn't have mIRC installed.
Win2K #2, this one, is arguably the best computer of the lot, though it won't install the Flash plugin no matter what (no, it's not because of the restrictions - those appeared yesterday/today, I reinstalled mIRC on this machine on Wednesday fine). So I wanted to install Opera and RoughDraft on it, mostly because it suffers from RAM deprivation, and IE and Word are memory hogs, two IE windows and one Word window are enough to slow the computer to a crawl. While Opera and RoughDraft take up less resources, and work fine for what I do with this computer (ie. casual surfing, the random typing of bits and pieces of essays).
Oh well. Their loss.
This room is such a cemetery of computer parts... 8 monitors, 3 (non-working) towers, one mouse, three keyboards.
Which reminds me. This keyboard is half-broken, some of the keys have to be mashed down to make them work. After I've posted this entry, I think I'll go pillage one of the spare keyboards and see if they work better. No harm in trying, yeah?

Note to self: download the new version of RoughDraft when home.

Update on my university work woes:
- Information Technology essay - done!
- Part of year II project - done!
- Year II project website [shouldn't take long, hopefully]
- "Creative Psychology" "diary", due Monday [I think I can pull this off in an afternoon or so]
- "Creative Psychology" project, ~10000 words, due whenever I finish it (in a week or two) [*whimper* this scares me... how in the world will I be able to write ~10000 coherent words on the kind of stuff my teacher spews?]
- My part of History of Journalism project, due Wednesday [eep. this was an entirely unexpected deadline, I thought I'd have more time. oh well. I have an idea of what to do for it, so it's simply a matter of going to the bookstore, getting the relevant book, reading said book, and writing a summary of it for this project thing.]
- The Editing & Publishing project [this one has the farthest deadline - around the 27th of June - and is something I'll do quickly, and something I like doing, so I'm leaving it as the last thing to do]

^^; That should be all, I think. I hope I'm not forgetting something. So yeah... don't expect me to blog much until I'm done with everything.
Unless of course I'm at uni with nothing better to do, like right now. I knew I should have brought stuff to do, but I was planning on having the day full of classes... Information Technology in the morning, and Spanish and Principles of Marketing in the afternoon. But I ended up having to skip Principles of Marketing because I had an unexpected meeting with the Didactic Coordinator (or whatever, I forget what the guy's exact title is) regarding the unpaid internship I'll have to do this summer. And I just finished the meeting, and it's rather pointless to go to class having missed an entire hour... oh well. Not that I mind.

I turned in the Information Technology essay this morning. All my classmates had not finished it, I was the only one who turned it in today. Yay, go me. ^^v The teacher seemed to like it, too. We spent the whole morning discussing it (while my classmates worked on collecting information for their unfinished essays) and then chatting about various stuff, like writing stories. I like the guy, he's nice.

*wonders idly if said teacher will get to this blog* I gave him the address for my collective. Most people who visit my collective never get to my blog, oddly enough. It's linked right there off my front page at the moment... oh well. *waves to her teacher* If you got here, do drop a comment.

I wonder, I wonder... on Monday I have a meeting for an unpaid internship in a company. They're looking for somebody to help them design their website. It would be really convenient, too, as the company is in the same city I study in.
And today I got another proposed internship, in this other company, still based in this city, which is also looking for somebody to help them with their website. I said I'd go to the meeting on Monday with the other company first, see how that is, see what they want for me, and maybe request a meeting with this company. Hrhm. Long entry. Ph34r teh wordiness.

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May 30, 2002

TinyURL has the potential to

TinyURL has the potential to be absurdly useful.
Ass-o-tron has the potential to be absurdly amusing.

And now off I go to work on essays and project and other various and sundry stuff for university again. Gaaah.

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May 28, 2002

Monty Python: Fellowship of the

Monty Python: Fellowship of the Ring. I've never seen Monty Python (yeah yeah...) but it's still amusing as hell.

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Oh yeah, almost forgot to

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention... know why it rocks that we have a Spanish teacher who is more or less our age (she's some 5 or 6 years older than me)?
Because then me and my best RL friend (and the rest of our classmates as well, but they usually don't dare) can pull stuff like this when doing exercises:
(Translation in italics right under each line, as I doubt everyone who reads my blog speaks Spanish. I'm also not going to bother with accents, just fyi.)

Consejos para salir de una depresion
Suggestions to get out of depression

* Es necesario que comas una porcion biblica de helado.
* It's necessary that you eat a biblic serving of ice cream.

* Es importante que vayas con tus amigos a ver un strip show.
* It's important that you go with your friends to see a strip show.

* Es aconsejable que hagas sufrir tu pejor nemigo para obtener una perversa satisfaccion.
* It's advisable that you make your worst enemy suffer to obtain perverse satisfaction.

* Es util que vayas a ir de compras con la targeta de credito de tu padre.
* It's useful that you go shopping with your father's credit card.

* Es bueno que busques un objecto fragil para romperlo.
* It's good that you search for a fragile object to break it. (yes, we were running out of ideas :p)

Yes, we're nuts, yes, we enjoy it a lot. \o/

¤ 09:22 PM ¤ Comments (2) ¤, the world's smallest website., the world's smallest website. Ow, my eyes. And I'm in 800x600, too. I haven't tried playing the games yet, there's no Flash player installed on this computer and it won't install for some reason... I'll try the games when I get home.
Meanwhile: this is a dare to all my friends with high screen res. See how long you last at that site before your eyes start hurting like fuck.

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And in other news, this

And in other news, this stupid girl (we'll call her T) in my English class finally got what was coming to her.
You see, she rarely bothers to come to class (I've seen her maybe three times in the whole year), and when she does come to class, she either leaves early or comes in late. Or both. And she cheats during exams, and during the exercises we do in class. She must be really absurdly stupid, because she evidently thought the teacher didn't notice.
Today, for a change, she showed up to class. We started doing a test (as preparation to the exam, which is in a couple of weeks), and all was fine, yeah? Except for her. She was so blatantly copying from the guy who was sitting next to her (M).
Then M turned in his test, and T was left without anybody to copy from. What do you think she did? She gathered her papers, her books, and everything, stood and tried to leave without saying a word - without asking the teacher for permission, without even saying goodbye.
And of course the teacher shouted at her. I mean, the teacher - this nice old lady who I'd never heard raise her voice or say anything rude - shouted at her. At first, she called, quite normally, "T, come back."
T of course didn't listen, so the teacher shouted, "I'M TALKING TO YOU, YOUNG LADY. COME BACK HERE and SIT DOWN. You do NOT leave my classroom without permission, WITHOUT ASKING "MAY I LEAVE", and MOST ESPECIALLY NOT without finishing your test."
"But" T tried to pull out an excuse which everybody knew was fake "I have to go--"
And T stormed off, of course. After she left, the teacher just about exploded... heh. "Does she think I'm stupid? I saw her copying from M, and I saw how as soon as M turned in his test she just stood and hurried off."
I have the feeling her exam is not going to go well. *eg*

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Still don't have the History

Still don't have the History of Journalism textbook. University's library doesn't have it (they have two copies, but they're both out at the moment), I went through all the bookstores I know of but none had a copy. --; So I had to resort to the erm, alternate (and not entirely legal) plan. Not my fault... I'd rather have bought the book, but I need to study, damnit. So yay photocopies. I have half the book photocopied, and the other half I'll photocopy later this week.
As for the other class' textbook, since we only need to study 1/4 of it or so, I'll go with photocopies there too.

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May 27, 2002

And right now, I'm going

And right now, I'm going to get some lunch. My stomach just growled very noisily. ^^;

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And I have to find

And I have to find the History of Journalism textbook SOMEWHERE because I can't BELIEVE I made it through half the course WITHOUT the textbook so I'll have to ask the university's library or something if they have a copy and I also have to figure out if there's a textbook for that other class and... gaah. I'm SO disorganized. ^^;

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God, I am SO BORED.

God, I am SO BORED. Nothing to do for an hour or so until class starts, IRC is dead, I don't have AIM or ICQ or anything over here (I can leave mIRC installed on this computer, I can quickly erase my details from the program - but I'm certainly not going to leave AIM / ICQ with my password and everything on a public computer ), there's nothing really interesting going on on the forums *whine* Maybe I should just give up and go get something to eat instead? But I don't know whether to spend those 5 on lunch or on some manga... (says something about my priorities, eh?) But I'm really hungry... think I won't skip lunch today.
GOD this keyboard, with its exceedingly tiny backspace key and various rearranged keys, is annoying. It's throwing off all my touchtyping, I have to actually look at the keyboard now and then to type decently. And I wanna go home, I've got stuff to do, essays and projects and websites for projects and websites I get paid to make but I can't go home, I have to go to this absolutely BORING class, I can't skip because I already skipped last week and skipping twice in a row is not wise at all... *whine*

...yes, I'll stop whining now. ^^;

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May 26, 2002

Gah. Somebody shoot me please?

Gah. Somebody shoot me please?
Why? you might ask. Well, easily explained.
Last night, even if I intended to pull my usual Saturday allnighter, I went to sleep at 1am or so. (Something I've done for three weeks now. This is another indication of how shitty this month has been for me - stress stress stress and I always get to the evening dead tired. I usually stay awake at least until 1am, simply because I can't fall asleep, and on weekends even further - but this month, I've regularly been dead tired and falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow at midnight or so. Anyway, getting back to the point...) Since I had lots of stuff to do, I considered setting the alarm clock for 8am (6-7 hours of sleep are usually more than enough for me), but eventually decided against it because hey, on Sunday I didn't have to go anywhere so if I slept more it wouldn't hurt, and if I slept more it meant I needed sleep...
So I went to sleep without setting the alarm clock. When I woke this morning, I looked at the time - 8am. Wow, I thought, I actually woke up at a decent time. Now I can go downstairs (where the computer is) and start doing all the stuff I have to do...
But of course, obeying the age-old "...just 'nother five minutes..." instinct, I made a half-assed attempt to get up, rolled over, and promptly fell asleep.
Wait, it gets better. After falling asleep again, I dreamt that I was getting up, and going downstairs to the computer, and doing all the work I had to do.
And then I woke up again, and it was half past 10am. Buh.

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May 25, 2002

Buh. There I was, hoping

Buh. There I was, hoping for a nice relaxing weekend, and my mom had to come and point out that there's a webpage I have to do for her. -.-
And who wants to bet that the FTP server still doesn't work?

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*points down* Problem solved. ^^;

*points down* Problem solved. ^^; When I went shopping for groceries this morning, I also went to the bookstore and bought a book for dad and presented it to him at lunch. ^^;

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May 24, 2002

Ah fuck. Tomorrow it's my

Ah fuck. Tomorrow it's my dad's 50th birthday and I'd completely forgotten. Too late to run to the shops and buy a present now... argh, what the fuck do I do? I fear I'll just have to wing it ^^; As in "hi, dad, happy birthday, sorry I didn't buy you a present but I'm kinda broke at the moment... ^^;;"

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And in other news, I

And in other news, I woke up late this morning and half-skipped breakfast (only had a large mug of milk). Something tells me that I'm not skipping lunch to buy manga today. Heheh.

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Gah. Note to self: teach

Gah. Note to self: teach friends to ask before sending me huge files via email.
If anybody tried to send me email and it bounced on them, sorry about that. Several large files from one of my friends stuffed my inbox. Please resend. :)

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May 23, 2002

(very belatedly because I haven't

(very belatedly because I haven't really looked at the bloglist lately - sorry ^^;) Happy birthday Bird! :)

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"Learn how things work around

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*blink* ... eh.

*blink* ... eh.

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CyberPounce. Okaaaaaay... yeah sure. :p

CyberPounce. Okaaaaaay... yeah sure. :p

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May 22, 2002

Kartoo. Interesting concept...

Kartoo. Interesting concept...

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LegoDeath, a museum of horrors.

LegoDeath, a museum of horrors. Hehehe.

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In case anybody still wasn't

In case anybody still wasn't convinced that Google 0wnz j00 4ll, look what they're working on at Google Labs. Google seems to crank out more cool useful stuff in a month than other search engines do in a year.

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May 21, 2002

Edited only an ickle

Edited only an ickle bit for formatting and getting rid of stray stuff that didn't really belong... Star Wars Episode 1/2.

Icchan SC: oh no
Icchan SC: has anyone EVER referred to Yoda as he/she?
sailoreagle: ...well he's quite clearly a he. could be a it for that matter, but...
Icchan SC: Well, how so? I mean, I specifically can NOT recall anyone saying either way for outright sure.
And wouldn't it be just amusing to pull a stunt like that. Just to screw with everyone's head?
sailoreagle: lol. he IS the kind of person (thingy?) to pull something like that...
Icchan SC: yeah
sailoreagle: hmm. I wonder what exactly Luke's training was... I mean we didn't see much of it...
(yes, I'm a bad bad person, I'll go sit in a corner now)
Icchan SC: ...
Icchan SC: so what happens if you splash Yoda with cold water?
sailoreagle: *literally falls off her chair laughing*
well I guess that swamp place was cursed...
Icchan SC: after all, gone martial-arts training in a swampy place..
Icchan SC: .........................oh lord no
Icchan SC: Yoda versus Happosai. FIGHT!
sailoreagle: The Force versus The Panties.
Icchan SC: ayup
Icchan SC: here's a worse thought
Icchan SC: what if you hit Yoda with HOT water? who would he turn back into?
sailoreagle: ...
Icchan SC: Yup
sailoreagle: *pushes the bad mental image AWAY*
Icchan SC: *BREAKS*
Icchan SC: just swap Yoda with Happosai.
Luke...the force flows through us all. It is an energy field generated by panties, that connect each of them. Only by meditating and gathering large piles of panties will you be able to master the Force.
sailoreagle: gah
that's quite enough, thank you
Icchan SC: alright alright
Icchan SC: but it's no worse than your Yoda/Luke lightsaber polishing you mentioned before.
sailoreagle: *snickers*
Icchan SC: *koff* at least if Yoda WERE Happosai, Natalie Portman's character would never be in trouble again.
sailoreagle: LOL
Icchan SC: ...and all of a sudden Anakin Saotome makes a hell of a lot more sense.
sailoreagle: yes but then poor Ani would get all pissed off...
(well, more than he already is...)
Icchan SC: yes.
Icchan SC: and Anakin would make SO much more sense
Icchan SC: as Ranma
Icchan SC: Amidala makes a decent Akane...
sailoreagle: yes...
Icchan SC: And there's just something far too bloody amusing as Obi Wan fighting in Panda form with a lightsaber.
sailoreagle: that's one hell of an amusing mental image. XD
Icchan SC: Damn skippy.
sailoreagle: *imagines a Panda-Wan in the chase scene at the beginning, holding up a sign that goes "I hate it when he does that kind of things"*
sailoreagle: XD
sailoreagle: Qui-Gon: "Follow the Force, my Pandawan."
Icchan SC: mmhmm.
Icchan SC: So who plays Anakin-chan?
Icchan SC: ...and...
Icchan SC: oh God
Icchan SC: this suddenly lends credence to Jarjar's nickname of"Annie"
Icchan SC: XD
sailoreagle: *HOWLS* XD
Icchan SC: hooooooooookaaaaaaaaaay
Icchan SC: I think we should stop now
I wonder why this kinda stuff always ends with "I think we should stop now". XD

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Three stench-ridden days... ewww.

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Buy wadded paper from very

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May 20, 2002

Did you ever wonder what

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Hey look, a periodic table.

Hey look, a periodic table. Literally.

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*looks at entry #69 in

*looks at entry #69 in her guestbook* *blinkblink* ... *lol* Okay, out with it, which one of you jokers did that?

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May 19, 2002

I only seem to be

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Spend all your time waiting

Spend all your time waiting
for that second chance
for a break that would make it okay
there's always some reason
to feel not good enough
and it's hard at the end of the day
I need some distraction
oh, beautiful release
memory seeps from my veins
let me be empty
and weightless and maybe
I'll find some peace tonight...

("Angel", Sarah McLachlan)

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And more...<Fat-Burrick> * Yoda polishes

And more...

<Fat-Burrick> * Yoda polishes his lightsaber
<Fat-Burrick> <Young_Anakin|puberty|brb> tissue plz
<Fat-Burrick> <Yoda>

<d0om> I think Jedi are beyond a "quick shag" ;)
<sailoreagle> oh so they do it slowly?
<sailoreagle> interesting.
<Fat-Burrick> No, its a "force shag"
<Fat-Burrick> Use the lube, luke. I mean force.
<sailoreagle> <Old_Obi-Wan> And now for a lesson in patience, Luke. Bend over.

<Fat-Burrick> <Young_Anakin|training> that doesnt look like a lightsabre!
<sailoreagle> <Young_Obi-Wan> Stop complaining and assume the position.
<Fat-Burrick> <Young_Anakin|training> yes master =|
<Fat-Burrick> <Young_Anakin|training> Christ, the force is with you today.
<sailoreagle> <Young_Obi-Wan> Of course. And don't shout this time. We don't want Yoda to try and join in again.
<Fat-Burrick> <Young_Anakin|training> Awww... but he does that thing with his tongue!
<sailoreagle> <Young_Obi-Wan> No whining, young Padawan. This is a private training session.
<Fat-Burrick> <Young_Anakin|training> so what is C3PO doing with that wookie figurine?
<Fat-Burrick> <Young_Anakin|training> wait...THATS NOT A WOOKIE
<sailoreagle> <C3PO> Oh, dear. It seems I'm in need of lubrication again. I'm all stiff.
<Fat-Burrick> <Yoda> Ahhh.. stiffness leads to squaks. Squaks lead to late nights. Late nights lead to RAPED ROBOTS YAHHHHH!!!
<sailoreagle> <C3PO> Ahhhhh!!! Don't tease me like this. Please!
<Fat-Burrick> * Yoda puts on his hentai sunglasses and advances on C3PO at a very slow speed
<d0om> <R2-D2> beep*boob*beep*ber*bleep*
<sailoreagle> * C3PO whines
<Fat-Burrick> * Young_Anakin|training pushes R2D2's head back down
<sailoreagle> <C3PO> Oh, no, you stay away this time, R2-D2. You don't even have an i/o port.
<d0om> * R2-D2 extends his retractable probe thingy
<d0om> <R2-D2> beep*boob*beep*ber*bleep*
<Fat-Burrick> I've just realised what we're doing and i'm going to stop.
<sailoreagle> lol.
<d0om> I think thats a good plan
<sailoreagle> yeah

Yes, we're bad bad gutterminded people. :D Fun.

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Discussing Episode II:<Fat-Burrick> <d0om> I

Discussing Episode II:

<Fat-Burrick> <d0om> I mean, when Padme fell out the ship, was natural for him to want to get off, but he shouldn't have get protesting, once he thought for a second
* Fat-Burrick giggles
<d0om> Fatteh!
<sailoreagle> lol!
<sailoreagle> I hadn't noticed that :D
<d0om> that was NOT what I meant!
<Fat-Burrick> "omg she fell off... i'll just be in the loo for 10 mins, omg omg"
<sailoreagle> hahaha :D
* sailoreagle goes to post that in her blog :D
<d0om> Yes, Anakin has a fetish for women who fals oevr
<Fat-Burrick> flas voer, fs.
<d0om> that too
<Fat-Burrick> NO!
<Fat-Burrick> JUST FLAS VOER!
<Fat-Burrick> Accept no substitutes.

[edit to add:]

<d0om> I didn't see the first film, but Anakin was 10 in it?
<sailoreagle> yes.
<d0om> and he starts this film off allready obsessed with Padme
<sailoreagle> yeh. precocious kid, ain't he
<d0om> so...he was a bit of a quick developer? O_o
<sailoreagle> you could say that.
<Fat-Burrick> developing what?
<sailoreagle> <Young_Anakin> ohh... Padme, how I miss the times you hugged me so...
<Fat-Burrick> <Young_Anakin|puberty|brb> omg, SHE FLAS VOER :D :D :D

I love my friends. Heeheehee... :D

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People with Hotmail email, a

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May 18, 2002

Oh, yeah, and a thing

Oh, yeah, and a thing about Episode II that I almost forgot: the cliches. My God, the cliches. No, really, the whole "we're in love but we can't love each other oh my oh dear woe woe woe angst angst angst oh I know we'll just keep it secret but we can't yes we can yes we will" thing is so old. So is the tired "dashing hero runs to save his mom and has her die in his arms and goes berserk because of that" thing.
It had potential, but they tried to shovel so much Angst on it that it all felt fake.

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On a completely different note:

On a completely different note: I couldn't keep my old version of AIM because it had been deleted. Dunno by whom, I didn't do it... probably my dad in one of his "let's free diskspace" sprees. So now I have the latest version... I can turn off all the annoyances, though, like the popup at the start and the news ticker and the fugly smileys and all. I can even timestamp events.
I still miss autologging though. ICQ does it, IRC does it, why can't AIM?

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Saw Episode II this afternoon.

Saw Episode II this afternoon. It was... meh. Normal, I guess. Not brilliant.
I wanted to smack Anakin for constantly thinking with his hormones, and I wanted to shoot JarJar Binks the few times he appeared onscreen. The plot was... well, it made sense if you'd seen the rest of the Star Wars movies, IMHO. Otherwise, it was just a big jumble of stuff that ended up being a bit confusing (it was confusing for my mom, for example).
But stars, Yoda fucking kicked ass. \o/ That was brilliant.

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May 17, 2002

Icchan (from comments again), I

Icchan (from comments again), I do have AIM, I just use it very rarely. I honestly can't remember the last time I turned it on. ^^; I'll bet it's an absurdly old version, too... *goes to get the newest version*
The only chat programs I use regularly (daily) are ICQ and IRC (on StarChat), all my friends are on there so that's what I use...
Anyway, my AIM username is (predictably enough) sailoreagle. I'll turn it on if I can remember to. ^^;

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Wow, Mother Nature finally got

Wow, Mother Nature finally got her act together. It hasn't rained for several days. \o/ Of course, it's so hot that it feels like bloody summer, but I can overlook that. Sun! Warmth! Yay!

And in other news, I went shopping with my mom this morning. We looked at clothes, among other things... what IS with the current trends of fugly and uncomfortable and just plain unwearable clothes? I swear I'm considering switching and going to buy clothes in the males section until the clothes for females stop looking like that, like I did the last time "trendy" clothes were this bad. Because "trendy" clothes are all they sell nowadays.

And I got no reply to the email I sent to say "hay the FTP server is fuxx0red", and the FTP server is still fuxx0red, which is a royal pain in the ass and makes me annoyed.

But I have this absurdly cute wooden cat figurine sitting in front of me. And it's sunny outside, and I haven't lost a friend I thought I'd lost, and though there's still a load of shit going on in my life, right now I'm feeling happy.

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May 16, 2002

And as a follow up

And as a follow up to that, to a certain person (you know who you are): no, I am not upset just because of stuff that happens online, okay? You know how the saying goes, when you assume...

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Icchan (in comments): the problems

Icchan (in comments): the problems start when my friends are having enough problems themselves so piling up MY problems on them also would be selfish, or when I'm called selfish for simply being upset, or when I know that if I vent I'll hurt my friends... the list goes on. There are times when I can't lean on my friends, no matter how much I need support, and it appears that this time is one of those times. :(
Hopefully when my best friend comes back from his trip in a couple days and when my other close friend stops having shit in his life things will be better...

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*snerk* Oh, this is amusing.

*snerk* Oh, this is amusing. You see, we have a fax number, because my dad has his office in our house. This fax number is extremely similar to the fax number of the VISA office that deals with lost credit cards and such: two numbers in the area code are switched (ie. our area code is, say, 0123, and the area code of the other number is 0213). You wouldn't believe how many people get the wrong number when sending the fax to the credit card company and send it to our fax instead. Hahaha.

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And on a completely different

And on a completely different note: I was stopped by a Jehovah's Witness (different each time), while I was on my way to the train station to go back home, three days in a row. Is it the season or what?

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Okay, okay okay okay, deep breaths. I'm calm. I'm calm I'm calm I'm calm. might remember me ranting a couple times about having to work on a webpage, yeah? And the FTP server not working?
Well, it's STILL not working. Since fucking DECEMBER, and a dozen emails I've sent them telling them to fix the piece of shit already. And I've the updates sitting on my harddisk, and I don't DARE try to upload them, because last time I poked the server, it took me five tries just to connect to the bloody thing, and it disconnected me randomly every few seconds, and ate the most recently uploaded/modified file when doing so. Yeah, I checked this afternoon. I don't have the time to spend HOURS uploading FIVE FILES like last time I tried to upload something, just because their server is having a tantrum AGAIN.
And then of course I get yelled at by my mom because the page is not up. (The page is for her school, as I probably have already mentioned.)
They don't fix it in a week, I'm fucking QUITTING, and they can design their own bloody webpage and upload it to their shitty FTP server on their own. Translating stuff earns me more money anyway, it's more tiring but more rewarding. And it's not like I NEED money anyway. And I especially don't need to work my ass off on a webpage for the very, very, VERY little money they give me, AND not be able to upload it AND get yelled at because of it.
Fucking hell.

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Anyway, moving on... Jer, does

Anyway, moving on... Jer, does that mean you'll be updating regularly from now on? \o/ (linkmelinkmelinkme)

Updated the sidebar a bit. Yeah, I couldn't resist and added a link to the weatherpixie thing... not the image though, that would've been too tacky :p I also added a couple other things, including some links in the bloglist.
Maybe I should just give up and use blogrolling for the sidebar links, it certainly looks to be less cumbersome than going into the HTML template whenever I have to update/add a link... but I dunno. It would tack a "powered by blogrolling" advertisement right under the linklist and I'd prefer putting a link to it somewhere else (ie. where the blogger and blogback links are). Yeah, I'd rather have keep my pain in the ass to update list than have something where I don't want it. ^^;;

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I need to stop being

I need to stop being such a stupid fool, and learn to deal with my problems on my own, and not burden my friends with them, and not yell at my friends when I'm upset at them. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut, in other words. Bleh. ._. At least one thing I've learned through all this shit - I can hide my feelings much better now.

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May 15, 2002

...if you'll excuse me, I'll

...if you'll excuse me, I'll just go and cry until I die now.

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Blogger, stop being a motherfucker

Blogger, stop being a motherfucker and let me publish.

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Hey look: (And in case

Hey look:

The WeatherPixie

(And in case Istrana, up there, isn't giving any report, which is the case right now, here, have Treviso too. Istrana's closer to me, but Treviso works too. Yes, I realize I just gave you a pretty neat way of stalking me. So?)

The WeatherPixie

Cute. *ponders whether to add to sidebar or not*
(Yeah, I dislike those cartoony doll thingies as much as any sensible person does, but the stortroopers were fugly, and this doll was the most decent of those offered.)

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How to get around those

How to get around those newfangled audio CD copy protections with a marker or a bit of sticky tape, as seen on The Register.
Just be careful, as there's a mistake in that first article I linked (due to mistranslation): do not use a permanent marker. The original article said a NON-permanent marker.

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WinMX 3.1 kicks ass. And

WinMX 3.1 kicks ass.

And in other news, if a certain somebody doesn't contact me within a certain time limit he'll have an utterly furious me on his hands. Something I wouldn't wish on anybody.

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May 14, 2002

Hi. Um... *points to the

Hi. Um... *points to the entry below* thanks everybody for the hugs and the support and the "I'd miss you"s and the "I'd notice"s and everything. *^^* I was feeling a bit depressed. Well okay, a lot depressed. I guess I'm still not used to having a lot of friends... I've been a loner for most of my life. :|
I'm feeling better now (hopefully). Still feeling a bit down, and worried as well... a friend disappearing suddenly with no reason or warning will do that to me. Eh...

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May 12, 2002

...I wonder if people would

...I wonder if people would miss me if I just... disappeared. If something happened to me. An accident, or anything.
I wonder if people would even notice...

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May 11, 2002

Heheh. The Yatta! thing never

Heheh. The Yatta! thing never fails to make me laugh. :D Yeah, I know I already blogged about this a while ago (even though I can't be arsed to pull up the post from the archives), but repeating never hurts. Especially since now I've found a place with an accurate translation of the lyrics. Hahaha. :D

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From "What the web is

From "What the web is for", kids' version of "Small Pieces Loosely Joined" ( link):

So, here we have two worlds. In the real world, people are kept apart by distance. Because of the vastness of the earth, different cultures have developed. People live in separate countries, divided by boundaries and sometimes by walls with soldiers and guns. On the Web, people come together - they connect - because they care about the same things.

The real world is about distances keeping people apart. The Web is about shared interests bringing people together.

Now, if connecting and caring are what make us into human people, then the Web - built out of hyperlinks and energized by people's interests and passions - is a place where we can be better at being people.

And that is what the Web is for.

... people will probably laugh at me, but I agree with that.

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Covers for Anne McCaffrey's books.

Covers for Anne McCaffrey's books. Heh. Some of those covers (well, most of them) are downright fugly... not to mention untrue to the books. I'm glad now that the Pern books are all out of print over here in Italy, so I'm getting the English versions (best covers ever \o/ the only ones I don't like so far are the Dragonsong and Dragonsinger ones, the dragons look a bit too... well, thready, I can't find any other word to describe them). Plus the translations suck, if the translation of All The Weyrs Of Pern (which was the only one I could find in Italian) is anything to go by. Ick.

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Which reminds me... I need

Which reminds me... I need to get a decent monitor for the thing. The laptop monitor is the only thing that's sub-par... for everything else, it's the best computer I've ever had. ^^;

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I was sad that I

I was sad that I didn't have enough free disk space to download the Chobits episodes off WinMX, but then I remembered my laptop, with its 30GB harddisk. I always forget that. ^^;;

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*blink* *stare* ... well, I

*blink* *stare* ... well, I guess it was only a matter of time until that kind of stuff started popping up... but still... eeeech.
(It looks well-drawn though, that much I have to admit. Still, the idea squicks me.)

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May 10, 2002

Nice shrubs, lady. Very suggestive

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...I don't wanna go to

...I don't wanna go to the boring Principles of Marketing class *whine* I'm tired and sleepy and braindead already, it'll be even worse at 2:30pm when class starts ;_; But I can't skip class twice in a row... bleh. I suppose I'll have to go.
I'm leaving early, though. No fucking way I'll get home at 7pm for a stupid boring class.

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And this deserves a "..."

And this deserves a "..." too. No, come on. I really do hope it's a joke. That... thing can't be for real. God, but it's fugly. What the hell were they thinking?

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Hey look. Coke owns Jesus.

Hey look. Coke owns Jesus. That deserves a "...", I think.

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And in other news, I've

And in other news, I've been in a bad mood for most of the past few days, though there have been a few happy parts. Heh. Thank God tomorrow it's Saturday.
Here's to hoping next week isn't shit.

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Heh. Our IT teacher this

Heh. Our IT teacher this morning just had to go and do the "you're here to learn, so I will teach you, because knowledge is power!" thing. Heeheehee. I kept thinking of Great Teacher Largo, it took all the self-control I had to keep from laughing myself silly.

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May 08, 2002

...bwahahaha. Go on, search for

...bwahahaha. Go on, search for "pit of voles" in Google. With or without quotes, it doesn't matter. (And if you're lazy, here: with quotes and without quotes) HAHAHA. Poor, poor Pit of voles indeed. *keeps laughing her ass off* Ph34r t3h p0w3r 0f bl0gs. XD XD XD
(found from Mooncalf, who I really should permalink off the sidebar)

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Remember the computer illitterate from

Remember the computer illitterate from the previous post? He's at it again, again on the computer next to mine. Eeeech. And he managed to piss off the History of Journalism teacher, too... yeah, very smart of you, don't study, don't do assignments and then tell the teacher bluntly that you haven't done fuck all. And then protest if she gets angry cause you had two weeks. Asshat.

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You know what I hate?

You know what I hate? (Well, a few things out of the many things I hate)
Computer illitterates whose solution for every computer problem is banging on the keyboard, yelling, cursing and hitting the reset button. Yes, there's one sitting next to me in the university's computer room right now. Five bloody resets in five bloody minutes. Argh.

Oh, and I hate it when I get no reply to emails that specifically asked for a reply or at least an acknowledgement that the email has been received.

Yes, I'm feeling cranky today. Today looks like it's going to be another rotten, awful Wednesday. Graaaar. ><

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It's pouring again today. Figures.

It's pouring again today. Figures.
I hate, hate, hate, hate Wednesdays.

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May 07, 2002

Funny how the weather reflects

Funny how the weather reflects my mood sometimes. Or maybe it's my mood that reflects the weather, or it's just a coincidence... And after all, why should rain always equal being miserable? Rain can be beautiful too. But not when you're miserable, so I probably interpret the weather according to my mood...
Where was I? Oh, yes. I've been in a miserable mood all week, since last Wednesday. It poured every day. The worst day, when I was feeling absolutely horrible, it rained so hard you couldn't see 50cm in front of your nose.
But today... today was a beautiful day. Sunny, warm, bright, with blue sky and music in the air. You know those days that are just so? Today was one of those days.
And yes, I went to sleep happy yesterday, woke up happy, and continued being happy throughout the day. I'm still feeling happy now.
Actually, happy doesn't even begin to describe how I'm feeling... but it will have to do.
Maybe life will go back to being Good.

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... *blinkblinkblink* No. This has

... *blinkblinkblink* No. This has to be a rumour. "Sailor Moon X"? Sounds like a fanfiction title. I could bet it is a fanfiction title, in fact, but I can't be arsed to google for it.
Still, it would be damn cool if there was another Sailormoon series. If it was good and not bad, of course. Heh... Sailormoon is what got me into anime in the first place, not to mention the internet. I wouldn't be here typing this right now if it wasn't for Sailormoon. I'll have to tell that tale once... though most of my friends have already heard it several times. Heheh.
Can anybody confirm/deny the rumour? (link from Arashi)

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May 06, 2002

o.O The Chobits OP is

o.O The Chobits OP is so... catchy. Sugary cute. Even worse than Catch you catch me. I'll have this stuck in my head for a long time...

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Bird, no, the color scheme

Bird, no, the color scheme is fine ^^; I like it, at least.
What I meant was... well, look at this screenshot. (Excuse the crappy screenshot quality - I compressed the hell out of it, so the colors went odd. What matters is the text placement, font and size. The rest - text color, link color etc. - shows up fine.)

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Buh... missed the train for

Buh... missed the train for uni because it left early. It literally left under my nose... one of my classmates, who lives in my same city, missed it as well, which is how I know it left early and it wasn't just my clock being slow. -_- Oh well... I only had an English class, I can afford to miss that... And if I stay home I can manage to finish that goddamned translation.

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May 05, 2002

Bird, the layout works in

Bird, the layout works in Netscape 4.7 (though it's um, rather fugly... readable, though), but does not work (doesn't show up at all) in the latest version of Opera.
As usual, I have no clue what's doing it. -.-;;

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And on the same line

And on the same line ("fun for bored people"), Collapse. Nice and calm at first, then it turns into a veritable oh-my-God-HELP clickfest at higher levels. Heheh.
I seem to always die at level 9, with just a handful of lines (10 or so) left to go. My highest score so far is 178,523 (in a particularly lucky game where I got a truckload of bonuses).

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And because I'm bored out

And because I'm bored out of my skull and I need to take a break from that translation I'm working on: ph34r Lego Me. (Made with the Mini-Mizer.) Yeah yeah, I know, the balloons are not very "me"... I was thinking of using the sword, or the bow, or even the whip instead, but they looked like crud.
Cute, innit? Personally, I still prefer the things you can make with Heromachine (and a little PSP fiddling on the side, I'll admit), though.

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I don't know the person

I don't know the person who used to own before it was hijacked from her. I found out about this by chance, actually, poking around the corners of blogland I don't usually visit. But I absolutely can't stand incompetent money-grabbing fuckers like the ones at Verisign. So yeah. Count me in for the Google bomb.

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*gives the finger to certain

*gives the finger to certain people* Life goes on, I suppose. A few things still to solve, and a firm belief that the world would be much better if there weren't so many assholes, snotty bitches and fuckheads around.
Just watch me. You'll never be rid of me, no matter how hard you try. And I shall delight in rubbing the fact that you were wrong in your face.

Thanks to everybody else for the support. Much appreciated.

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May 01, 2002

Why is it that every

Why is it that every time I decide to trust somebody I get screwed over?

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