Wow, Mother Nature finally got

Wow, Mother Nature finally got her act together. It hasn't rained for several days. \o/ Of course, it's so hot that it feels like bloody summer, but I can overlook that. Sun! Warmth! Yay!

And in other news, I went shopping with my mom this morning. We looked at clothes, among other things... what IS with the current trends of fugly and uncomfortable and just plain unwearable clothes? I swear I'm considering switching and going to buy clothes in the males section until the clothes for females stop looking like that, like I did the last time "trendy" clothes were this bad. Because "trendy" clothes are all they sell nowadays.

And I got no reply to the email I sent to say "hay the FTP server is fuxx0red", and the FTP server is still fuxx0red, which is a royal pain in the ass and makes me annoyed.

But I have this absurdly cute wooden cat figurine sitting in front of me. And it's sunny outside, and I haven't lost a friend I thought I'd lost, and though there's still a load of shit going on in my life, right now I'm feeling happy.

¤ May 17, 2002 01:32 PM ¤