October 30, 2003

And of course

Train cancelled. Next one's at 1:50pm.

Yeah, fuck you too, universe.

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Why being a responsible student sucks

So I wake up at half past stupid to go to university, yeah? Trudge to the train station, curl up on the train to sleep... when I get to my destination, the first thought that crosses my mind is, "wah, I don't wanna go to class today, I should just stay on the train and go back home" (train goes back and forth). However, I decide I should be a Good and Responsible Student and go to class anyway... after all, it's just two hours of class, and it's actually an interesting class...
I get to uni and what happens? "Oh, the teacher has just called, she woke up this morning with a horrid cold, no class today." And it's too late to catch that train, so I'm stuck here for another couple of hours.
At least the internet works... they've disabled java on this particular computer so I can't use a javachat to get on IRC, but they still haven't noticed I hid mIRC in a subfolder, so it's all good. *grin*

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October 27, 2003


My portable CDplayer fell and broke. No more music while away from home for me until I can get a new one.


And to add more bleh to a bleh day, this morning it was sunny, now it's grey and overcast and cold and the teacher is late for class again. Bleh. I wanna go home.

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Know what's nice?

User load on Serenity-IRC

*pets the nice user spike* We're growing. Come grow with us? :)

[edit 2005-03-02 - due to certain things happening, I am no longer staff on Serenity-IRC nor recommending that network. Try Illumichat instead.]

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Small blessings

Happiness in a server notice.

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October 26, 2003


Devo decidermi ad andare in fumetteria a recuperare quei due-tre fumetti del mese che ancora non ho preso e che mi stanno aspettando piangenti nella mia casellina... spero di riuscire a farci un salto domani al ritorno dall'università ;_; Questo mese per andare in fumetteria i tempi sono stati abbastanza un casino, esco di casa per altri motivi solo quando la fumetteria della mia città è chiusa o sta per chiudere e sono troppo pigra per uscire solo per andare là. ^^; E mi spiace, perché finisco sempre per leggere in ritardo fumetti che mi piacciono anche abbastanza. :/ Vedremo domani se riesco a passare...

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October 24, 2003


I'm going to find whoever gave me this goddamn cold and I'm going to make them pay. I feel like I've been run over with a truck, and then somebody stabbed me in the throat. Grrrr.

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October 23, 2003

Comment hilarity

From the comments to the previous post:

My God your an idiot. Your self centered and egotistical. Your opinions don't matter. Your not that important. quit the blog thing.
With a bogus email address and a bogus website. Nice try, Mr. Anonymous Coward on IP (phil2150.dialup.dandy.net), who (a little birdy tells me) could be living somewhere near Milford, Pennsylvania, USA. My self-esteem is soooo hurt by somebody who doesn't even have the balls to comment using his real name and email address.
Grow up a bit, mmkay? It's really in your best interest.

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October 21, 2003

Amazon review hilarity

Even doing all the stuff I'm doing (thinking up mIRC scripts for a branded mIRC, doublechecking helpfiles for mistakes and things that need to be clarified, general discussion and question-answering), I'm still finding the time to book hop on Amazon.com and look at reviews... hey, I need amusement :P and some reviews are really quite funny. For instance:


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The Great Morning Idle

[11:21:36] * Razor has joined #Thief
[11:21:56] <Razor> yo guys
[11:22:58] <Razor> Can I ask you some tricky questions about morrowind?
[11:23:57] <Razor> please?
[11:24:05] <Razor> enyone?
[11:25:38] <Razor> there is 23 persons here and no one is chating hows that?
[11:26:21] <Razor> THIS IS a chatroom If Im not mistaken right?
[11:26:56] * Razor Quit (Quit: Leaving)
[11:27:05] * sailoreagle snickers quietly

(Hey, don't look at me that way. I know nothing about Morrowind, anyway, so even if I'd said something, I couldn't have helped the guy. And the channel is almost always idle at this time of the morning. The fact that the guy is generally disliked because he whines for help when he needs help and the rest of the time he's either not around or insulting everybody might have something to do with it, though, that's true...


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October 19, 2003


I've been told there's something wonky about this layout, and it doesn't work as it should in Internet Explorer. Can you IE users look at it, and if there's anything wrong (such as the page not loading fully, with the sidebar being cut off) leave me a comment? I've checked, and it loads fine for me in IE, as it does for other people I have asked, but I've been told by one person it didn't work.
If you see problems, drop me a comment, saying which IE version you are using, and so on. And maybe I can track it down, if it's indeed something in my code rather than IE being a piece of shit. Heh.

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Here we go.

Been wanting to make a layout out of this photo pretty much ever since I got home from my holiday. I'd tried a lot of times, and a lot of different formats, but nothing ever came of it... until today. I guess I was in the right mood or something, because all of it, both the image editing and the coding, got done in about three hours.
I'm especially proud of this layout, too, because I've finally figured out CSS to an usable extent. :D Go me!

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Caution, falling tags

Doing the new layout thing... things may look weird for a bit, until the dust's settled.

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October 18, 2003

Lucca Comics

Come i due anni precedenti, il primo novembre sarò a Lucca Comics. Ebbene sì, mi sobbarco di nuovo il luuuungo viaggio in treno e vado lì a pagare il biglietto per poter spendere tutti i miei soldi :P Se qualche italiano (che conosco, oi, non mi incontro con perfetti sconosciuti) sta leggendo e ci sarà, io sarò lì nel pomeriggio... lasciatemi un commento o (meglio) mandatemi un'email e magari ci si trova.

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October 11, 2003

Prima di partire...

Prima di partire per un lungo viaggio / Devi portare con te la voglia di non tornare più / Prima di non essere sincera / Pensa che ti tradisci solo tu

(Before leaving for a long trip / You must take with you the desire to never come back again / Before being insincere / Think, you're only betraying yourself)

Prima di partire per un lungo viaggio / Porta con te la voglia di non tornare più / Prima di non essere d'accordo / Prova ad ascoltare un po' di più

(Before leaving for a long trip / Take with you the desire to never come back again / Before disagreeing / Try listening a bit more)

Prima di non essere da sola / Prova a pensare se stai bene tu / Prima di pretendere qualcosa / Prova a pensare a quello che dai tu

(Before not being on your own / Try and think if you're feeling good with yourself / Before demanding something / Try and think about what you are giving)

I wish some people would think. I wish they'd see. But they don't seem to be able to understand... and after a bit, it's just their loss.

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And in the morning

Things are broken. Things are rebuilt.

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October 09, 2003

Look! A badge!

Official NaNoWriMo 2003 Participant

It's a bit... well, fugly. Last year's was prettier. But hey, no reason to ignore a "lookit me! I'm in NaNoWriMo!" badge thingy. Hehe.

I've also added the NaNoWriMo forums to the sidebar. Hopefully that'll help me keep up with them. ¬¬

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October 07, 2003

50K words, 30 days, 1 novel...

I signed up two years ago, and failed. I signed up last year, and won, with three days to spare, surprising the heck out of myself.

And, yes, I signed up again.

For what? Well duh, NaNoWriMo.


Of course, I still have to finish rewriting what I wrote last year... it's sat there, mostly untouched (except for the opening scene). I wonder if I should finish rewriting it in October, and then use the 50K words of November to finish the plot nicely (I reached 50K with the plot nowhere near finished last year). I could try, at least, I can always start a whole new plot from scratch if I don't finish rewriting in time.

Maybe trying to tame the plotbunnies will keep my mind off the current problems I have...

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October 06, 2003


Problem solved, but now there's yet another problem to solve.

I hate my life...

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October 04, 2003

That's better.

Previous problem solved. Which is good.

Now I just need to get rid of the other problem, and of the knots in my stomach associated with it. No end to trouble lately, bleh.

(Sorry if I'm being cryptic... it's just that there's a bunch of people associated with this and I dunno if they'd want their problems displayed in public view on a weblog :P but I do need to whine somewhere.)

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October 02, 2003

The Breaking of the Fellowship

Heh. Trust Winamp to come up with the right piece of music for right now...

I hate it when two friends of mine disagree with each other and I'm stuck in the middle. And I can't do anything because... because of many factors, actually, but the key here is I can't do anything and I wish I could and I feel like shit.

I hope this will be solved soon.

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