December 25, 2004

Obligatory Christmas Post

*shifty eyes* Me? Posting? Can't be. I have, after all, been neglecting this thing for months. It's even got a summer layout still, while now we're in the middle of winter. As evidenced by it being Christmas. *cough* Yes, well, my excuse is the summery layout does wonders for my mood. The gods know I feel too cold and ick some days, without my blog layout being all grey and white and cold too.


Merry Christmas!

I unfortunately couldn't afford to send out much stuff this year, so instead of cards most people just get virtual hugs. (And the people who do get stuff will most likely get it a bit late, as I got slightly sidetracked and so stuff still has to be sent out. Erm. Moving swiftly on...) Virtual hugs as big as I can make them, but still virtual, which is a bit sucky, I know we all need real hugs in life, and the more of those the better... but virtual hugs are all I can do right now. Someday I'll manage to hop on a plane and go round the world and give all my friends all the hugs they deserve. Yes, I know I keep saying that, but I'll do it once I can afford to. (First I have to find a job. Heh. Biggest problem right now. But that's a rant for another day.)

Which reminds me. Those of you sitting in a place I've disappeared from and saying you miss me - I haven't exactly disappeared off the face of the internet. Google "sailoreagle" and you find this place. And from this place you can find, for instance, IRC. Come on, people, be a little enterprising! Yes I mean you.

Which reminds me! Yaaaay, Thief 3. Yes, I've finally installed it and started playing it, after getting the virtual equivalent of a kick in the ass (connection dead for two days and a half, nothing better to do). After having to solve a slight problem due to semi-outdated vidcard drivers, that is. The solution to which involved me downloading a largish driver install package on a slow as hell, pay per minute dialup connection. No, I couldn't have waited. (Huge thanks to Sinar for researching the problem for me while I was connection-less. You rock!)
It's a very fun game, all I remember the first two Thief games being and more. Yay, I can look down and see myself! And I actually cast a shadow! And the game is all sparkly! I love the lighting effects. (And, while I know most "old school" fans probably disagree with me, I love the fact that the loot sparkles. Yay, no more running around a mansion or cave for hours on end looking for the last carefully-hidden bit of loot that I need to meet the objectives. That's tedious, not fun. Plus, the loot sparkling ends up being incredibly amusing at times, as you'll see people who sparkle like veritable Christmas trees. Nothing like chasing a sparkly guy down an alley. Hee.) And Garrett is his usual wonderful snarky sarcastic self and I love it. :D Hee.
Though, lockpicking was a pain in the ass until I got the hang of it (now it's just "ho hum, another lock, yay?"). And I wish there weren't those damned "loading zones" (hellooooo, breaking immersion - "are you sure you want to go to this area?"), but eh.
Got through the first handful of missions rather quickly, but now I'm stuck on my first "gods, I hate this" mission, the one where you have to steal the mummified hand from the Pagans. I keep getting lost in those bloody tunnels. >< I think I'll have to get some paper and keep a map while I'm going, but there's nothing that breaks immersion more than looking down at my desk to figure out where the hell I am. But if I want to get out of that mission I'll have to do it I guess. Bleh. (Who was the bright bulb who thought to remove the "see your generic location" feature from the map, I wonder... sheesh.)

And yes, I am aware I'm jumping from subject to subject in a completely random way. Hyperness does that to me, and given that I'm in a mood that can only be described as "eeeee presents!"-hyper... well... yeah.

Which reminds me... presents list!

- Concert tickets (Laura Pausini, February 26)
- RotK gift box (which had arrived in the mail from a bit ago, but given that it was a Christmas present, it had to wait. So, yup. *pets the Minas Tirith miniature* Preeeeeetty. Will have to track down the Argonath bookends eventually, it's the only item I'm missing, since when FotR extended came out we didn't think the gift box was worth it.)
- Books (a book on cat yoga (o_O) from my brother, plus some of the Incarnations of Immortality series, with the ones missing plus the 50th anniversary edition LotR coming once the boxes arrive in the mail)
- A very pretty calendar with cat drawings
- A new wallet (mine's close to falling apart)

That's all for now I think. I'll try and post more, I promise!

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