November 30, 2001

Legolas Greenleaf If I were

Legolas Greenleaf

If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Legolas, Elf, a son of the King of Mirkwood.
In the movie, I am played by Orlando Bloom.

Who would you be?
Zovakware Lord of the Rings Test

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Design not found: "the best

Design not found: "the best and worst of contingency design". Interesting site.

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*kicks IE* Goddamnit bitch, behave.

*kicks IE* Goddamnit bitch, behave.

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I know I've linked this

I know I've linked this already quite some time ago, but it makes me laugh my ass off every time I see it, so here we go again: The Matrix, IRC style.

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Recent search referrers: - Go

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Good news: I still remember

Good news: I still remember how to play decently. Bad news: my fingers hurt already. I'll have to get used to it again.

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I have the sudden urge

I have the sudden urge to go and get my guitar and start playing it and singing until my throat and fingers feel sore. I haven't done that in years... last time I touched it must be at least two years ago. I wonder if I still remember how to play it decently... I'll just have to try.

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O_o Pig Latin Google, Elmer

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Found this email sitting in

Found this email sitting in my inbox this morning:

(sender address removed)
Hi Naoko you are so cool.I love Sailor Moon it is so cool. I think that you are the coolest artist of all. I love all of you art I have all of your smuile comic. I got issue 3.1 to 3.11. My friend and i love you. it is so cool that my friend a i could draw like you. But you are yhe best. I am sorry that i don't have a emale adrees for you, but that is still cool. You could still write to me. Here is my address (address removed). I hope you will write back soon.

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November 29, 2001

...Human stupidity is infinite. Link

...Human stupidity is infinite.
Link is in Italian, sorry. The gist of it: a guy had got insurance with several companies against permanent invalidity. He wanted to get the money from the insurance, so he asked a cousin to cut his leg off with a chainsaw and make it look like it had been an accident. The cousin did, and the guy bled to death. Darwin Awards material.

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Not many people will get

Not many people will get this, but hey, I found it funny enough to share. ;D

<Daveh> teh egyptian man is getting a work out
<Daveh> ~o~ and left 2,3,4 and ~o~ right 2,3,4 and stretch \o/ 2,3,4 and make z arms zoz 2,3,4 and look like a Star Wars ship |o| 2,3,4... and relax. /o\

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...Well. This I was not

...Well. This I was not expecting... a working computer with a working connection in the university's computer room. I think I'm not supposed to use it yet, since it apparently does not have any restrictions on it (I could change the screen settings, for example, and get into control panel, and in the C: drive, and install programs...), but hey, it was turned on, nobody's here, and I have to wait for the train. And I'm a good girl, I won't touch the settings, and if they tell me to go away I will. (Not without pleading and puppy-eyeing the guy to let me stay, though.)
I don't like the keyboard on this computer... I think I will stay away from it when the computer room actually has twelve working computers. But it was a choice between a computer with a Malformed Keyboard From Hell (good GOD the backspace key is minuscule) and a computer with the Non-functioning Mouse From Hell, so... ^^;

Anyway. The exam went fairly well. I bullshitted my way through two of the questions, because I absolutely did not remember that part of the textbook... ^^;;; I think I bullshitted effectively though, and I'm sure I answered all the other questions correctly, so I shouldn't get too bad a grade, hopefully.

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While I'm at it. Odd

While I'm at it. Odd dream this morning, just before waking up.
I woke up. I could barely keep my eyes open because I was so sleepy still. I looked at the clock, saw it was 1pm. Ran downstairs, to the kitchen, where my dad smiled sweetly at me and said, "Oh hello, nice of you to wake up, lunch is almost ready." I screamed, "why didn't you wake me up?? I have an exam today, I'm supposed to be in class right now taking it!" "Oh", he replied, "I thought you had given up on that exam, since you kept sleeping." And I panicked, and woke up, for real this time.
This has to be the oddest dream I've had in a while, especially since it's the first one in ages where I didn't realize I was dreaming before waking up. ^^;;

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Oh yeah, did not mention

Oh yeah, did not mention yesterday... yesterday, there was a guy (apparently the "sysadmin"... he couldn't have been much older than me. Poor guy) in my university's computer room, messing with the computers, reinstalling Windows 2000 Pro on all of them, trying to fix the internet connection etc.
What's that I hear you say? There might be hope that they will be fixed soon? Naaah. Not likely.

First off, when I asked him when he thought everything would be fixed he went, "Erm, I don't know... ^^;;" (I swear that if he had been an anime character he would've sweatdropped. He even looked like he was sweatdropping.)

Then, as I had some time to waste, I hung around to watch him fix the computer. He worked on three computers.

Computer #1 was apparently fine. He installed Win2K without problems, ran the antivirus checker without problems, and then rebooted. At that point, the hard disk stopped working. Cue lots of fiddling around with the cables inside the computer. It didn't work. Cue lots of smacking the computer. It didn't work. Cue grabbing the computer, and smacking it down hard, several times, on the table (!!). It worked. Two minutes later, while he was fiddling with the settings, the hard disk died again. He gave up.

Computer #2 got stuck 2 times while formatting the hard disk, both times at 77%. I don't know if he managed to format it at the third try, I had to leave. The formatting was at 78% when I left though, so it showed promise.

Computer #3 got stuck 4 times during the Win2K installation process, but is apparently working fine now.

And that was, ladies and gentlemen, 1/4 of the computers in our computer room. (Yes, only 12 computers.)

Very reassuring, isn't it?

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The sun is shining, it's

The sun is shining, it's a beautiful day, I have an exam at 1pm and if I miss the 10:55am train I'm screwed.

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November 28, 2001

What the hell is wrong

What the hell is wrong with me?

...low self esteem, that's what. Joy. Now I have another thing I need to get through.

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...and so I cry sometimes

...and so I cry sometimes when I'm lying in bed /just to get it all out what's in my head / and I, I'm feeling a little peculiar / and so I wake in the morning and I step outside / and I take a deep breath / and I get real high / and I scream from the top of my lungs / what's going on...

I've been feeling... odd lately. I feel like I care about everything, and yet I don't care about anything. There are many things I want to do, but I'm too lazy to do them, and there are many things I should do, but I can't be bothered. So I don't know where I'm going, what I'm going to do, I feel like I don't know anything...
What I know I really want to do is keep writing the story I'm writing now, but I'm not supposed to do that. I'm supposed to study, I'm supposed to do many things but not that.
I wish I could stay home tomorrow, but I have an exam... which is worth 30% of the final course grade, after exactly six lessons. I want to kill that bastard of a teacher. And I should be studying, not online wasting my time... but I can't be bothered.
So what do I do now? Heh. I dunno...

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November 27, 2001

Oh yeah, and don't forget

Oh yeah, and don't forget the Media exam I have on Thursday, after exactly 6 lessons. Joy.

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The Media teacher had to

The Media teacher had to leave early so class ended at 6pm so I was home at 7, YES, THANK YOU GOD.
On the other hand, tomorrow I will have to take an earlier train (which is around 10:30am iirc) because I have a stupid meeting at 2pm. (Yes, there are no trains after the 10:30am one before 2:15pm. --;;) I could take the 3pm train if it wasn't for that stupid meeting... what the hell will I do while waiting for my 4pm class? I can't even go shop for Christmas presents, all the shops open at 3:30pm... --;;

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November 26, 2001

You know what I hate

You know what I hate about IE? That when it crashes it has a good chance of bringing my whole system down with it, too. -.-;;

Anyway. I woke up at 1:30pm, had lunch, then watched One Piece.
The Italian opening song is, oddly enough, starting to grow on me. It's nice and catchy, in an oddly cheesy kind of way. I just hope I don't get it stuck in my head. And I've noticed one thing, watching the opening carefully (I hadn't really payed attention to it yet)... it is incredibly full of spoilers. (That's almost always the case for Italian anime openings, but it doesn't make it any less annoying.) It shows just about every relevant character from the start of the series up to when Zoro first battles with Mihawk the swordsman, and includes quite a few relevant scenes from battles. -.-;;

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Had breakfast, about to go

Had breakfast, about to go to sleep... just wanted to say one last thing.
I discussed this with my parents, and they were strangely reasonable. As a result, I am free to pull an all-nighter if I want every week, Saturday night. XD Of course I will have to be good and study and help out in the house and all that, but I already do that :p The only thing that's somewhat limiting and will be difficult for me is that I have to be in bed at 11pm all the other days of the week, but I think it's a good trade. So yay \o/

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Oh look... it's morning. XD

Oh look... it's morning. XD I think I'll go have breakfast with my family soon, then go to bed and sleep until noon or so.

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*prods the download* Yes, come

*prods the download* Yes, come on, move it, a little quicker please? I mean, I'm downloading from somebody on a 56K, and I'm on ADSL, so it theoretically should go at least a little faster than .2 k/s. --;; Unless of course the user is downloading a load of songs while I am downloading from him... I would cut off the download and say "who cares about this song", but it's already 3/4 done so I'll just let it finish.

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I'll say only this, and

I'll say only this, and those of you who frequent TTLG will know. Good GOD VKGayleSaver is longwinded. Oh and let's not forget overly dramatic. Put him in an argument with Daxim, and see what happens.

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*hisses* Don't I just love

*hisses* Don't I just love people in WinMX (or any other similar filesharing app) who stop your download because they don't like you downloading from them. Goddamn leeches. And one of them was downloading two songs from me, too. Excuse me, what gives you the right to download songs from me but not let me download a single song from you? XO

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Bloggus Caesari. The odd random

Bloggus Caesari. The odd random things you find when bloghopping.

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Yes, I'm still awake. Random

Yes, I'm still awake. Random comments: I love Mangascreener and I love WinMX.

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Oooh... pretty new layout, Zeruel.

Oooh... pretty new layout, Zeruel.

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Right, all my Brit friends

Right, all my Brit friends are off IRC, and here I am, a crazy Italian intending to pull an all-nighter tonight. Screw the classes I have tomorrow, I'll stay up until dawn, then go to sleep and wake up at noon. I doubt I would be able to sleep tonight, anyway, emotional mess that I am right now.

I've been wanting to do this for as long as I can remember, actually. Stay up all night, then sleep in the morning. But my parents never let me, of course. But tonight I've had a "discussion" with my mom (read: a little screaming match, where she kept telling me things like "don't be stupid" and I kept trying to tell her how I felt), and she finally understood. Thank God.

So as a result I'm allowed to stay up until whenever I want tonight, and skip classes tomorrow. Yay.

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November 25, 2001

Something tells me I need

Something tells me I need a new mouse for this computer. --; This one whines and squeaks when it moves, and it gets stuck sometimes. And yes, I've checked, it's clean.

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Oh yeah: The Japanese Teenage

Oh yeah: The Japanese Teenage Girls' Manual of Style. Interesting read, to say the least.

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I am pretty addicted, but there is hope. I think I'm just well connected to the internet and technology, but it's really a start of a drug-like addiction. I must act now! Unplug this computer!

Take the INTERNET-ADDICT Test at!

Heheh. Only 50%? I'm disappointing myself. ;D

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Timewasters Inc. updated. My top

Timewasters Inc. updated.

My top score at Save them goldfish: 12282. Let's see if I can beat that...

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November 23, 2001

Oi, Italian people. Qui c'è

Oi, Italian people. Qui c'è un sondaggio della Mediaset sugli adattamenti ai cartoni. (Sulla destra, sotto "attivi", scendete con le frecce e selezionate "cartoni ritagliati"). Probabilmente non servirà a niente, ma provare non costa nulla. ^^

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In other news, it's bloody

In other news, it's bloody cold here right now. Goddamnit, I want summer again ;_;

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I still can't help but

I still can't help but be amazed by my university friends sometimes. I guess it's because I was more or less a social outcast in high school... but having RL friends of my age who care about the stories I write and constantly bug me to write more, who don't laugh at me when I say that I like reading and manga and classical music, who have my same sense of humour (and the same guttermind ^^;)... well, it's something I never had before.

Add to that interesting subjects; teachers who have a sense of humour and laugh with you, and tease back when you tease them, and care about you and notice if you're not feeling good and tell you to go home and rest; and a nice city the university is in, with a comic shop and a candy shop and four bookshops extremely close to the university, and you have a damn good university. XD

Even if sometimes the breaks between classes are too long, and the dean (who is also the Sociology and Creative Psychology teacher) is fucking nuts.

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November 20, 2001

Joined this. *points to sidebar*

Joined this. *points to sidebar* It was too cute, I couldn't resist. Besides, I love cats. ^^v

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November 19, 2001

...I just found four sircam

...I just found four sircam emails, from four different people, sitting in my inbox. You mean that virus is still around and people still fall for it? o.O

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*shrieks* MY PARENTS ARE GETTING ME A LAPTOP FOR CHRISTMAS!!! And I will repay them half of the price in time, when I have the money. And I can choose the features, ie. how large a harddisk, speed of the modem, CDrom, etc. *dances the happy dance of joy*

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November 18, 2001

Blogger, bitch, my archives please?

Blogger, bitch, my archives please?

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And I still have to

And I still have to do my Spanish homework for tomorrow, too. And I'll probably do it after dinner, in bed, at midnight or so. Yes, I know I'm irresponsible. ^.^

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Take the Affliction Test

Take the Affliction Test Today!

"Congratulations, you're rabies!

Transmitted by rabid animals, you're most commonly found infecting creatures such as raccoons, skunks, bats and foxes. But don't worry, you affect humans too, causing either paralysis or hyperactivity in your advanced stages, and ultimately death.

Your most famous symptom is hypersalivation - that delightful foaming at the mouth that we have come to know and indeed love. However, you can also cause hallucination; think of the fun you could have at parties!"

Joy. (Link from Sakura-san)

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You might have noticed I

You might have noticed I don't post much lately. It's a bad combination of lots of things to do, little free time, lack of things to talk about and general laziness that makes me sit there talking to my friends instead of doing something constructive. ^^

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And so did Daveh! *dances

And so did Daveh! *dances some more*

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November 17, 2001

The burrick got a blog!

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November 16, 2001

I don't like silence.

I don't like silence.

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November 15, 2001

Such a fucked up world

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I'm feeling... odd right now.

I'm feeling... odd right now. Half happy, half sad, no reason to feel like this, and I hope the happy side wins over the sad one, because the last time I was feeling like this I ended up an emotional wreck, crying on the shoulder of one of my best friends.

Anyway. Random discussion between me and my brother, regarding my NaNoWriMo novel (which incidentally I doubt I'm going to finish in time... 8602 words out of 50000 right now, bleh):
"Um... why does Melphia have to travel to where Loreth is? Can't she just, say, write instructions for a Song of Summoning on a piece of paper, send that to Loreth with a Song of Travelling and have him sing the Song of Summoning to bring her to him?"
"Too easy. Besides, the Song of Travelling doesn't work with inanimate objects. And if a Song of Summoning existed, it would be a 'five people have to sing this for it to work' kind of thing."
"You always make things too complicated for your characters, I bet they hate you by now."

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And what the hell am

And what the hell am I doing still here past midnight, when tomorrow I will have to get up early?
Yeah, that's what I was wondering too.

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November 14, 2001

Ahh, here we go. New

Ahh, here we go. New layout all tweaked, including the comments color. Yes, I switched to Blogback for the comments system, it's more customizable, and Reblogger was having problems. Pity I lost all my comments... but nothing I could do about that.

Anyway. News for the day.
Mr. Follow Your Dream is just as annoying as I remembered if not more. It will be a looooong year. --;;
They started airing the One Piece anime today - it's not a bad dubbing for what I can see. They changed Luffy's name to "Rubber" for some reason... --;; but the other names are the same. The title is stupid though... they called it "One Piece - All'arrembaggio!" --; (for you non-Italian types, "all'arrembaggio" is what pirates supposedly yell all the time.. my dictionary translated it as "at it, lads!" *shrugs*) The opening song is stupid IMO... but so are all Italian anime opening songs so I can't really complain can I? And it doesn't look like they cut or censored anything (especially since they're airing it in the early afternoon, so they don't "have to cut it because there are young children watching it"), thankfully. *crosses fingers* Here's to hoping they don't screw up Zoro too much. (Yes, I'm a Zoro fan. XD *waves to Reins*)
Something tells me I'll still like the manga more than the anime though. Oh well.

OhmyGodthatKerochanlayoutissoCUTE!!! (Why do I have the feeling I already said something similar some time ago? O:)

Ruby!! O_O You're back!! Ormai non ci speravo più... ^^;;

Zeruel, believe it or not, I'd rather have to do a load of homework than have to wait four hours for a class, with nothing to do. I just hate wasting time, I suppose. it just me, or the new faces for imood suck ass?

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*waves goodbye to the penguins*

*waves goodbye to the penguins* Sorry, but I like this layout better. :p

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November 13, 2001

I fucking HATE Tuesdays. At

I fucking HATE Tuesdays. At least, the kind of Tuesdays I'll be getting from now until at LEAST the end of December. Why? Easily explained.
Four hours... FOUR FUCKING HOURS... between my morning class and my afternoon class. With NOTHING TO DO. Not even homework. And the afternoon class ends at SEVEN PM which means I get home at 8:15 pm. And I can't go home between classes, because the train journey takes 45 minutes, and the trains are so few that the first train is two hours after my morning class ends, so even if I tried, I would take the train to go home, get to the station and immediately have to take the train to go back.
So for example this afternoon I spent an hour at lunch talking with my friends. Then I went to the comic shop, got some manga and read it. Then I read two books. Then I wrote a couple things. Was fairly entertaining, but it's draining. And it gets old FAST. Things like those I usually do in the evening, to relax. Not in the afternoon, when I need something which makes me think a lot to actually stay awake.
And the internet connection in the computer room still doesn't work. If it worked, Tuesdays wouldn't be as bad. But as things are now, I highly doubt that connection is going to be fixed anytime soon. Which means more Tuesdays like this.

In other university news: tomorrow, hopefully, Mr. Stuck-up Prick With A Pole Up his - my bad, I meant His - Ass, aka That Bastard Who Was My Sociology Teacher Last Year And, Unfortunately, My Creative Psychology Teacher This Year, aka Mr. Follow Your Dream, will deign to grace us with His Presence and come to the motherfucking class he happens to be supposed to teach. The notice on the board saying this - yes people, while with all the other teachers the university warns us when they can't come, in His Royal Highness' case they warn us when he CAN come, and believe me, they save paper that way - also says: "Also, from now on, when classes will be cancelled, students will be expected to sit in the classroom anyway and study the textbook." The FUCK? Excuse me, I have no wish to travel for one hour and a half just to sit in a classroom "studying the textbook" when I can do that at home. Hell, I even find it difficult to find it worth it to travel to go to the class when the teacher's there!!

Yes, I'm feeling bitchy today. Problem?

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November 10, 2001

Oh yes, you will notice

Oh yes, you will notice I haven't bothered republishing the archives. I will do that next layout. :p

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Mkay. In case you hadn't

Mkay. In case you hadn't realized yet, this is all sp4f's fault. ;p Do not expect this to last long. I have a new, prettier layout almost ready, which means this one will last, if it's lucky, a week. If it's not, by tomorrow evening it will be replaced. :p

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November 09, 2001

Blogaholic test results: (link from

Blogaholic test results: (link from Zeruel)

52/100 - 52.0%
353 people have scored higher than you.
705 people have scored lower than you.
105 people made the same grade as you.
You are a dedicated weblogger. You post frequently because you enjoy weblogging a lot, yet you still manage to have a social life. You're the best kind of weblogger. Way to go!
I 0wn! ;D

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NnM-chan, I'd suggest using Magic

NnM-chan, I'd suggest using Magic Folders or another similar program.

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November 07, 2001

*looks at uni lesson times*

*looks at uni lesson times* *looks at train times* ...
I get the feeling the world enjoys making me waste my time. Grrr.
The internet connection in the uni computer room had better work.

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Well, life goes on, I

Well, life goes on, I suppose. A big thank you to all my friends who did their best to comfort me yesterday. I love you guys. *hugs*

Anyway. I have to admit that I found this quite amusing, as it was obvious from the start she did not actually read the content she said our blogs lacked. That, and honestly, I was quite flattered that my little blog was listed among the popular, well-designed ones.
Though I doubt that was the reaction she wanted to provoke. *grin*

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November 06, 2001

One of my friends died

One of my friends died yesterday.

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November 05, 2001

Recent search requests: why do

Recent search requests: why do you care about his sexual orientation anyway? You going to propose to him?

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November 04, 2001

Well, I'm back. I had

Well, I'm back. I had fun on my trip... bought the Card Captor Sakura Memorial Book, the Tokyo Babylon artbook, a RGVeda artbook and Chobits vol. 2 at Lucca Comics, and I got an original, signed drawing from one of the artists of "PK" (which is one of the only decent Disney comics around, IMNSHO). \o/ The rest of the days was spent wandering around Lucca and Pisa visiting monuments (saw the leaning tower, for example). It was slightly spoiled by the fact that I had (still have) a bad cold (again --;;), but it was fun nonetheless.

And I solved a situation that was making me feel uncomfortable, so it's all good. :)

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