Ahh, here we go. New

Ahh, here we go. New layout all tweaked, including the comments color. Yes, I switched to Blogback for the comments system, it's more customizable, and Reblogger was having problems. Pity I lost all my comments... but nothing I could do about that.

Anyway. News for the day.
Mr. Follow Your Dream is just as annoying as I remembered if not more. It will be a looooong year. --;;
They started airing the One Piece anime today - it's not a bad dubbing for what I can see. They changed Luffy's name to "Rubber" for some reason... --;; but the other names are the same. The title is stupid though... they called it "One Piece - All'arrembaggio!" --; (for you non-Italian types, "all'arrembaggio" is what pirates supposedly yell all the time.. my dictionary translated it as "at it, lads!" *shrugs*) The opening song is stupid IMO... but so are all Italian anime opening songs so I can't really complain can I? And it doesn't look like they cut or censored anything (especially since they're airing it in the early afternoon, so they don't "have to cut it because there are young children watching it"), thankfully. *crosses fingers* Here's to hoping they don't screw up Zoro too much. (Yes, I'm a Zoro fan. XD *waves to Reins*)
Something tells me I'll still like the manga more than the anime though. Oh well.

OhmyGodthatKerochanlayoutissoCUTE!!! (Why do I have the feeling I already said something similar some time ago? O:)

Ruby!! O_O You're back!! Ormai non ci speravo pił... ^^;;

Zeruel, believe it or not, I'd rather have to do a load of homework than have to wait four hours for a class, with nothing to do. I just hate wasting time, I suppose.

...is it just me, or the new faces for imood suck ass?

¤ November 14, 2001 11:56 PM ¤


sailoreagle-san, credo sia stata la prima ad accorgerti del mio *a-ehm* "ritorno" ;) sankyu! *huggles*

mmh... totally agree with you on the OP dub. it could have been worse, but it's still far from being decent. ;)

Posted by: Ruby at October 15, 2001 03:46 PM