September 30, 2002

Eh. *prods her email inbox

Eh. *prods her email inbox and sighs* I'm in an odd mood. It's a tad depressing to receive 30+ emails a day, all of which spam, and not a single email from friends.

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And I'm way too used

And I'm way too used to Opera. I just tried to use a mouse gesture in IE, and to type a Google search directly in the address bar. ^^;

Right, I ran out of hand space to write stuff on so I had no choice but to copy it all down on a piece of paper. One of the guys here suggested one of them electronic organizer thingies. ^.^;;; Maybe I could get one for a semi-cheap price... hrm. (Not gonna pay a load of money for something that I don't know whether I'll use a lot or not.) Or maybe I can unearth that hot pink electronic organizer-like thingy for girls my parents gave me as one of many Christmas gifts when I was 13 or so... I think I still have it somewhere. I'll have to find a way to get rid of the pinkness and kiddyness, though. ._.

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You are a quick-witted

My friends call me Meg, or they would if I had any.
You are a quick-witted tough dame with a tongue of steel. This jaded, cynical outlook is your suit of armor worn to protect you from further hurt and mistreatment. You may have been burned in the past by a love. Though your history weighs on your mind, you still have a little bit of faith in love. Don't deny it, girlfriend! Let go of the past and move on, embracing life's possibilities. But being more optimistic doesn't mean you have to lose your wit or independence!
And I changed an answer I was unsure of and got Belle:
I am Belle!
You are a true bookworm and dream of a life better than the simple, quiet one you lead now. Your good looks can attract the town jerks, but you manage to ignore them most of the time. Sometimes you feel like you're surrounded by idiots. So what are you waiting for? You don't need your father to be kidnapped to get out and see the world. Although you can be stubborn, you're also very compassionate and see beyond people's façades.
Heheh. Surprise, surprise.

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What happens when I have

What happens when I have to remember something but can't write it down on a piece of paper because I know that the piece of paper will end up being forgotten (or I simply don't have paper)? I write it down on my hand, right.
So apparently today I have lots of stuff to remember. I have website addresses and reminders not only on my palm, but also on my fingers. In marker, to boot, because I couldn't find a pen which will write decently (mine ran out this morning when I was scribbling notes on a new character I thought of on the train, grr, must remember to buy a new pen...). This will take forever to clean off. And who wants to bet that by the time I get home this evening I'll have writing on my wrist too?
Oh well. At least I won't forget anything. ^^v

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Oh, and if you talk

Oh, and if you talk to me (online or not) today, and find I'm zombie-like and unresponsive, it's because I got four hours of sleep last night. Entirely my fault, too. I still have to learn that, when I get to bed at 1am (for whatever reason - this time it was finding/making icons that won't clash horribly with my current desktop background), I should not pick up a new book "just to read a few pages, then I'll sleep". Yes, page after page, I read it all and stayed up until 3am reading. ^^;;;
Guh. Need sleep. x.x

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Hee. Surprise, surprise. >:]

Which smiley are you?

Hee. Surprise, surprise. >:]

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Owner of a car takes

Owner of a car takes it to a dealer for a checkup, a tech takes the car for a joyride and brags about it on an internet forum, the owner finds out about it, the tech gets fired and the story gets linked from just about everywhere. Isn't the internet wonderful?

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September 27, 2002

Neat optical illusion. Had to

Neat optical illusion. Had to check it with Colorpad before I was convinced, too. ^^

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Eep, almost missed this because

Eep, almost missed this because I just search Google with the Opera search bar... Google's fourth birthday is today. \o/

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One thing my singing teacher

One thing my singing teacher told me that everybody should reflect on...
"Whether you're brilliant or mediocre, anybody can become better. There is just one secret: never think yourself to be enough, always believe there's something more you can do."

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Careful with puddles when you're

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Somebody built a functioning Lego

Somebody built a functioning Lego harpsichord. That is so cool.

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September 26, 2002

A quiz I came across

A quiz I came across recently...

Complete the sentences below, so each sentence is true. (There are two possible correct answers that I know of.) The digits in the sentences themselves count towards the total, and the digits you put in the answers count as well. If you get a 2-digit number, it counts for both digits, of course - so a 13 would increase the total count of 1 and 3. Digits in this explanation don't count, only those in the actual quiz.

The number of times the digit 0 appears in this quiz is __________

The number of times the digit 1 appears in this quiz is __________

The number of times the digit 2 appears in this quiz is __________

The number of times the digit 3 appears in this quiz is __________

The number of times the digit 4 appears in this quiz is __________

The number of times the digit 5 appears in this quiz is __________

The number of times the digit 6 appears in this quiz is __________

The number of times the digit 7 appears in this quiz is __________

The number of times the digit 8 appears in this quiz is __________

The number of times the digit 9 appears in this quiz is __________

[EDIT] There's now three solutions I know of, a friend of mine found another one.

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September 24, 2002

Hm. I'll need to buy

Hm. I'll need to buy the train tickets to go to Lucca Comics (is the website down right now or is it just the connection here? I can't get to it) sometime next month... I need to talk with my brother though, he said one of his friends was thinking of going, so we have to see what's the deal on that...
(No, I'm not babysitting my brother and his friend. I go do what I want, they go do what they want, we meet up again for lunch and in the evening to go back to the train station.)
And this time I have a shitload of money to spend (because of the translation job I did... must prod dad to see when I get paid) \o/ So I won't be forced to leave something unbought there simply because I'm out of money.

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*yawn* Bored (nothing to do),

*yawn* Bored (nothing to do), sleepy (I should really get more sleep), and in dire need of raw energy via chocolate or sweets. But I forgot my chocolate at home. ¬¬;;
I'm so bored I'm considering taking some photos of the office ^^; Especially this oooold IBM keyboard which is absurdly heavy and makes a very loud noise when I type. Or the Printer Of Death™, an infernal contraption which prints marvellously, but has the small defect of trying to swallow several sheets of paper at once if you don't physically hold all but one sheet of paper still to avoid the printer chomping on it. Which makes it a royal pain in the ass when printing out long files. --; Or the poor old monitor which suffers from Pink Attacks™ - sometimes the screen will be pink-shaded for a bit, then it'll go away. Or all the stuff hanging from the ceiling, or the piles of stuff on most desks (and my mom says I'm untidy... heheh).

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September 23, 2002

The All Species Foundation plans

The All Species Foundation plans to have a complete inventory of all species of life on Earth in 25 years - a human generation. Notably, they already have a species search engine.

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"The best thing is being

"The best thing is being able to write my name." An article on women learning to read and write in Afghanistan.
I think that says a lot about the things we usually take for granted.

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And in other news, I

And in other news, I lost the key for the lock of my bycicle, so I had to call home and ask my parents to come and help me. ^^; In five minutes, they were at the train station with a handful of keys for the locks of all the bycicles we've ever had, and a small box containing screwdrivers etc. to physically destroy the lock if it had been necessary. Thankfully, there was a spare key for my bycicle's lock among the keys, so that wasn't necessary. ^^;

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Remember that entry I made

Remember that entry I made about this absurdly heavy women's magazine? I saw the new issue of "Elle" at a newsstand today. No, I didn't buy it, I'm not going to waste money on that shit again - but it was a "special number" with 870 pages, according to the yellow 3cm tall capitals on the cover. I held it up for a second, it must've been at least 3cm thick and weighed at least 2kg. And of course, next to it, was this month's issue of "Marie Claire". Which was even thicker and even heavier.
What a waste of trees. XP

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Fragments updated with a new

Fragments updated with a new story fragment. Would very much appreciate comments on that one, as it's the first time I attempt something like that.

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Okay, so I was looking

Okay, so I was looking at a few websites that had stolen things from my websites, to see if they'd removed the material. On one website, the pages where my stuff was had simply been unlinked from the mainpage (and the site had subsequently moved, sans the stolen things). Looking at those two pages with Internet Explorer (no Opera on this computer), I noticed there was, guess what? That little "no right click" javascript.
The javascript alert window said, "Seja criativo e faça o seu!!", which in Portuguese (even if I don't speak a word of Portuguese, I can still understand the meaning) means, "Be creative and work on your own stuff!!"
I have not the words. Really.
If I'd noticed before, I'd have wiped the floor with the little shit, and not only threatened to get her webspace and internet connection pulled, but done so for real. ><

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Oddio, è morta la Nina

Oddio, è morta la Nina Scapinello... :(
[/reference to local facts that nobody will care about or understand, but meh]

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Huh, this is weird... a

Huh, this is weird... a woman decided she no longer wanted to have kids, so she got sterilized. But her gynecologist botched the job up, and she had another kid. And a judge ruled that the gynecologist will have to pay €150.000 to help pay for the expenses for the kid, up until the kid is out of university. o.O (Article in Italian, sorry.)

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Meep. Tired (four hours of

Meep. Tired (four hours of sleep = not good), it's cold and raining today (which = shit), I'm still upset about a certain thing and trying to decide whether to wait a bit more or just send a certain email now. Wish I could go back home, curl up in bed, and sleep some more, and when I'd wake up maybe things would be fine. Maybe.

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Hey, this is cool... A

Hey, this is cool... A collaborative project to design a typeface. Each visitor to the site is given the option of switching one random pixel to black or white, in order to eventually form a given letter or number.

Edit: this is the same site, with an added frame on the bottom which shows small-sized screenshots of what's been done.

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September 22, 2002

And on that same line,

And on that same line, the condom game. (NOT WORK SAFE. But you knew that.) Bwahahaha... XD *collapses in a gigglefit* Yes, it made me laugh my ass off. And go "eww" at the same time, but meh. I have a guttermind, I'm used to bad mental images. ;)

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Uh... remember the Hello Kitty

Uh... remember the Hello Kitty vibrator "massager"? You can actually buy it. Here or here. The first link is cheaper, the second link also has a Mickey Mouse vibrator, anatomically correct brain chocolates, and more.
And of course, there's also Sanrio condoms around.
Excuse me, I think I'm gonna go scrub my mind with disinfectant now. @_@

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September 20, 2002

What does Google say if

What does Google say if you search for "go to hell"?


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Holy fucking shit... Disney preps

Holy fucking shit... Disney preps martial arts "Snow White". I do hope this is a hoax or a joke or something... O.O

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Nu Shortcuts in School R

Nu Shortcuts in School R 2 Much 4 Teachers. Kids using AOLspeak (you can call it "text messaging abbreviations" or whatever you want, you know what it is) at school, in essays and suchlike. Sigh. O tempora, o mores. What happened to literacy?
(Sorry, NYT link, you'll have to register to read... or you could always go here.)

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September 19, 2002

I bought a magazine for

I bought a magazine for women this afternoon, out of sheer curiosity, because it looked so thick and felt so heavy. It's the September issue of "Elle", for reference.
The thing is 23cm wide, 28cm tall, 2.2cm thick, and weighs 1.8kg. It's got, I estimate (I haven't read it all yet), between 25% and 50% of advertisements on the total of pages. No, seriously. What the FUCK?
That is not a magazine, that's an improper weapon. :p Imagine a poor guy trying to steal something from a woman wielding a magazine like this. "Your purse or your life!" "*whacks robber with "Elle" repeatedly* Go away." "Ow ow ow OW! *flees*"
Who the hell reads this sort of thing anyway? It's full of beauty tips, fashion advice, stories, sex tips, etc. Nothing too challenging.
Oh, and a rather amusing article on how designers are turning to sexual imagery for fashion, accessories etc. Amusing for all the wrong reasons, of course. Who the HELL would wear penis-shaped earrings? Imagine the looks you'd get.

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A few questions... I'm thinking

A few questions... I'm thinking of getting a second domain to move my blog and a few other sites on there. People with domains, what are your domain registrar and webhost, what do they offer and how much do they cost and would you recommend them or not? Replies in comments, please.
(Quite belated edit - I'm looking to get a .net or .com domain, .net is the most likely candidate at this point. I'm not after .nu domains or anything like that. :)

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Remember the Hello Kitty USB

Remember the Hello Kitty USB Hub? Well, here comes Firewire Hubzilla.

And on the same line, look at the cute Hello Cthulhu stuff.

Of course, if you need a hub, you could always make yourself a TeddyBorg.

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September 18, 2002

Garbageman, a game for the

Garbageman, a game for the easily entertained. I know I am. *goes back to playing it*

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September 17, 2002

Note to self about bookstores

Note to self about bookstores (or, "a tale of missed trains"):

If you have 45 minutes to catch your train, don't say "oh, I have time, I'll just go have a look in that bookstore which carries English books".
If you do, don't spend 40 minutes in there.
If you do, don't look at your watch and say, "oh, I have 30 minutes until the next train - I'll just get to that other bookshop and see if they have a book for me to read while I'm waiting for the train".
If you do, don't spend 15 minutes looking at books and finding nothing.
If you do, don't get distracted by a whole section of the shop you had overlooked while you're heading for the exit.
If you do, don't spend 30 minutes in there.

Yeah, I missed my train twice this afternooon. ^^; Got home at half past seven (which is why, if you were looking for me online earlier than that time, I wasn't there).

But I did get three new books to read.


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September 15, 2002

Now, I know that this

Now, I know that this will probably mean nothing to most of you, but:


25-18, 25-18, 25-16, 22-25, 15-11 ITALY 3 USA 2 FUCK YES. \o/

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September 14, 2002

Went to see MIIB. Heeheehee.

Went to see MIIB. Heeheehee. I'll be laughing for a while at jokes from that one. Kay = 0wnage. :D

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You know those "Nigerian scam"

You know those "Nigerian scam" emails, the ones that say they need your help to transfer a large sum of money out of the country? I got one this morning, so I went and searched around the net for stuff about them because I was bored. And lookie what I found: somebody's doing their best to scam a scammer. :D Also, have a look at Scamorama... that isn't the only case. Heheh.

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September 13, 2002

If hackers ruled the world...

If hackers ruled the world... heheh. Cute photoshops.

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The great Pop vs Soda

The great Pop vs Soda controversy. (related CNN article) Heh... curiosities of the English language. :p

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Chi chiese congegno con cui

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God Says...

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Well hey. Look at the

Well hey. Look at the Onslaught spoiler list. Especially at the green cards. HELLO, speedgreen trampler elf deck. :D I'll have to fiddle with my green deck in Apprentice when I get home... :D

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Ia! Ia! Cthuugle fhtagn! Heehee.

Ia! Ia! Cthuugle fhtagn! Heehee.

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September 12, 2002

Evil joke that makes me

Evil joke that makes me chortle every time I read/hear it...
(I'm posting it in Italian, if you haven't heard it from me in English and want a translation ask.)

Un giovane prete, al suo primo incarico in una parrocchia e alla sua prima messa, alla sua prima omelia è così nervoso che proprio non riesce a proferir parola. Allora, prima di iniziare la seconda messa, manda una lettera al vescovo per chiedere consiglio.
Il vescovo risponde: "Figliolo, guarda, se metti un po' di vodka nel calice, dopo un sorso ti sembrerà tutto molto più facile. Verrò alla tua messa per assicurarmi che vada tutto bene. Auguri."
Il pretino segue il consiglio del vescovo, e quando arriva il momento dell'omelia si sente veramente un coraggio da leone, e sente che potrebbe predicare in qualunque situazione.
Alla fine della messa, quando torna nella sua stanza, trova un biglietto del vescovo:
1. La prossima volta sorseggi, invece di scolare.
2. Non ci metta anche il limone dentro.
3. Il messale non è un sottobicchiere.
4. Il manto dell'immagine di Nostro Gesù Cristo non è un tovagliolo.
5. I comandamenti sono 10, non 12.
6. Gli apostoli erano 12, non 10.
7. Non si riferisca alla Croce come a "quella specie di T".
8. Non si riferisca al Nostro Salvatore Gesù Cristo e ai suoi apostoli come a "GC e la sua ghenga".
9. Davide uccise Golia con una fionda, non a calci nel cosiddetto.
10. Non si riferisca a Giuda come al "fetentone".
11. Non si riferisca al Santo Padre come "quel caro vecchietto che sta a Roma ed è il grande capo".
12. Giuda ha venduto Gesù nel Sinedrio, non in un "localaccio malfamato".
13. E il prezzo erano 30 monete d'oro, non "tre deca".
14. Infine, il Padre, il Figlio e lo Spirito Santo non sono "il Papi, Junior e il Fantasmino".

XD Yes, I'm easily amused, I know.

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September 11, 2002

So. September 11 again. A

So. September 11 again. A year has passed.
It doesn't feel like a year, to be honest. Many things have happened, and day by day a year trickled by, almost unnoticed. It doesn't feel like a year.
I'm not reading newspapers today, I refuse to. Still, it's not easy to avoid this entirely. It's downright impossible, actually. The newspaper which is on this desk ("La Stampa") has a tattered, half-destroyed American flag on its front page, and even the shitty free newspaper they gave me in the train station isn't ignoring today - "September 11, a year after" the front page reads, a title slapped on a full-page collage of related photos.
I can't ignore today. I'm not even going to try - I have memories of my own linked to September 11. I can and will, however, avoid the media whorage. I don't need that.
What day was it, September 11 the last? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday? I can't remember. (And I can't check now, because I'm nowhere near a computer or calendar of any sort, and I'm writing this with pen and paper, the old-fashioned way.) I do remember, however, that it had been a brilliantly sunny morning, but in the afternoon it had become cloudy. I was sitting at a computer in an empty office - all the other people who worked with me had gone home early - and was working on some article. (This was my work experience last year, in a magazine.) I don't remember what the article was about, nor do I remember if I was actually writing it or just correcting it. I do remember that it was boring work, however, and so I set it aside for a bit and went to check the TTLG forums. It was, I think, about 3:10pm my time, a few minutes after the second plane crashed into WTC.
The top thread on the forums, a few pages long already, was titled "Airplane crashes into World Trade Center". It hadn't been there when I'd last checked the forums, a few hours earlier, at lunchtime, and it was already a few pages long. "An accident", I thought, and clicked on the thread. Reading through it, there were reports, information, rumors... "one plane", "two planes", "small planes, they're evacuating", "large planes", "hijacked planes, not an accident"... not an accident.
As you can imagine, I didn't get much work done that afternoon.
I hurried on IRC, looking to talk with somebody, to find if this was the truth... I found a hive of activity and speculation, everybody equally horrified at what was going on.
I called home. "Mom, mom, turn on the TV, look what's happening..."
Meanwhile, the building had gone deadly quiet, except for the distant chittering of a radio somewhere. Another person walked into the office, I forget who he was. "Have you heard..." I asked. He was pale, and nodded. "The graphics department has a radio, they were listening to music..." I nodded in response, and he left to go back to the room with the radio. I turned my attention back to IRC and the forums, trying to figure out what was going on. The Pentagon attacked... other planes presumably hijacked...
"The south tower has collapsed."
I think it was then that I started crying. There have been many deaths, many terrorist attacks, many episodes of violence all over the world... but this was different... it was close, it touched familiar things, it was happening right then and it was large scale and it was unbelievable.
Shortly after the north tower collapsed, I had to leave to go home.
Getting out of the building was like entering another world. Everything inside had been quiet; outside, it was full of noise. The streets were full of tourists, mothers with their kids, businessmen, just like every other day. Outside, nobody knew what had happened. They must've thought me weird as I ran through the city to get to the train station in time, wondered why I was looking so upset. I wanted to stop every person and say what had happened, but I couldn't find the voice nor the courage.
That evening, after getting home, I remained glued to my computer, checking the forums, IRC, websites, seeing what people had to say. I felt I should say something, too... but what? How?
I'm not good with words, I never have been, especially when I have to express my feelings. But usually, no matter what happens, I can at least find something to say, a few words at least. That day I couldn't, and the few words I said - because I felt I had to - felt, and still do, opaque, empty, hollow.
That day made me silent. It was the first day I could find no words to speak about. It was, it felt, too big for my words.

And now? Now a year has passed. If you asked me what I felt then, I still wouldn't be able to answer.
Some things have changed, some things are the same.
I'm back to the place I was in last year today, having another work experience.
Today it's the birthday of one of the guys from the graphics department, the owner, I think, of that radio which was chittering the news in the deadly silence a year ago. We had a small party, with Pringles and cookies and something to drink.

What happened a year ago was horrible, and it should not be forgotten. Many other things have happened since then, some horrible, some beautiful, and they too deserve to be remembered.
And life... well, life does what it always does. Life goes on. And that should not be forgotten, either.

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September 10, 2002

Oh w00t... BlogBack's back now.

Oh w00t... BlogBack's back now. \o/

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Small addendum - what the

Small addendum - what the fuck happened to BlogBack? It was working fine earlier today, and now it's apparently gone (along with the entirety of o.O

[EDIT] Oh wate... "My hosts have said that they will be making upgrades to the server that sits on next Tuesday, and they're expecting it to be unavailable for a few hours (late morning to mid afternoon GMT). Sorry about any trouble this causes." (God bless Google cache.) That explains it, I guess. .. still doesn't explain why it's giving a 404, though. Hrm...

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Well, well... dad got home

Well, well... dad got home from his work trip to Breme, where he attended a conference, with what can only be described as "loot". Promotional gadgetry ahoy. Let's see...
- Four "clingy koalas" (only words I can find to describe them... absurdly cute koala thingies, which work a bit like clothespins). They had a "jacket" on, advertising "Brisbane Marketing". I cut away the jackets, and now the thingies are advertising free... I got two, one brown and one grey, and mom and my brother got one each (both grey). ^^v
- Two bottle openers, keyshaped and with the advertisement of some antibiotic for poultry on them. Said advertisement has the name/logo of the antibiotic and the sentence, "The Key to Success". I would attempt to scratch it off if it wasn't so damn amusing. XD I'm keeping one, my brother's keeping the other.
- A normal bottle opener (with an advertisement on it, of course), which mom kept.
- Two erasers with the advertisement of another antibiotic for poultry... they have the name of the antibiotic on them, and a chick (as in the yellow fluffy newborn bird that's the offspring of chickens) with a red baseball cap, looking threatening. XD The things advertisers come up with. Too damn cute XD
- Two batches of post-its, one yellow with discreet advertising, which I swiped, and one white with the advertising taking up 50% of the available surface, which mom was left with. I normally wouldn't bother with regular-shaped, advertisement-endowed post-its, but I now have the habit of sticking post-its to the frame of my monitor when I need to be sure that I'll remember something. So yellow, smallish post-its actually come in handy, and hey, if I'm not paying for them, it's better. O:D I have heart-shaped post-its, but they make my monitor look too cluttery. (*looks at the things stuck to it, and the stuff sitting on top of it, and sweatdrops* Er, not that it isn't fairly cluttery already... ^^;)
- Two mousepads, with advertisement of course. They aren't as fugly as the ones dad used to bring home, and they're quite large and high-quality, so we're keeping them for when my brother's mousepad gives up the ghost. (I don't need a mousepad because I have an optical mouse both on this computer and on my laptop. :D)

In addition, dad got me an umbrella with kittens (so now I have two umbrellas, one with angels and another with kittens, w00t). Mom got a small ceramic statue of the Musicians of Breme (the characters from the fairytale, if you've ever read it), and my brother got a chicken-plushie keychain (we'll have to ask dad if it was a freebie or he bought it... it doesn't look like a freebie, it doesn't have any advertisements on it).

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September 08, 2002

Well, well. I just got

Well, well. I just got a piece of religious spam.
Another one, that is. This isn't the first time I get this kind of shit. It's always the same thing, too, though sent from different email addresses (that are clearly just-for-spam addresses (come on... is a real address attached to a real person? Yeah, right).
This spam has the subject "you are loved", and is basically a commercial. The writer talks about the virtues of religion, says how in this "dog eats dog" world, it is important to know that there's somebody who will always love you, and ends with a prayer to Jesus the spammee should say to "accept Jesus as his lord and saviour".

Now, I don't doubt that, for some people, religion has an immense value. I know people like that, and they're among the best people I know. But a shitty spam mail isn't exactly the best of ways to convince somebody that your religion is amazing, incredible, and the best thing that could happen in a person's life. Not only that, I find it also very insulting and demeaning to religion.

As I said - I know that religion can be very important to some people. I have absolutely no problem with that - I respect other people's beliefs. I'm just not a religious person. And I can't understand why some religious people insist on trying to force their belief on me.
It's not like something like that will make me change my mind, anyway... it will just make me irked at the spam and disrespect.

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September 07, 2002

What the fuck is up

What the fuck is up with the recent surge of fucktards direct linking files off my website? I just finished checking my logs, and I found five new ones since last time I'd checked and got rid of a bunch (which was at the end of August). Grrr. It's never been this bad before. And to make it worse, some of the fucktards are using hosts, for their webpages/diaries, with a TOS that basically says, "you can steal other people's bandwidth as long as you don't link to anything porn". Graaargh.
I'm tempted to get over my laziness, go mess with .htaccess and allow linking of files from my site only from my own site and from TTLG. And all the rest get a porn picture.

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Bah. Niente Witch 17 nelle

Bah. Niente Witch 17 nelle edicole della mia città. Le ho passate tutte, e tutte mi hanno detto "no, non l'abbiamo, non l'abbiamo neanche ordinato perchè tanto eravamo in ferie". Cavolo. (Rubyyyyy... help ^^)
Il numero 18 invece l'ho trovato ed è anche carino. Sempre più shojo, come ha detto Ruby ^^
(E adesso mi è pure venuta voglia di fare una skin per Winamp con quell'immagine di Nerissa che c'è a pagina 65... ^^;)

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YAY, I won a game

YAY, I won a game at Settlers. \o/ 2 road points, 2 army points, 5 settlement points, and one Victory Point card. \o/
Finally all my crazed roadbuilding has paid off ;)

(And yes, I'm going to sleep now.)

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Whee, road from hell that

Whee, road from hell that nobody can steal. I had 4 road tiles still to go and could've maxed out that road in one straight line, which meant that nobody could've stolen it from me. (I got lucky and got two Roadbuilding cards right near the start.)
But then one of the people I was playing with got disconnected and the game had to be restarted. Bah. *sulks*

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September 06, 2002

Accidenti, stupide vacanze estive... mi

Accidenti, stupide vacanze estive... mi sono appena resa conto (grazie al post su Witch di Ruby) che mi sono persa il numero di Witch di agosto. Bah. Stupidissime vacanze estive e stupidissime edicole della mia città che chiudono praticamente tutte allo stesso tempo. Bah, e ora che faccio? Non m'ero mai persa un numero. Dite che se vado a piangere dall'edicolante me lo riesce a ripescare? Preferirei evitare di ordinare l'arretrato via posta e far sapere a tutto il vicinato che leggo una cosa del genere. ¬¬

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Woohoo. I found a version

Woohoo. I found a version of fixedsys with € support. \o/ (click on "package" in that page to download) So now I can keep my fixedsys font (after two years of IRCing, I'm used to it, all other fonts look icky) and have € support. \o/
(Yes, I'm weird, I know. :p)

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September 05, 2002

A couple is being evicted

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CrashBonsai: crashed cars for your

CrashBonsai: crashed cars for your bonsai trees.

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Heh... slept until noon today.

Heh... slept until noon today. Was woken around 7:30am by dad, who was leaving for a work trip, to say bye. I woke up, said bye, turned the light in my room back off, made a few incoherent sounds and promptly fell asleep again. And when I woke up again, it was noon. ^^;

Random test (well, not so random, it was posted on the forums), just because I love Thief:

I'm Garrett
Which Thief character are you?


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Bah! I nearly won at

Bah! I nearly won at Settlers. (CURSE YOU ZOMBEH FOR TAKING MY ROAD) If I'd got the materials for a city earlier... bah. Oh well. I'm actually getting good at this thing \o/ And it's really fun.

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September 04, 2002

OH DEAR GOD. This is

OH DEAR GOD. This is worse than Peter Pan. Much worse. (NOT work safe, or anywhere safe. Don't click that first link if there's people watching. I'm serious.)

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Jellybath, for all your bathing

Jellybath, for all your bathing with jelly needs. Yick.

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Yes, it was the monitor's

Yes, it was the monitor's power plug that had become unplugged. Silly kitten, messing with technology.

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Uh... one of the kittens

Uh... one of the kittens just managed to unplug (I think... I HOPE it's only unplugged) the monitor of my brother's computer. O.O How, I have no clue... she was behind it and suddenly the monitor turned off. I'll have to wait until somebody else gets home to fix it, too, because the computer's a bit heavy and sitting on a shelf, and I need to pull it forward to reach behind it, and I'm not sure I can hold it and reach behind it and not have it fall off.

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36-33-01-24-17 Honey you dont know

Honey you dont know what you did for me,
always playing the lottery.
The numbers you picked came in to play,
two days after you passed away.
For this, a huge monument I do erect,
for now I get a yearly check.
How I wish you were alive,
for now we are worth 8.5

The Epitaph Browser.

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September 01, 2002

Whee. Summer's over, welcome to

Whee. Summer's over, welcome to September. How... depressing.

And our stupid neighbors brutally murdered our jasmine plant. It was climbing up a grate which showed on both gardens - ours and the neighbors' - and apparently they didn't like all the leaves on their side, so they cut it all off. Now our beautiful jasmine, which took years to grow and was the envy of all the neighborhood, is half-dead and all holey and ugly. And there was a jasmine vine that we'd made climb up on the rainpipe so it got to the floor where my bedroom is, and it was all pretty and it took years to get it like that, and they cut off that vine too so we have to start over. >< We noticed what they'd done too late to try and fix it...
They aren't home right now, but when they do get home, they are so getting yelled at. Fuckers.

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