July 30, 2004

Oh for fuck's sake.

For once I'm glad that being in Edinburgh means getting up early. Because my weblog was just hit with the worst comment spam attack I've seen in quite a bit. I don't know exactly how many comments I deleted, but they were just a little less than 1000. Around #530, my hotmail inbox choked from the notification emails. When I used MTBlacklist to ban the URL that was being spammed, the motherfelching bastard was still going, and ran into the block a few times before giving up. And I can't even IP-ban him, of course, because he was proxied all to hell and every single comment had a different IP. Fucknut.
I'm just glad I have MTBlacklist installed and could therefore delete every comment with that spammed URL in one fell swoop. (Even though it made the script repeatedly time out on me.)
I think I need to go look for a way to automatically lock comments on old entries. Hadn't thought it'd be necessary, but well, that was before getting ~1000 spammed comments. Ugh.

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July 28, 2004


(around midnight)
<me> *reading* Ok, I'll just finish this chapter and then go to sle--*thunk* zzzzzzzzzz...

(buttfuck am)
<me> zzzzzzzzzz...
<roommate> *tromp tromp tromp tromp TROMP*
<me> Mrf?
<roommate> *tromp TROMP tromp TROMP TROMP TROMP* *cough cough COUGH cough COUGH COUGH* *TROMP TROMP TROMP TROMP*
<friendly alarm clock> Hey, it's buttfuck am!
<me> Uuuuuuuuugh...
<roommate> *TROMP TROMP TROMP*

(half past buttfuck am)
<roommate> *is silent*
<me> Thank you God. *thunk* zzzzzzzzzz...

(entirely too early in the morning)
<friendly alarm clock> Wake up! Hey, wake up!
<me> Mrf. *whacks alarm clock*
<friendly alarm clock> *is quiet*

(still entirely too early in the morning)
<friendly alarm clock> Hey! I said WAKE UP!
<me> Justanotherfiveminutes. *whacks alarm clock again*
<friendly alarm clock> But-- *is whacked, is quiet again*

(half past stupid am)
<friendly alarm clock> Uh. You're going to be late. WAKE UP!
<me> Fine, fine. *shuts alarm clock off, crawls out of bed*

And how was your night?

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July 26, 2004


Dearest members of the brainless society chattering morons brilliant examples of what evolution was meant to avoid chattering girls in my way:
See that in my hands? Yes. It's a monitor. Yes. It's heavy. Yes, I'm meant to be carrying it to that desk you're standing in front of. Stop gaping at me and get. out. of. my. way.
your friendly Deputy IT Manager who's about to drop a monitor on her damn foot so would you please get out of the way?

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July 22, 2004

Alive? What's that?

I think "*whimper*" sums up pretty well how I'm feeling right now.

And tomorrow morning I'll most likely get to play "try to unknot without hurting too much and count the bruises". Fun fun.

[Don't get me wrong. I love working here, so far. It's interesting, and I actually feel useful. Could do without the knotted up muscles and bruises, though, but heh, that's fit up for you. Stuff has to be carried around. *shrug*]

[Also, there's something to be said about two people that are sitting one meter for each other talking to each other on IRC rather than directly, but I'm not quite sure what. :P]

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Still alive

I could so kill for a back massage right now.

[More later, probably. W00t internet connection.]

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July 21, 2004

Still packing

Ok, so I didn't add to the previous entry. Bite me. :P

Still packing, yup. Everything essential is packed, and now I'm sitting at my computer sorting out the technically-not-essential but-essential-for-my-sanity stuff. Whee.

I just found a clear CD at the bottom of a CD spindle I just opened (burning CDs and bringing copies along, rather than the originals, if you were wondering - if I lose a copy or it gets scratched it's no big deal, if I lose or scratch an original I have to spend money to replace it). I'm quite sure it was put there to protect the bottom of the last CD on the spindle, and not by accident, but man that's cool. *admires* *removes from spindle to keep*

[/brief childish moment]

I hope I'll not forget anything...

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July 20, 2004

The joys of packing

Ok. So for my trip I have a brand new, red, big enormous could-never-fill-it-all-no-way-no-how suitcase. I'd link to an informative sheet about it, because I'm that much of a geek, but the Samsonite website is a nightmare of javascript and popup windows and redirections, and slow-loading to boot. Ahh well.

As I was saying, I have this suitcase. Thought there was no way in hell I'd manage to fill it all. And in fact, it's not completely full. It is already, however, over the weight limit, which is a pain in the ass. And I know exactly what is causing the weight problem, but I can't remove it because it's essential. There's nothing else I can leave home, either. And buying it when I get to Edinburgh would cost me more than paying for the excess baggage weight. So I guess I can't whine.

And then of course there's the "aww heck where did I put that?" moments. Like the "aw fuck, I could've sworn I'd left my digital camera's box, with manuals and software, right here near the computer". And I looked through the whole damn house for that damn box, then, not finding it, plodded back to the computer, resigned to having to search for the software online. And I looked to my right, and sure enough, the box was. right. there. And I'd somehow managed to overlook it in my extensive search of the shelves next to my computer. Rrrrrgh.

Then there's "what books do I pack?" problem. I know I'm going to buy a metric assload of books while I'm in Edinburgh, so ideally I need to only bring one or two books there (for the plane trip), in the interest of having as much space left over in my carryon bag as possible that I can fit all the books I'm going to buy in it. And the books I bring need to be short, but not too short; not too heavy; and not books I'd really regret losing if I forgot them somewhere. Mrrr.

[More to be added to this entry as I run around like a chicken with its head cut off scrambling to track down everything I need to bring and to finish everything I need to finish before leaving.]

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July 19, 2004

I live!

So yeah. New layout here, new layout on wingedspirit.net, and a photo gallery updated with lots of photos you've never seen before because I'd had no time to upload them when I took them. </showing off>

So, what have I been up to?

Well, the free time I was hoping to get after graduation was more wishful thinking than anything else. Having only 20 days to get things together before leaving for Edinburgh (have I mentioned I'm going to Edinburgh for the summer? no? I am now, then) meant that quite a lot of the things that were on the stack of "things to do to relax" were left not done, and the time I had got spent on gathering things, buying things, and overall getting ready for this summer's adventure. (Which is also why I didn't post.)

So yeah, Thief 3 is still sitting there unplayed. *sigh* Will have to play in September, when I get back home.

Still, I managed to update my websites somewhat (new layouts and gallery) so at least something I could do.

Now... eh. I'm leaving Wednesday morning for Edinburgh - I'll be working at C venues at the Edinburgh festival as Deputy IT Manager. I'll have an internet connection, so I'll post now and then to say how it's going, and I'll post photos if I take any noteworthy ones. (I will of course bring my digital camera with me.)

And then, in September, we'll see... I'm going to play Thief 3 (:P) and sort out all the plans I had for my websites and other things that I couldn't manage to do in these 20 days. Might go on more trips around the world, too...

And then I guess I'll have to find a job.

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