Oh yeah, did not mention

Oh yeah, did not mention yesterday... yesterday, there was a guy (apparently the "sysadmin"... he couldn't have been much older than me. Poor guy) in my university's computer room, messing with the computers, reinstalling Windows 2000 Pro on all of them, trying to fix the internet connection etc.
What's that I hear you say? There might be hope that they will be fixed soon? Naaah. Not likely.

First off, when I asked him when he thought everything would be fixed he went, "Erm, I don't know... ^^;;" (I swear that if he had been an anime character he would've sweatdropped. He even looked like he was sweatdropping.)

Then, as I had some time to waste, I hung around to watch him fix the computer. He worked on three computers.

Computer #1 was apparently fine. He installed Win2K without problems, ran the antivirus checker without problems, and then rebooted. At that point, the hard disk stopped working. Cue lots of fiddling around with the cables inside the computer. It didn't work. Cue lots of smacking the computer. It didn't work. Cue grabbing the computer, and smacking it down hard, several times, on the table (!!). It worked. Two minutes later, while he was fiddling with the settings, the hard disk died again. He gave up.

Computer #2 got stuck 2 times while formatting the hard disk, both times at 77%. I don't know if he managed to format it at the third try, I had to leave. The formatting was at 78% when I left though, so it showed promise.

Computer #3 got stuck 4 times during the Win2K installation process, but is apparently working fine now.

And that was, ladies and gentlemen, 1/4 of the computers in our computer room. (Yes, only 12 computers.)

Very reassuring, isn't it?

¤ November 29, 2001 09:58 AM ¤