I'm feeling... odd right now.

I'm feeling... odd right now. Half happy, half sad, no reason to feel like this, and I hope the happy side wins over the sad one, because the last time I was feeling like this I ended up an emotional wreck, crying on the shoulder of one of my best friends.

Anyway. Random discussion between me and my brother, regarding my NaNoWriMo novel (which incidentally I doubt I'm going to finish in time... 8602 words out of 50000 right now, bleh):
"Um... why does Melphia have to travel to where Loreth is? Can't she just, say, write instructions for a Song of Summoning on a piece of paper, send that to Loreth with a Song of Travelling and have him sing the Song of Summoning to bring her to him?"
"Too easy. Besides, the Song of Travelling doesn't work with inanimate objects. And if a Song of Summoning existed, it would be a 'five people have to sing this for it to work' kind of thing."
"You always make things too complicated for your characters, I bet they hate you by now."

¤ November 15, 2001 09:40 PM ¤