Okay, okay okay okay, deep breaths. I'm calm. I'm calm I'm calm I'm calm.
...you might remember me ranting a couple times about having to work on a webpage, yeah? And the FTP server not working?
Well, it's STILL not working. Since fucking DECEMBER, and a dozen emails I've sent them telling them to fix the piece of shit already. And I've the updates sitting on my harddisk, and I don't DARE try to upload them, because last time I poked the server, it took me five tries just to connect to the bloody thing, and it disconnected me randomly every few seconds, and ate the most recently uploaded/modified file when doing so. Yeah, I checked this afternoon. I don't have the time to spend HOURS uploading FIVE FILES like last time I tried to upload something, just because their server is having a tantrum AGAIN.
And then of course I get yelled at by my mom because the page is not up. (The page is for her school, as I probably have already mentioned.)
They don't fix it in a week, I'm fucking QUITTING, and they can design their own bloody webpage and upload it to their shitty FTP server on their own. Translating stuff earns me more money anyway, it's more tiring but more rewarding. And it's not like I NEED money anyway. And I especially don't need to work my ass off on a webpage for the very, very, VERY little money they give me, AND not be able to upload it AND get yelled at because of it.
Fucking hell.

¤ May 16, 2002 06:48 PM ¤