Discussing Episode II:<Fat-Burrick> <d0om> I

Discussing Episode II:

<Fat-Burrick> <d0om> I mean, when Padme fell out the ship, was natural for him to want to get off, but he shouldn't have get protesting, once he thought for a second
* Fat-Burrick giggles
<d0om> Fatteh!
<sailoreagle> lol!
<sailoreagle> I hadn't noticed that :D
<d0om> that was NOT what I meant!
<Fat-Burrick> "omg she fell off... i'll just be in the loo for 10 mins, omg omg"
<sailoreagle> hahaha :D
* sailoreagle goes to post that in her blog :D
<d0om> Yes, Anakin has a fetish for women who fals oevr
<Fat-Burrick> flas voer, fs.
<d0om> that too
<Fat-Burrick> NO!
<Fat-Burrick> JUST FLAS VOER!
<Fat-Burrick> Accept no substitutes.

[edit to add:]

<d0om> I didn't see the first film, but Anakin was 10 in it?
<sailoreagle> yes.
<d0om> and he starts this film off allready obsessed with Padme
<sailoreagle> yeh. precocious kid, ain't he
<d0om> so...he was a bit of a quick developer? O_o
<sailoreagle> you could say that.
<Fat-Burrick> developing what?
<sailoreagle> <Young_Anakin> ohh... Padme, how I miss the times you hugged me so...
<Fat-Burrick> <Young_Anakin|puberty|brb> omg, SHE FLAS VOER :D :D :D

I love my friends. Heeheehee... :D

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