God, I am SO BORED.

God, I am SO BORED. Nothing to do for an hour or so until class starts, IRC is dead, I don't have AIM or ICQ or anything over here (I can leave mIRC installed on this computer, I can quickly erase my details from the program - but I'm certainly not going to leave AIM / ICQ with my password and everything on a public computer ), there's nothing really interesting going on on the forums *whine* Maybe I should just give up and go get something to eat instead? But I don't know whether to spend those 5 on lunch or on some manga... (says something about my priorities, eh?) But I'm really hungry... think I won't skip lunch today.
GOD this keyboard, with its exceedingly tiny backspace key and various rearranged keys, is annoying. It's throwing off all my touchtyping, I have to actually look at the keyboard now and then to type decently. And I wanna go home, I've got stuff to do, essays and projects and websites for projects and websites I get paid to make but I can't go home, I have to go to this absolutely BORING class, I can't skip because I already skipped last week and skipping twice in a row is not wise at all... *whine*

...yes, I'll stop whining now. ^^;

¤ May 27, 2002 12:32 PM ¤