*crawls out from under a pile of junk*

Ok, ok, so I disappeared for a month or two. Shush. Real life ate me.

Quick summing up of what I've been doing... let's see. Studying studying studying (yes, I'd sworn I was done with studying, teaches me to say that sort of thing), more studying, and so on and so forth...

I've recently started a course that aims to turn me into a *rummages for translation* Multimedia Graphics Technician? Something like that. It's fun and interesting so far, and my coursemates are all very nice. The teachers I've met so far are fun, too.

*waves, in case any of them is reading this at the moment* (I've been handing my website address around...)

Lunchtime - best go, I'm hungry (and we all need to go get lunch together). More later.

¤ June 28, 2005 01:00 PM ¤


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