June 28, 2005

As I was saying

Mmmm food.

(Well. It's not really a "mmmm food", but I guess it's edible at least? Nothing extremely yummy, but it does its job at stopping me from being hungry, so I guess it works.)

So. Course is fun. (Although I keep having to remind myself to shut up and let the teacher teach - me and my semi-militant anti-IEism and anti-Frontpageism, sigh. At least that particular teacher doesn't particularly like either.)

(Also loathe having to drive to get here. Way too many idiots on the roads. Way too many fucking dimwits on the roads. I don't know where the twits got their driving license, but in my world, driving a SUV does not equal always having the right of way and being able to cut in front of people without respecting stop signs. Not to mention the myriad retards who honk at me repeatedly, then overtake me, when I'm going 70kph on a road with a 70kph speed limit and a "no overtaking" sign. Sigh. And I could go on for ages about idiot drivers, but I'll refrain.)

What else...

Not much, really. Florence photos will still get posted as soon as I've sorted through them - though it likely won't be this week. Maybe the next, I've got a free weekend next week.

World of Warcraft has been chewing on my brain, courtesy of a certain friend If anybody who reads this also plays on the EU servers, my main character is Aeliel, level 53 Night Elf Druid on Azjol-Nerub (EU, obviously). I've got a bunch of alt characters, some Alliance some Horde (Taurens! ♥), but none as high as my main. Altitis has not yet taken a hold of me, it seems.

(If you see this and poke me ingame, tell me who you are, especially if it's not immediately obvious from your character's name. I'm highlevel(ish) and still guildless, and I get more than my fair share of random tells from weird people due to that. So telling me who you are and how you found me is in your best interest, especially since I tend to verbally bite people's head off. ;) But I digress...)

(Wonder if people who know me ingame but not out will ever google and find this place. Who knows... we'll see.)

Don't think there's anything else, and the course's starting again. If I can think of anything else to add, I will.

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*crawls out from under a pile of junk*

Ok, ok, so I disappeared for a month or two. Shush. Real life ate me.

Quick summing up of what I've been doing... let's see. Studying studying studying (yes, I'd sworn I was done with studying, teaches me to say that sort of thing), more studying, and so on and so forth...

I've recently started a course that aims to turn me into a *rummages for translation* Multimedia Graphics Technician? Something like that. It's fun and interesting so far, and my coursemates are all very nice. The teachers I've met so far are fun, too.

*waves, in case any of them is reading this at the moment* (I've been handing my website address around...)

Lunchtime - best go, I'm hungry (and we all need to go get lunch together). More later.

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