So. Yesterday was lousy -

So. Yesterday was lousy - the heating in our house broke a few minutes after noon, it was cold as hell, as if that wasn't enough I was all cramped up (stupid ovaries), my cousins came visit so I was stuck in the house all afternoon (because I couldn't leave them home alone) and had to get off the computer abnormally early (since they were sleeping in the same room the computer's in).
Today the heating's still broken, I'm still cramped up, I had to wake up abnormally early because I'm the only one in the house on Saturday mornings and a tech was supposed to come in the early morning to fix the heating, and the tech is still not here and I wanted to go out of the house this morning, go get new manga at the comic store, go take some photos (it's a beautiful day outside, even if cold), but nooo. I'm still stuck inside. Grrr.

¤ February 15, 2003 10:49 AM ¤


*hugs you*

Posted by: CyberFish at February 17, 2003 08:08 AM