Mmh. Not blogged in a

Mmh. Not blogged in a while. Let's fix that now.
Just haven't felt like blogging. My life's been pretty uneventful and boring, and whenever I thought of something I wanted to say, it sounded silly when I tried to put it down in words.
So. Finally got started on a course at uni, with a nice professor who said that it was no problem that I'd started late, I could catch up fine. Classes are very pleasant too, interesting and entertaining. No final exam, rather, but two essays instead... since the course is "Research methods for social sciences", it figures, and it's right, IMHO. Rather than having to memorize stuff for an exam, we get to apply what we learned in comparing two already done researches (essay 1) and doing a research ourselves (essay 2). And the professor clearly doesn't take herself or her subject too seriously, which is nice. See for instance these quotes from the "What is research?" section of the material I've been given to study:

First year student: a drag.
Second year student: searching the web the night before my paper's due.
Masters: A great journey of investigation, full of surprises, loaded with fun - and a way to procrastinate on writing my dissertation.
What else... the weather's been beautiful lately, it very much feels like spring even if it's still winter. The mornings are still cold as hell (or as hell would be if your version of hell was cold), but the days are beautiful... last week for the first time in months I came home in the late morning (just before noon) and just opened all windows in the house, because it felt far too hot and stuffy inside. Also took some photos, some of which are possibly gonna be used on a new layout for this blog here. It's been dark too long, it needs a change. If I can be bothered to make a layout squinting at the screen on this laptop, and running every couple seconds to beg my brother to let me use his computer to check if it looks decent.
Yes, my computer is still dead. It's currently been ripped to pieces, and the dead bits RMA'd to the manufacturers. Let's hope they'll replace them. As for the HD, well, my hope is still for data recovery companies, but we know nothing about it yet. Losing three years' worth of work (uni papers, stories, photos, etc.) really sucks.
TTLG forums are finally back up (went back up yesterday actually - but I was too busy actually using them to celebrate here ;), and I'm glad. Missed that place incredibly. Yes, newbies and all. :p
Finally finished ADOM, with an elementalist grey elf. Just the normal ending, but my character had enough trouble in D50 that I didn't feel like taking on the ElDeR cHaOs GoD and going for an avatar of balance ending. Will do so with my next character (I'm thinking a wizard, still grey elf), if I can stop being lazy and getting over the boring first few parts of the game.
And now two plugs. One: Eowyn wallpaper, by Bird. Very worth checking out. Two: TTLG store. It's mostly TTLG-related stuff, but there's some cool non-TTLG-related stuff in the member mall (mostly GBM's section - yes, I know I have a section in there too, no, this is not a shameless plug for my stuff, I'm fully aware it's mostly crap). No, I'm not getting any money out of this :p but my fave place on the internet is, so check it out.

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Thanks for the plug. *n.n*

Posted by: Bird at February 12, 2003 05:46 PM

try GetDataBack, eagle - it worked on one my HDs and retrieved practically everything, if not every last file. You need somewhere to copy the files to though, another HD basically.
I'm surprised you hadn't made CD backups or something.

Posted by: scumble at February 13, 2003 12:37 AM

scumble: the HD's motor is dead, so it won't spin up or anything. So it's impossible to get to the data there via normal means.
And the reason I didn't have CD backups, well... on my old computer burning a CD was a pain in the ass (2x burner -_-), and when I got the new computer with the nice 48x burner, well, it was a new computer, barely two months old... I was thinking I didn't need to make backups immediately, it most certainly wouldn't die so soon...
Blech. Lesson learned, I'll make backups even if I don't think they're needed from now on.

Posted by: sailoreagle at February 13, 2003 04:11 AM

And Bird, you're welcome. ^_^

Posted by: sailoreagle at February 13, 2003 04:14 AM